Sales Call Critique By Team Dan Lok

As you already know, high-ticket selling is the opposite of traditional sales.

To truly be effective at high-ticket selling, you will need a deeply thorough understanding of advanced human psychology and social dynamics.

It requires an attention to language patterns, sophistication in presentation skills and high-level strategies beyond simple persuasion tactics you’ll find in most training.

To further add to the complexity, high-ticket selling strategies are very different depending on the channel you are delivering your sales message.

You can be selling high-ticket one-on-one, one-to-many, online and/or offline.

On this call, my TOP closers will give you feedback on slightest details of your sales call that you've never noticed that are costing you the sale. 

My top closers will also engage with you on the the call and they’ll give you feedback on your sales process and pitch.

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