How This Negotiation Training Program Will Help Your Company Make The Right Moves

How This Negotiation Training Program Will Help Your Company Make The Right Moves

Many negotiation training programs today teach people the wrong things. For instance, they teach people to “close the sale no matter what”. This results in too many salespeople who don’t know how to close properly. They often try to close the sale forcefully. As a result, they chase prospects away.

Many companies are not doing well when it comes to generating revenue. Without necessary negotiation training, salespeople lack the persuasion skills to convince potential buyers. This means that fewer deals get closed and less revenue gets generated.



This issue arises when negotiation training programs use outdated methods and strategies. These techniques may have worked in the past, but times have changed. Sales techniques from the 1900s will face a lot of rejection when used in today’s markets.

We teach techniques that are the complete opposite of most negotiation training programs. Instead of using hard-sell tactics, you let the customer do the talking. The best salespeople are those who do not need to force a sale to close deals. Asking the right questions allows your prospects to close themselves.

We’ve gathered our best trainings into one complete collection. If you want to know how to become a world-class closer who makes prospects say “yes” every time, read on.

Telephone Millions: The Simplest Way To Close Deals Using The Telephone 

Statistics show that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. This means that salespeople who cannot close over the phone miss many opportunities.

When closing over the phone, how you speak and what you say differs from how you interact face-to-face. Most salespeople use an outdated sales script that doesn’t get results, and then wonder why they can’t close any deals.


As a result, the salesperson may become down or depressed. They may blame themselves, thinking they are lousy salespeople.  This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Believing they are bad salespeople, theybehave like bad salespeople.

In reality, it has nothing to do with the salesperson’s skill or ability. The reason why most salespeople fail to close over the phone is their sales script. Most sales scripts teach you to open the conversation by saying something overused. These are statements like “Hi how are you”. If you use the same sales script on your prospects, you won’t hear a reply - you’ll hear them slam the phone down.

The key to closing over the phone is to do what they least expect you to do. Treat them like a human being and be genuine with your approach. Your goal isn’t to sell them anything, your goal is to gather information. The Telephone Millions Training will teach you what to say to capture attention and keep it. From there, all that’s left is to ask them one question and close the deal.

Objection Handling Secrets: How To Overcome The Four Words That Every Salesperson Hates

In sales, there are four words that almost every prospect says at some point in the conversation. This is the infamous phrase “I’ll think about it”. The problem is that these words actually mean “no”. They don’t want to say it to your face and risk hurting your feelings.

If your prospects tell you they want to think about it, it means you are not doing your job as the closer. It means you have not demonstrated to them how valuable your product or service is. For example, if someone asked if you wanted a million dollars, what would your response be? Would you need time to think about it, or would you immediately say “hell yes”?

The conversation you have with your prospect follows a similar principle. If you have done your job as a closer, the prospect should not need time to think about it. They should either say “yes” which means your product is a good fit for them. Or “no”, which means they are not interested. What you don’t want is for them to tell you they “need time to think about it”.

One way to prevent this is to let the prospect know what to expect before the conversation even begins. You can say something like:

Mr. Prospect, before we begin this meeting, I would like to set some expectations. 

At the end of this conversation, there are three things you could say to me. 

You could say “yes”, which means you're interested in what I have to offer.

You could also say “no”, which is fine, as well. 

The third thing you could say, but I would prefer you not to say, is “I’ll think about it”, because in most cases it ends up as a no, and I would rather not waste my time or yours if you are not interested.

Is that fair with you?

Pre-framing the conversation this way is one of the most powerful ways to overcome objections before they happen.If you want to learn how to handle any objection with ease, you’ll find everything you need inside “Objection Handling Secrets.”

High Ticket Sales: How to Sell High Ticket Consulting Programs And Services

High ticket sales focus on selling high ticket products. These are items that can go for thousands of dollars. They include designer clothes, jewelry, and expensive sports cars. These high ticket products are on the higher end of the marketplace. As a result, the people who can afford these items are of higher class as well. You’ll need special negotiation training if you want to influence these people.

If you want to succeed at high ticket sales, you need to know how to communicate. Using standard sales tactics will not work. In most cases, your prospect is already ready to buy and has the money to do so. They need help to overcome their doubts and allow them to feel confident in their decision.

As a closer, that’s where you come in. Show them how your product would benefit their lifestyle. Someone who buys a Ferrari doesn’t care about the specs inside the car. They do it because they want to look cool and show off. 


Your job as a closer is to convince them that they are making the right choice. Make them feel proud of their decision. Convince them their lifestyle will change for the better afterward. Instead of using a logical approach to lead them to a close, use emotions to appeal to their desires.

The secret to closing deals is to appeal to your prospect’s emotions. In most situations, your prospects buy things because they want to feel a certain way. Increase the amount of emotions and desires they feel. By doing so, you can convince prospects to buy into your offer.


Public Speaking Secrets: How To Speak With Confidence And Captivate Your Audience's Attention

As a salesperson, your job is to influence and persuade your prospects to see the value in your product. To do that, you need to know what to say and how to say it. That’s why some of the best salespeople in the world are also some of the best speakers. They understand that if they want to influence others, they need to train their voice. Unfortunately, most negotiation training programs do not cover this area.

Having good tonality and speaking skills gives you a competitive advantage. As a good speaker, you come across as a confident person who knows what you’re doing. Your prospects will be more open to what you have to say. When you can articulate with clarity and confidence, people are more open to you. That makes your prospects more likely to trust you because you come off as a trustworthy person.


Compare that to a salesperson who is shy and has difficulty speaking to other people. This person appears as though they have something to hide. This is why being an effective speaker is important when it comes to sales. The ability to use your voice to convince others is a skill that few people have. By becoming a good speaker, you can increase the chances a prospect will say yes.

A Practical Negotiation Training Program That’s Proven To Work

Most salespeople struggle to influence prospects. Today's negotiation training programs are not useful to the market today. Some may actually be teaching the exact opposite of what you need. 

In reality, most negotiation training programs are ineffective.Prospects already know what you will do before you do it.They have seen these tricks before. If you want to influence prospects and close deals, you need proven sales techniques. 

You’ll learn how to close prospects the right way. You'll learn what to say on the phone. And how you should interact with someone ready to spend $10,000 on a leather handbag.These are important skills to learn if you want to know how to influence prospects and close deals.

Most sales programs focus on theory. Our negotiation training programs do not. We focus on practical and proven methods. The methods inside this collection have generated over $34.2 billion in revenue. If you want to become a great closer,get our Negotiation Secret program now.