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Advanced Wealth Triangle

Dan really pulls back the curtain on this one! From the reasons behind why the current “systems” are in place (relating to wealth and education) to keep the general population broke and compliant, to the most revealing and simple wealth strategy, this program is bound to have you questioning everything you’ve been taught about making and growing your money. Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore!!

Personal Branding

There was an fear inside that how to cope up with continuously changing Market. This secret of Personal Branding has shown me a path where I can do my business correctly .. Thank You so much ..

Time of realisation

So many times I caught myself being stuck in a pattern which prevents me from growing. In a way I heard certain secrets before but never took them by heart like this time. Dan does such a great job in pointing out all the things I can and will work on to become more wealthy. All secrets had insightful AHA moments but I need to especially work on the secrets 6, 7 and 8.


Control your mind, act as if and choose your circle wisely. Don't be a victim of the society! Thank you for those reminders Dan!

Changed my Mind about Finance and Building Wealth

At first I watched the Youtube Video from Dan about the Wealth Triangle and that gave me a small Idea "How it really looks like to create income and building wealth" but then I had a Meeting with Amy and she told me that I should buy this Programm the "Advanced Wealth Triangle" and It changed my View about Wealth and Income, its really helpful for someone who is young (just like me I am 17 years old) to learn how to get skills, build wealth and very Important lessons about Finance and The Truth why People are designed NOT to have High Income Skills and all the Knowledge that is in this Programm.

Advanced Wealth Triangle
Bzhwen Khalid
Clarity is Wealth, and Dan gives you a Clarity

Whoever Chooses Dan Lok advance will succeed.
Because Dan Lok makes it so easy for you how to get to wealth, you’ll have no excuse not to do it.
Choose Dan Lok + do what he tells you = wealth and success are guaranteed.

Freelancing Secrets
Jovan Jovanović
He probably saved me years!

The Wealth Triangle is one of the most powerful concepts I've heard so far.
In there, you'll figure out why it's structured the way it is.
It goes from High-Income Skills, Scalable business, all the way to High-Return Investments.

Value Ladder explains how people are leaving money on the table.
Dan gives you an explanation how instead of Yes/No offer you can make it Yes/Smaller Yes.

These concepts saved me years of experience and saved me from making devastating decisions.
Thanks, Dan!

Personal Branding Secrets
Mohammed Yameen
Personal Branding Secrets

Insightful course! In this course, Sifu Dan teaches how Personal Branding works. Everything that is taught in the workshop is packed with value! It's important for any business to have a Personal Brand as how you do anything is how you do everything.

How I benefited from this course is learning that Personal Branding is the first thing that a customer will notice - how the company makes them feel and whether the company is trustworthy. I applied these teachings and my confidence skyrocketed because now I see how everyone treats me better than before simply by changing a few things as I was taught in this course.

I recommend every businessperson to start with this course as it eliminates the misconceptions about branding and helps you to realign your values with the company image so that the right customers and clients come looking for you.

Excellent education and innovative ideas for wealth creation

Millionaire Money Habits
This is Million Dollar Asset

After going through the learning , I felt how poor my thinking was earlier . Though I have many things in life but still I was thinking poor . Now my perspective changed through this Dan course Millionaire Money habits . I just need to build these habits so every cell of my body remembers it for onwards . I am going to become Millionaire soon and I proudly say I have millionaire habits in me now. Thank you Dan for giving value which helped me to into millionaires club in my mindset . Thank you again.

Exactly what I needed - thank you!

I have been looking for a course to help me make more money - I am not a millionaire and I don't make over 100k - yet! But now I think like a millionaire - I am a millionaire and I feel powerful. Everything from this online course was very valuable. A few things that come to mind is "Millionaires work hard but not in the traditional sense. They outthink their competitors and upgrade their skills-set and use leverage! Be smart and use leverage! No excuses, no opinions, no victims! Thank you for the course and for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am all in!

Unlock Your Confidence
Emiliya Dimitrova Dimitrova
Unlock Your Confidence

Hi Dan!
Today, for a moment, I thought about you and how our meeting affects me. My mind went in the direction of what happened to me after the training recent class on Unlock Your Confidence.
Why did I look for you? What action did I take and how did the knowledge I have recieved affect my temple/ in the meaning - my body/.
I asked myself, did I pass the baton back, did I share with you the good result for me? I have to!

Like most of us,
I also work with people and my wish is that most people become personally and financially literate themselves.
I want them to understand what is the meaning of our living and how importnat for us is the line of self-development.

Yes, I know it sounds clichéd, but MEANING builds the foundation.

So, in short for me - I had life upheavals, troubled human relationships but mostly my business relationships were real "heartbreakers" for me.
I made tough decisions for myself. As a result of these difficult choices, I received a mental wound, eczema, depressive status and thoughts.
All of those are not typical for me.
From a woman full of success during the past years;, From a woman who for years has developed a successful huge manufacture business - I turned myself into a wreck.
I was really desperate emotionaly. I didn't hit the real bottom, but I was very close. If I can speak metaphorically - I was a centimeter away from the bottom.
I felt the need to refresh my knowledge, to enrich myself with knowledge and I searched for more information about how our mind works.
And so my strong intuition ,that I rely on, led me to you.

