Dan Lok Copywriting Collection

Want to charge lucrative fees, become world-class at your craft, and write irresistible copy that converts? The Dan Lok Copywriting Collection is for you. 

In it, you’ll receive…

Copywriting Secrets™

  • Copywriting Secrets Digital Video Recording
  • Copywriting Secrets Quickstart Guide
  • 21 Proven Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Guide

Art Of Copy

  • The Art of Copy Workshop Pre-Training Digital Recording
  • The Complete 2-Day “Art of Scalable Copy” Workshop - $3,997 Value (at least!)
  • Million-Dollar Social Media Posts - $3,000 Value

Magnetic Messages™

  • Dan's top 10 organic social media posts
  • Dan's top 10 organic social media comic posts
  • Dan's top 10 paid ads
  • 30 of Dan's best emails
  • Dan's top 10 promotional emails
  • Dan's top 10 value-driven emails

The full Copywriting Mentor Series:

Volume I: Email Secrets - How To Write Emails that Get Open, Get Read, and Get Results!

  • The “4X4 Method” for structuring the perfect email.
  • Two things every email must contain for maximum success and results.
  • How to write and structure powerful launch sequence emails to generate massive sales.

Volume II: Ad Secrets -  How To Write Ads that Trigger an Avalanche of Responses.

  • How to get an unheard of click-through rates to your ads.
  • How to use psychological triggers in your ads to kick up response rates.
  • How to write powerful yet totally compliant ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Volume III: Marketing Secrets - Marketing Secrets for Outmarketing Even Your Biggest Competitor.

  • How to use million-dollar branding secrets to double (even triple) the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • The “ECP” selling process that turns cold traffic prospects into raving fans and lifetime buyers.
  • How Jordan Belfort turns “free strategy sessions” into a ton of new buyers
  • Live “Funnel Hack” competitor spying.

Volume IV: Funnel Secrets - How To Set Up And Monetize Your Product Funnels.

  • The simple three-step process for targeting your prospects biggest pain points…and how to turn those pain points into dollars in your bank account.
  • How to research your product, prospect and market to find all the powerful hot buttons in your market.
  • How to make your product the only logical choice for your prospect to solve their problems.

Volume V: Content Secrets - Secrets for Getting Ranked on Google’s Page 1 Results.

  • Google’s secret “Schema” trick for reading and ranking web pages.
  • Why you can fill your content with all the right keywords but still not get ranked high on google.
  • The three most important types of keywords.

Volume VI: Email Autoresponder Secrets - Turn Your Autoresponders Into Powerful Selling Machines.

  • Crucial steps to take before writing a single word of autoresponder copy.
  • The 4 critical parts of every email autoresponder.
  • Winning examples of proven email autoresponders.

Volume VII: Offer Secrets - Creating Irresistible Offers for Your Products or Services.

  • The 5 unique pillars of every irresistible offer.
  • The 5 principles for constructing irresistible webinar offers.
  • How to know what your prospects wants

Volume VIII: Web Copy Secrets - How To Write Super-Effective Website Copy.

  • How to take lukewarm sales copy and transform it into sales copy dripping with selling power.
  • Copy that piles on the benefits your readers want and almost forces them to buy what you’re selling.

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