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Things had been done, but obtacles are one dog attack attempt but fail, now getting fund. All for clean long term.

How To Sell High Ticket Services
Fernando Roy Chan LAHITSARA
High-ticket consulting

In this course you will learn how to sell any high ticket consulting services and programs even if you are just getting started. Dan will share his precious secrets to close high tickets that you can implement directly with your sales.

Objection Handling Secrets
Fernando Roy Chan LAHITSARA
Objection handling secrets

To handle objections is one of important things that most people need to master to take their business to the next level and build confidence …and in this course , Dan shared with us some of his precious secrets to handle objections.

Applied knowledge on prospecting secret from the collection! Works like charm!

I just wanna say the closing collection is awesome.

There is a lot of informative strategy.
I did apply the knowledge that I learn from the prospecting secret from the collection.

Works like charm, basically I am asking permission from prospect for me to sell them.

First time I was like Wow! It works like charm

Premium Package Secrets
Khuong Huynh
We never come back to low prices :)

I shared to my team, and we didn't afraid high prices anymore. Thanks Dan.

Magnetic Messages
Kim Duong
Hi guy

so... it pretty useful... over deliver...

but the offer secret confusing me... I quite understand what you guys talking about... yeah... we have to draw out a perfect customer's portrait... but how? what is the point?

I personally think email secret helps a lot... but the offer secret is just the same... it all about understands the customer's portrait... and most time that confused me...

so... i hope it could help... i not so good... but I think there are a lot people out there who are confused just like thank you for the knowledgedge

Objection Handling Secrets
Syfeul Sumon Syfeul Huda
A very nice learning

Here I have learned how to deal with the anxiety about objections. Very supportive & effective for me.

Freelancing Secrets
Manuel Reguera A.
Great Content

I have found interesting insights and value in these lessons. Recommend it

Awesome ninja tricks and secrets

Objection handling secrets was a good course. I think the value one gains from Dan's programs are worth much more than what they are sold for.

Well explained and direct

Every concept is well explained and call you to take action to achieve finance confidence. I will love the courses to be a little bit longer because I don’t get bored of learning.

Great course.

After this course, I make my career life much better before

Public Speaking Secrets
KWOK Chun Kei
Special technique

I learnt a lot public speaking technique, dan lok method is unique.


Hi guys from Mauro Di Micco "the Manager of small and medium italian companies".

I have buy the HTC video course and I think thai it's a great place to start. I am Italian and my difficulty is undestend all...But

Dan forced me to study English.

In addition ti the course i recommend to subscribe at Dan's youtube channel.


you will find a lot of free content of enormous value.

Regarding the course HTC,

I have already applied the principles on my website, but the road is still long for me.

THE thing I would like to learn is "how" sell my know-how of over fifteen years as a manager of multinationals.

So I would need to understand how to create HTC programs and packages.

I greet you I wish you the best and I advise you to start immersing yourself in the world of Dan Lock.

Freelancing Secrets
Anurag Mishra
You'll definitely save a lot of time, money and effort by following the wisdom shared by Dan

The training was really eye opening. You gain a lot of wisdom about the freelancing and entrepreneurial world. We'll definitely save our lot of time,money and effort if we follow the tips shared. It can change the whole game. I would highly recommend this training.

How To Sell High Ticket Services
Martina Kabrhelová

Great for improwing my business skills and reach my goals faster.

Objection Handling Secrets

Everybody have the same technique. But how many Ronaldo? How many MessI? Same techinique but it’s the way they execute the technique, it’s the way they practice the technique, it’s the timing of the technique. In other words, it’s the attributes behind the technique. Thank you Dan

Your First Million

I really enoyed this training. Money love speed. Success love speed. Fast fish EAT big fish. Thank you Dan.


Dan help me understand that start a business may not a good idea, a lot more stress, a lot more headache and a lot more debt. And Dan guide me to do another path instead. Thank you

Objection Handling Secrets
Maurice Mertjoe
Handle Objections like a Master

I really got a lot of value out of this digital program.

I now know how to handle objections and resistance in a smooth way, not arguing with the prospect.

Definitely recommended!

Thank you!

Objection Handling Secrets --Our Happy Solution

This product has helped me in more ways than I can explain

Obtaining your first million

Really enjoyed this training.


This is really amazing. Thank you!


a good course

Your First Million
High Value Training .

This Training is AMAZING it teaches you :
How to build your business on the right way .
Avoid big mistakes a lot of people do .
How to make money , invest And a lot MORE .
If you don't wanna waste a lot of time and money , you are in the right place .

Magnetic Messages
Deirdre Fitzpatrick
A lot of great content.

I need to slow down to read and digest them. However, I prefer Dan's fill in the blanks worksheets I have gotten on other $49 courses because I can relate them better to my own business and they get me in a better flow. I have to say I love all Dan's $49 courses at the nuggets of wisdom are massive. There are at least 3-5 big takeaways. Also, I am hooked on Dan's no-nonsense sense of humor.

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