I set out on this new path and started with small steps until the pain in my soul went away. I took on more self-belief, awareness and more movement towards Confidence.
As I walked in the direction of awareness of my mind and my soul, the study of Confidence called out the need for something more, more information.
ButsSomething was missing.
I wanted an additional "refresh" for more faith in my actions.
I had an inner impulse to say to myself "The situation is good now, that's exactly how it should be, go ahead fearless!"

The moment I started smiling again, the feeling was healing for me. I can compare it to the feeling of relief when you put a bandage on an eczema wound, for example.
If it was an sound, in a hour away the place was already calm. It was a great effect to which I can only say - "Wow"!
I confidently followed the maxim that every change starts from the inside-out.
But I asked myself Wwhat would happen if I started working on myself diligently and tried to change internally?
If a simple smile also has such a powerful influence, will I be able to improve my inner thoughts with its help?

I generally felt the need of change, but I didn't know where to start.
And here is the moment to share my result in front of you . I did a complete cleanse of my state of mind and my thoughts in general.
I have been slowly walking towards Confidence, and the results of these actions of mine are stunning.

You are the person who structured me and pointed out where the problem was in myself and showed me from where I have to start. ,
I felt a "click" for it.
This meeting reinforced my believes and also pointed to me that the direction I am going, is the right one.

In this line of thought, just as I draw inspiration from the small victories that have brought great realizations.
So because of that I would like to THANK you for the benefits, the knowledge that you share with us.

We are warm, creative human beings and our mission is to develop ourselves, to give for the benefit of others.
Then comes the great meaning of life - that the happiness is in the action of giving yourelf to the others.

Thank you also for looking for ways to improve yourself, and also for being constant/ I'm watching you/ and for having and keeping your limits.
I believe that the loving embrace you give us is an expression of your inner divine essence.

With love, yours: Emiliya Dimitrova

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Unlock Your Abundance
Sarah Leigh Gonsal
Cleaning Up Messes!

Firstly, Thank you for this Program.
The benefits of cleaning up areas in Life, creates room for something new.
It may even be a new identity, a new organized area, your phone.
With this program I am able to have more clarity and unlocking with true meaning of Abundance.
Small success leads to BIGGER Success!

F.U. Money
Darryl w
awesome god

thank you God for showing this to me

Waste of $

Just record of chatting, no value.

Such much Value in this Course!

I love how Dan Lok breaks everything down and doesn't sugar coat a thing. When going through this course, I had to do a lot of self reflection and really be honest with myself. Dan helped me to really find the issues and come to a solution and picture a brighter and better future for myself and my family. :-)

Jacket On, Jacket Off

Jacket On, Jacket Off,

Love the copywriting critiques it really helps me look at my work,
Super eager to learn about PAID ADs,

Jacket On, Jacket Off.

Unlock It
Jovan J.

This book is extravagant with a bunch of very intellectual ideas that are spelled in a way that a 5-year-old could understand and it's one of those must-read multiple times books.

I highlighted the most important things so I could refer to them daily.
While reading I was laughing, expanding my view on things, even at one point I was pissed
because I found myself in some negative context or destructive habits.
I started working on them immediately.

If you're one of those people who would like to just buy a book, read it once, and leave it on a shelf,
in that case, sorry to disappoint but this is NOT the book for you.

However, if you really refer back to the most important parts of the book on a daily/weekly basis,
you'll know what your next step is every moment.

For me this book cured my unclarity about my goals and where I want to be.
I already recommended it to a few of my best friends because I believe that much in the ideas that you'll find in this book.

I hope you'll make the right choice.
Best of luck to everyone who decide to read it!

Copywriting Mentor Series
Lovelanie Kelley
5 ⭐️ Asset to Invest

Very helpful asset that you can use in different method especially in discovering new features digital knowledge. A key to collect .. thanks for sharing your gift of knowledge Sifu .

Lovelanie Kelley

5 ⭐️ Knowledge

Valuable information, knowledge & success. It helps you elevate yourself and bigger projects either through yourself or bigger projects.

Lovelanie Kelley

Unlock Your Confidence
Des programmes puissants

Les programmes de Dan LOK m'ont permis d'élargir ma vision afin de mettre en place des actions pour developper mon bussinnes de manière soutenable et durable

Personal Branding Secrets
Dan Lok's Personal Branding: A Game-Changer!

Dan Lok's session on personal branding is a game-changer! It's packed with inspiration and clarity, making me confident about the crucial role of personal branding. As I gear up to leave my 9-5 job, this session couldn't have come at a better time. It's a must-watch for anyone ready to amplify their personal brand and seize new opportunities. Thanks, Dan! 🙏


Valuable information received.Thanks Danlok

HTC bootcamp Day -1 review

Loved the insights from Day 1 of HTC Bootcamp. I found myself resonating with Dan's business appr I achieved and philosophy SO MUCH, as I indeed do NOT want to hunt for clients but want to FARM, and have them discover me! Loved the structured approach about the money flow ONE Pager, as helps seeing where one's focus is and where it should be. Found quite helpful the 3 Pillars to attract HTC: PMP, Conversion mechanisms and HTC skills. Liked the emphasis Dan puts onto developing the right MINDSET! As it is ONLY with the right, strategic and resilient mind and conitted approach, one has got the potential to build a healthy, sustainable online business. Excited to learn more to turn this knowledge into my real life!

It changed my priorities

It is very useful. I've struggled with my financial recently. And the course made me see how many messes I have that are blocking my abundance. I really have to start to clean up the messes (physically and mentally) now. And also having a mentored life is a great idea, too. Thanks a lot