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Personal branding secrets

One of my favourite videos from I got more understanding about personal branding . If you don't have brand or if you don't grab the attention towards you , you will be the invisible kid in the corner and even if you offer the best products and best services , without attention , you are nobody.

Copywriting secrets

Before I buy this product I wasn't aware of my power to use persuasion on print , I was focused on the speaking and at that moment I didn't speak English right , but I knew how to write it correctly and when I applied this knowledge into my life I started to use and love to persuade people with written words.

Your first million

This training is amazing, it helped me shift my ordinary view on the world to a extraordinary view of a millionaire.
With this training you too can start to think as a millionaire and if you apply it in your day to day life you will start to act as a millionaire and soon if you purchase enough trainings from sifu , you too can start to do the things that he do .

Instagram secrets

This information helped me get understanding of how Instagram works when I was a beginner !

HTC golden pen

I bought it with intent to have at least 1 item from sifu's products. With this pen when I write something in public , people say cool pen where did you buy it. I want to buy a pen like that. Some of them buy ,others don't buy. The majority of people don't buy because they are not true fans like me !

HTC button

I love it , I bought it with intent to motivate me and to tell me how closer am I to my goals .

best allround entrepreneurial training out there.

It took me a few weeks to get started and then I started watching one video, and I was captivated, the quality of content and concepts shared by Dan and Desmond is amazing and totally transformed my business! I love it!
Best invest in 2019!

Lots of VALUE!

It's only $50 and you will most likely find it difficult to find such direct value anywhere else.
Take the risk and bet on

Goes Great with Your Notebook!

I like how it has a picture of a typewriter. Stick this on the notebook you use to take notes from the copywriting class.

Mind-blowing copywriting secrets

I recommend this course any day, it’s worth more than what I paid for. Thanks Sifu


With the little I’ve watched, I can say that this is an exceptional course from the Asian Dragon!

Great Financial Confidence reminder!

Good quality materials!

Great copy

Excellent produit ! Merci Dan ;- )

Copywriting Secrets Video Training

Review on products received

Notebook is small and convenient to carry. Plenty of paper to write notes! Has a nice message on the face to remind you to put yourself into action. Great tool!

Copywriting Secrets Video Training

How to live in the real world!

The government were lying since you went to school because you could have an investment class at school. But you didn't. Why because the government needs a vote from you to stay rich in change they sell a project. With this courses you will be able to create your own bank! And say fuck to the government.

Perfect Gift for Graduation!

Recieved "The 10 Closers Commandments" just in time for class 7! It makes a perfect graduation gift to myself. It also a great reminder of what it takes to be a closer! Shipping and package arrived in good shape. Thanks

Copywriting Secrets Video Training

Saran's Review #3

Wow, this is fantastic. I really change how I see myself. I'm not hesitate to recommend any one who want to change. You guys should see it for yourself!

Persuasion Secrets Video Training

I’ll be honest...

I don’t really fit the specific demographics he’s targeting so I didn’t feel as understood as some of you might when watching this.

That being said, I careful observed what he was doing instead of what he was saying... and I learned a lot.

He doesn’t just list a bunch of steps for you to take... he takes you on a journey, and practices what he preaches.

Was it worth $50? Yes absolutely & I’m broke. I invested in this because I know exactly how he uses his YT channel and wanted to see more behind the scenes.

Dan is very good at what he does. He’s smart AF and that’s why I like him so much!

You’re very clever, Dan Lok. Anyone who gets to learn from you is very, very lucky!

HTC mug

I covet this mug! I use it every day and threaten anyone with in an inch of their life if they dare touch it! LOL! All in good humor of course. But seriously....don't touch my mug. :)

2020 Dan Lok Calendar

It looks fabulous and stylish on my office wall. It's the perfect size and I love the monthly photo and inspirational quote!

Eat, Sleep, HTC, Repeat T-shirt

Comfy and looks great. It helps keep my mind set on "wearing the cape" when I have it on.