Perfect Closing Script

"How To Sell More, Sell Better, Sell Faster Every Time…And Practically Eliminate Personal Rejection Forever"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.7 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan Lok is the real deal. He's got the infrastructure and the systems and the vision to guide you to where you want to take your business."

- Vince Del Monte

Founder of 7-Figure Mastermind, Best-selling author, former WBFF Pro Fitness Model, and online fitness business coach


What if you and your Team had the PERFECT sales script tailored to every product or service you offer? What if you knew precisely what each of those scripts looked like?

Imagine the advantage your company would instantly have over your competitors once you develop the perfect closing script for every sales situation you or your Team encounters ...


Once your business begins utilizing and applying each script you develop, you'll be surprised how easy it can be to double or even triple the top-line (and bottom-line) revenues of your business. And your Team will earn bigger sales commissions, so they'll love it too...

All this is possible thanks to Perfect Closing Script.

Perfect Closing Script takes you and your Team by the hand and walks you through the very same successful process Dan Lok walks his own sales team through to create the most powerful sales scripts for the products they sell.

It's decades' worth of proven secrets for creating scripts that sell anything, at any price...and how to get yours and your Team's script perfect every time.


Perfect Closing Script will become "sales closing passport" to once-and-for-all know:

  • How to dissolve the 4 biggest objections to every sale. Your Team will instantly begin closing more sales with just this alone
  • How many salespeople make getting the sale harder by using too many sales techniques. With just these 3 things, you and your Team will close more sales every time
  • How to use power questions at the beginning of a sales call that make closing prospects almost too easy
  • How to deal with prospects who are undecided – this helps your Team get the sale almost every time
  • We could go on and on ... but the only way to profit from Perfect Closing Script, is to apply it!


Perfect Closing Script is yours and your Team's key to accelerated sales success. You just one ADD TO CART away from: Better closing, better selling, better consistency, better profits and better business growth.

Why not make it within your reach with Perfect Closing Script?

If you agree, then you know what to do now ...


With the Perfect Closing Script you can enroll new clients in less time, with less resistance, and never feel like a sleazy high-pressure salesperson again.

Inside Perfect Closing Script you'll discover:


The 5 questions to ask in the first 10 minutes

of a phone call to find out if the person is serious or a tire-kicker


How to handle questions like “how does this work?”

and “how much does it cost?” so you can enrol clients easily without creating objections


What to do if your prospect starts to sound disinterested -- do this

and they’ll practically beg to do business with you (It’s counter-intuitive but works like nothing you’ve seen before)


How to get people off the fence

and into your programs without sounding desperate


The 4 objections to every sale

and how to overcome them before you talk about your offer


Why you don’t need 101 techniques to

close a sale and the 3 ‘no-pressure’ questions to ask instead


  1. Perfect closing script video training
  2. Free gift #1: The Perfect Closing System
  3. Free gift #2: $100K Sales Calls
  4. Free gift #3: Word-For-Word Objection Handling Scripts
  5. Free gift #4: Expert Positioning - How To Close The Sale Before You Even Get On The Phone

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Henry
The Perfect Money Making Script

What is this training about?

If you’d like to know the most effective way to close prospects on a call, and increase your closing ratio overnight, this training is perfect for you! I thought I knew what sales was before I found Dan Lok online, but after I went through this course, I was blown away, and shocked at how little I knew about closing. How to position yourself on a call, build rapport with your prospect, by guiding them to sell themselves on your product, and finally not asking for the sale. That’s right...

Why is it relevant to me now?
If you’d like to sharpen your skills in closing, and learn new, proven tactics on closing High Ticket Sales, this course is for you!

My MWM (Money Worth Moments) in the course!
The 3 steps to closing - I call it the structure to success!
The Gem Types - Understanding your prospect, and how to engage with them, so they feel understood.
The perfect closing system - How to position yourself and provide value, so you can close more sales.
7 Closing Secrets - Tips and tricks to increase your closing ratio.

How can I apply it?
All these strategies and tips can be introduced to your closing script immediately so you can close more sales and bring in that extra commision you deserve! As you move from one video to the next, it only gets better. You’ll have light bulb moments from start to finish, and you'll be exited to implement your new strategies learnt with Dan, and probably go deeper, and take up HTC. That’s a promise!


Teaches a lot, good stuff


Teaches a lot

Amit Nath
Its like the Thor Sword - You can call it at will and it will open up any obstacle in-front of you!

Some of the most dreaded questions in closing deals had been explained with pinpoint accuracy.
Even after this piece of spoon-feeding if someone finds closing is not for them, then do hire some one from HTC.
The power to close is 10X with these episodes and real-time role plays.
You would find different varients of the same question been handled by Sifu in such a finesse.
Its an honor to listen again and again of the verbal combat of closing deals.

Truly the next level of learning.

Rafał Sienkiewicz

Eye opening! It should cost 1000$! So valuable information, I'm grateful that I found Dan and his way of closing prospects. Thank you

Michelle Toglas
Straight forward and direct teaching.

I'm practical. So I appreciated the role play after the theory. Like some courses you have to listen more that 2x to understand. But Dan get right to it. Gives exactly what you need.

I learn best from his teaching style.

Glad to have this in my tool belt

This video library is an amazing resource to review and get back on track with the mentality which helps produce more results.

Mario Diaz Vega
A script to close more sales

The lessons I have learned in this course are really valuable. Is well structured and gives you a blueprint to bring more sales and appointments. The best of this program is that Closing is something I can apply to anything in my life, not just business.
The steps of the closing process, the personality theory, and the tips about positioning are really awesome, you don't find this kind of information easily (at least I).
The main lessons I got from the program are:
-The importance of listening and talking less in the closing process. This is very special because is counter-intuitive, and not what I think when we talk about sales.
-Tonality. The difference between saying the same phrase with different tonality is huge. I can get a totally different prospect response just changing the tonality.
-Set a process. I must set a process from the appointment to the call itself and also the post-calls.
-3 important concepts before the Closing meeting. Exclusivity (people don't want something until they know they can't have it or other people want it), Authority (not being questioned), and Reputation (personal brand, as to be known as)
And at last but not least, is important to roleplay because without practice you don't develop the skill.

Reviewer avatar
John Toomey
The EXPERT POSITIONING section and The 3 RINGS OF POWER alone are worth the cost of this program

What is this training about?
Finding the balance for sales and discovering your clients needs for your product or service you offer? How traditional sales techniques will not serve you or your clients today
The difference between Marketing & Sales and definitions for each so it can be learned and remembered and applied

Why is it relevant to Me Now?
The Dragon Ready Program is big on sales as one of the components for a successful business. I have gained many insights from this training new definitions and distinctions which I hadn’t realised before.
These are some of the learning's I gained from this program
If I went through it again my review would be different again
Discover your OWN golden nuggets

How can I Apply, One Insight?
• The EXPERT POSITIONING Section and THE 3 RINGS OF POWER alone are worth the cost of this program.
• Reputation / Authority / Exclusivity
• REPUTATION – You are selling TRUST.
• Be very intentional about CRAFTING your reputation, it is something that can be created
• What are others saying about YOU?
• What are you saying about YOURSELF?
• Your reputation is POWER, guard it with YOUR life