"How to Master the Power of Instagram to Maximize Your Visibility, Your Exposure, and Your Marketing Reach"

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  • topicSocial Media Marketing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“Dan Lok is an impressive entrepreneur. Not only has he personally produced awesome results but he also genuinely wants others to take action and achieve exceptional results for themselves. ”

– Brian Scudamore

Founder & CEO, O2E Brands (1-800-GOT-JUNK, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, Shack Shine)


Are you and your Team capitalizing on the surprising power of Instagram to accelerate the growth of your business by attracting more traffic to increase profits?

Instagram for your business can be a delicate balance between maintaining your credibility and relevance in your niche, while getting the pre-qualified prospects you know are out there...


That's why Instasecrets is your simple, yet powerfully proven system for mastering the game of the Instagram "mindset" for your company.

You and your Team will discover Dan Lok's most persuasive secrets for taking your Instagram impact to dizzying new levels.

Your Team can watch each minute of this training as Dan shows them how he built a solid brand name, millions of followers, attracted thousands of new customers and traffic, business growth strategies he used so businesses your size no longer ignore Instagram as reliable social media source to get more exposure, visibility and marketing reach.


At last, your marketing Team can put these Dan's Instasecrets to work for you on auto-pilot so your business grows by leaps and bounds in the months and years ahead.

Your Team will learn:

  • How to build your own "tribe" of followers on Instagram – and how you and your Team can to monetize it fast
  • How to build a solid brand name for yourself or your business (or both) using branding secrets all the biggest brands use
  • How to maximize your reach and visibility to your ideal prospects and customers for more traffic. Your Team NEEDS these secrets
  • Instagram Decoded: Dan's top posts EVER on Instagram and how you and your Team can replicate them for fast results.
  • And that's just naming a few because there's much more ...


Instagram is one of the hottest platforms for marketing any business generating $100K - $1M right now, or even if you have higher revenue...

Do what it takes to prepare yourself and your Team to take this social media phenomenon and understand it for what it can do for your organization at the lowest cash outlay possible.

There's less competition on Instagram because most business owners ignore it ... and because you made it this far, is it fair to assume that Instasecrets will soon be in your digital library with your next click?

If you're ready to capitalize on Instagram, go ahead and add this training to your cart ...


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Your Name Is Your Brand

Learn why you should build a “Tribe” instead of just gaining followers. Why you should replace the word “Followers’ to “True Fans’. And the importance of personal branding.


InstaSecrets Decoded: Decoding Dan Lok’s Top 3 InstaPosts

Get exclusive “Insider Information” on why Dan’s top posts do so well, and the secrets you can use to get more likes and comments.


Growth Hacking Your Following

Find out how you can engage with your tribe and keep them engaged and ultimately lead to more true fans.


Maximizing Your Reach & Visibility

Discover how you can maximize your reach and visibility to gain more traffic towards your Instagram account.


Automate Your Content

Work smart, not harder. Automate your content like a top Instagrammer. Using the same system Dan uses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Teresa Coker-Smith

The Instagram training was really helpful. It gave lots of new tips on how to make your Instagram channel bigger. The tips were easy to understand and not heard before. They talked about things like making good posts, talking to your followers, using hashtags, and understanding how Instagram works. It was great for anyone wanting to do better on Instagram.

Kevin Wu
Make MONEY with Instagram?!

For the longest time, I thought Instagram was just a place to post selfies. Little did I know you could actually make Money leveraging Instagram. This programs changes your perspective on social media and teaches you how to enhance your life (...rather than feeling insecure about likes and comments). Highly Recommended to business owners looking to market their products and services using Instagram!

Vito pavan
Build tribe, not followers

I learned very valuable here. Dan taught strategically how he build tribe not just followers. I recommend it to beginners and it will help them grow their account.

Kathy Oevering
Use your IG better!!

Once again, Dan Lok shares how he uses IG in his business and been super successful at it. Tips on how to best use IG and what to focus on to help increase our business and followers!!! If you want clear steps on how to do this, highly recommend this program!!

Isabella Jaramillo
Great info

invest in yourself. start with this.

Zachary Zapata
For The Business Owner Who Needs Social Presence

Instasecrets was comprehensive, yet simple. I had a good time listening to the perspectives shared by Dan Lok and his internal teammate regarding how to run an instagram page like a business instead of a part-time hobby. Either direction is fine, but this training is all business oriented. The basic business principles and how they apply to Instagram specifically - that is the biggest takeaway here. No matter what kind of page I run, I'm dealing with human beings at the end of the day. Connecting with other humans via Instagram can prove lucrative for the right student.

Robert Henry
The foundation for your IG Page, including how to scale and monetise your page long term...

This course provides insights on how to start and scale your IG page with the right strategies so you can monetise it in the future. Why to focus on your tribe and not just followers?

What is the training about?
Sifu provides you with the 4 pillars on which to build an Instagram presence. Although a bit outdated in 2022 (only because social media platforms change regularly), the principles of the course are fundamental to growing your loyal tribe that’ll buy anything from your and anytime, and how to capitalise from your account long term.

Why is it relevant to me now?
Without a solid foundation on how to monetise your Instagram account as a business, you’ll be using it as a hobby. Sifu shows you how to get the basics right so you can reach 10 000+ tribe members and create a 6 - 7 figure business from it, and scale further by being consistent with his foundational strategy.

How you can apply it?
Implement the relevant tips, tricks, and strategies provided in this course to not only grow your IG page, but build relationships with powerful brands in your niche which you can leverage off in future.

Fantastic takeaways from this course which has provided me with actionable steps to scale and monetise my account immediately. Looking forward to the Instasecrets follow-up course Team Dan Lok.

John Davis
Investment, Time Mind Money.

Thank You my Good Friend. This indeed added Value to my understanding. I Deeply appreciate your sincere desire to give people such as myself the tools to succeed in business.

Julian Sa
Definitely Practical From Inner Principles to Outside Tactics

I went over this course two times because I lost my notes the first time around but no problem. I felt that I learned more and realized how much I forgot or need to implement. This course is very practical because you can test this stuff out and look on IG as things still apply to this platform. Be prepare to take notes and implement. SM is a whole other beast that requires time and strategies right from the beginning!