HTC Gold Pen

Whether you are trying to leave a strong impression at a business meeting or carry an everyday wealth trigger item, having a handy writing utensil can make all the difference. 

In the business world, during conventions, business meetings and even to closing deals, having your own pen demonstrates professionalism and it shows others that you're important enough to have a pen. 

With this stylish and luxurious HTC Gold Pen, it has the laser engraved HTC logo on the pen to remind yourself of the High Ticket Closer Way of life and business.

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Ludovic
This pen makes you feel like a great business owner

Good pen. I've used all the ink, so now I'll need a new one.

It's great for taking notes when watching Dan Loks's programs. I've noticed that I take better notes if I use this pen.


Ricardo Soo
One of the top wealth trigger!

Love the design of the pen, also the gold color of the pen.

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Jean Paul
Nice tool

I love my HTC gold pen! This is a nice item to possess building confidence and motivation.