F.U. Money

Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want…            

New F.U. Money - How To Save Yourself From The Collapsing Job Market & Earn As Much Pandemic-Proof Income As You Like For Life!

F.U. Money Will Help You Discover...
  • The Death Of The Working Class: How to make a living without a j.o.b. In a post-pandemic world
  • The simple set of skills you can learn fast that businesses are paying top dollar for - in any economy
  • ​How to set yourself apart from everyone else who’s looking for the same gigs and/or jobs as you
  • ​What businesses REALLY need in times of need - and are willing to pay big bucks for
  • ​How to thrive even more during recession-times by knowing a simple 3-part concept
  • ​The world’s easiest and most overlooked ways to skip the whole “get a good job, live like a cheapskate & retire when you’re 65 years old” B.S. - and live to the fullest instead 
  • Why make your boss rich and leave yourself tired and broke? Discover what ALL the young millionaires have in common & how to follow their footsteps to success
  • ​Starting with nothing? So did I. Here’s the step-by-step, no B.S. strategies to get what you want, when you want with whoever you want when you’re starting with under $100 in your bank account
  • “Everyone should put money in the stock market right?” WRONG. Here’s how to make as money as you damn well pleased with little to no risk instead
  • Did you know 55% of all millionaires were OBSESSED about getting rich before they made their first million? Discover the secret to having effortless, unstoppable motivation and passion in your life to help you make millions!
  • ​And much, much more!

"F.U. Money is about living your life on your own terms - according to your possibilities, not your limitations"
~ Dan Lok

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Amazing book

This book is amazing, thanks Dan for every word, one time I will meet you face to face, thanks from Chile

Simona Hodor
A true gem

I took many courses and read many books and articles, I watched many videos but this book is a true gem.

Life changing

It's life changing events and books are absolute amazing

Akmal Ahmed
A great book

It has opened my eyes on online businesses and the characteristics that I want in a business


I've engaged with both the written and audio versions of this ebook extensively, and I intend to continue revisiting it. Each time I delve into its contents, I unearth fresh nuggets of wisdom that significantly bolster my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Undoubtedly, the most pivotal notion encapsulated within this ebook is the concept of "FU Money." This concept represents the juncture at which one attains genuine freedom, thereby gaining a multitude of life choices that align with personal aspirations.

Let's confront reality: within our professional trajectories, particularly when tethered to a monthly paycheck, the scope for embarking on novel ventures is rather constrained. This limitation is imposed by our reliance on an employer's remuneration or a client's ongoing commitment.

Consequently, possessing one's FU money serves as an assurance that you're empowered to stand up against anyone who attempts to coerce you into pursuits misaligned with your values solely for monetary gain.

No longer are you compelled to accept unfavorable terms or succumb to the demands of bosses or clients if they don't resonate with your objectives; all while maintaining your desired lifestyle.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly endorse this resource to any entrepreneur navigating the path towards genuine liberation. The concepts I've gleaned from this book have seamlessly integrated into my entrepreneurial journey, increasingly so in recent times.

Day by day, I find myself edging ever closer to the realization of my FU money goal.

This book changed everything

This book is a game changer! I can't imagine I have been going on without reading this book trying to have a better relationship with money.
I definitely recommend it to you whether you are a business owner or not.

Charlie R Wheaton
Live life by your own design

The title F.U. Money is so perfect because it's not what you think it's much more like the old saying never judges a book by its cover. Dan Lok shows you and motivates you to live life out loud and be proud to do so. Because we all want more, more of all the good things that F.U. money can bring, I do want more it's a fact that's why I brought F.U. Money and I am not disappointed at all as a matter of fact it's made me more confident in myself and my business journey, This ebook and audiobook are worth their weight in gold because Dan Lok has achieved F.U. Money and I and learning from the master step by step he has been there and who better than Dan Lok's un-apologetic take on life "Lokism" he doesn't bite his tongue for no one or no situation he will tell you right off the back it ain't easy and there is no sugar coating he gives you the ideals and strategies you won't find all the answers but I did expand my mind, my
horizons and my mind have shifted to a new paradigm an Identive shift, I will never go back once I've learned something that's good and it's an opportunity and I have developed by reading F.U. Money because I enjoy Dan's honesty. He shows you how to put a plan into action, a target, or an assignment, and how to achieve them another thing I have understood is you have to stay connected to supportive positive uplifting people and not anyone that is negative even friends or family and money buys you time and freedom. Congratulation Sifu Dan Lok, you have changed my life for the good thank you!

Jesús Miguel Flores Tarazona
How to be truly free in this day and age

I´ve read and heard the audio version of this ebook multiple times and I think I will keep doing it.

Because every time I study it, I get new wisdom nuggets to aid me in my entrepreneurial journey.

I think the most important concept in this ebook is of course the concept of FU Money.

Which is the point that you finally reach a place of freedom and have many choices in life to do what you want to do.

Because let´s face it, in our careers, especially if you´re living paycheck to paycheck you don´t have that many opportunities to do something brand new.

All because you´re depending on a salary from your boss or a retainer from a client.

That´s why having your FU money guarantees that you can say FU to whoever that is pushing you to do something that you don´t want to do for money.

You don´t have to take whatever deal they´re giving you.

You don´t have to take any boss or client BS if you don´t want it and you can still live your lifestyle.

Definetely I would recommend this to any entrepreneur that is on the journey to become truly free and I´m using the concepts I´ve learned from this book more and more than ever these days on my entrepreneurial journey.

Everyday I´m moving closer to getting my FU money.

Ignacy Jelinek

certainly useful