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Great stuff, right to the point

Great stuff as always, thanks Dan, the best thing is that he doesn't even talk about the money, but it's related to it, but it's about everything not just money. This is the third best purchase after HIC and Get Shit Done

More Sales Cards
Chiong Sie Jing

Before I buy this product, I don't know what is objections. I have poor sales conversions from cold prospects. After gone through this training, my closing rates improve dramatically. I know how to handle various objections in almost any situations. I even close lots of sales for my local service-based business through WhatsApp from cold prospects, without sales calls at all, just by using the objections knowledge/scripts words for words that I acquired in this product. Sifu Dan 100% reveals all the possible objections in sales which none of the other trainers/gurus/coaches did. I will follow Sifu Dan formula only. The energy and power projected by Sifu Dan in this video training truly gives me confident and energy, sort of passing to me. I can feel it. Thank you Sifu Dan. Glad I found Sifu Dan. Wohooooo!

Dragon Ready Collection
Rikaza Shakeer

Exactly true Maral. What a transformation.
I took steps ahead and moved forward.
It�s challenging but achievable.
I joined the parents committee in my kids school then step forward to take a lead as a country coordinator then assigned to give a speech about my career journey. For me stepping forward itself a success.
Also amazing to see the transformation of my interior design students .
Now I got advance for my new design service. In exhibition booth designs.
I really understood the value of closing now.
Planning to do a work shop next live not virtual as predicted by Sifu and MCA .

Dragon Ready Collection
Thomas Pfanner
Trust The Process

#ROAR I've had about 30 Dads organic opt-ins funneled to my OTO with 2 purchases.
I still have more things to tighten up with the opt-in and setting up OTO2 but its humbling to see the backend work paying off!! Thank you Dan Lok & Dragons for continuing to be in my corner!

Let Go of Loser Client

My victory is I recently let go of a loser client I had. One of those uncommitted clients, who was also cheap. I finally made the courageous move to let him go. And I now feel like a weight has just been lifted.

Dragon Ready Collection
Natalia Gr�nwald
My Progress So Far

Hello everybody, I just want to share with you my progress. Since I�m back in Dragon.
I wake up now every morning at3.00 am today was it at 2.30 but I�m totally focused on my goal . I m on studying of Sifu�s training self- liquidating offer. And this training is for me mindblowing . It�s fantastic . I have lots of ideas how to implement and now I�m preparing material for fb ads �

Be It Until Become IT

Live your life as your dream already have come true and challenge your reality to catch up

Being surrounded by all real dragons
Feeling to be a dragon already
Make us to act as a dragon


AS SOON AS we decide to shift the IDENTITY every thing go to work accordingly


Dragon Ready Collection
Zachary Zapata
Positive Change

Hey Future Dragons!
Since the time I last posted, I've been going through a whirlwind of positive change.
I'm now coming to you via my first 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.
This space will be almost empty, and completely dedicated to immersing myself into everything I'm learning. It will also be used as a positive reinforcement since environment is the most powerful.
Although I love my family dearly, I was heavily distracted living with them.
January 2023 was my best month so far in the car business. 9 deals funded and approved!

High Income Copywriter
Jacob Hoggan
Become the person I can be

For a long time I use to think my only why was to help my family and get a new job, but recently IÕve dug deep and found out my true whyÉ
That is to be the person not only I thought or think I could be but what others know I could be as well.
IÕve always thought that I was suppose to do more then most in my family, but seemed to fall just shortÉ
After reading ÒThink and Grow RichÓ I found out what has happened. I fail then quit, that was it but I found that with copywriting and from Sifu all failure is is feedback and that as changed my life.
Now I take all the feedback and use it to better myself and become the person I know I can and others know I should be.

High Income Copywriter
Santiago Phoenix
Don't give up. Copy and HIC are powerful

3 years ago I enrolled in HIC. Yesterday I hit my first $10K month.
Sifu Dan Lok, I will always be grateful to you and this community. My wife and I did 8 trips around Europe this year alone, and live in one of the fanciest neighborhoods in Lisbon (Portugal), because of Copywriting alone (6 months ago I told her to retire and focus on her passion, photography).
3 years ago I literally couldn't pay for groceries, was living in a 'Gotham-like' city in Colombia, and had $40k in debt.
I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that... Copy and HIC are powerful. Don't give up!!

High Income Copywriter
Steven Truong
My First Copywriting Email Boom

First Copywriting Email Boom!

Got my first $25 for 1 email template to promote a new product.

I look forward to more in the near future.

High Income Copywriter
Santiago Phoenix
Copywriting saves lives!

I just received the news that one video I created for an NGO (using copywriting principles) got them a $35,000 grant. This money will allow them to renew the equipment of an old hospital in the country side of Colombia - and save hundreds of lives
Here are 3 things I did:
1- Used storytelling to connect emotionally FIRST before trying to pitch anything.
2- Focused on ONE character - a male peasant who was hit by a car, because the cities are SO overpopulated that they are invading the country side
3- I introduced data from authority sources to show the magnitude of the problem, and to answer "what's in it for you". Most grantmakers are looking for contribution, so I showed them the huge impact this project was going to have in real families with real faces.
Dan Lok Your mentorship keeps saving lives. You have no idea the ripple effect of your work, on millions of lives around the globe... many of which don't even know you.
Thanks Sifu .This is one of those moments that make ALL the learning and effort in learning the copywriting skill worth it.

High Ticket Closer
Mabel Rodriguez
You are closer than you think

Happy Sunday HTC! Boom!!! Very happy to share that I've just passed my HTC exam. This is just the start! :rocket: It has been an awesome journey of so much more than expected - sales and personal growth. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART DEAR SIFU
Dan Lok for the dedication and energy you have put into this program - thank you for TEACHING ME, HTC is transformational. To all who have not finished yet: YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!

High Ticket Closer
Kaley W Chu
Making USD$50,000 income per month

Hi, Kaley from Melbourne Australia.
Season 7 graduates back in 2019.
Finally, after working hard for 4 years, I'm finally at a level of getting consistent leads and clients and averaging USD$50,000 income per month and ready to perhaps hiring my first closer

High Ticket Closer
Timur Jumanov

For those who have doubts about this journey-- is not for you.
For those who giving up easy- -is not for you.
For those who wants to make quick money-- Not for you either
Looking back and remembering the 4-6 hours of lessons, and lots of Homework. and finally realized that it doesn't teach you how to make money. it Transforms you and only then you know exactly how to make money...
Sell what you love
Sell what you believe in (product)
Sell what you trust. (Team, Company)
Since 2019 with the classes of HTC season 11. In 2020 I opened my own Company and closed for over 19 million in my own product. At this stage with inventory over $5 mil. Sky is the limit. And opportunity based on my own performance and the team that we created.
Closer is not Born--- it's Made.
Thank you Dan Lok and the Team, miss you all and looking forward to see you again one day.
P.S. This is one of the many of our Creations.


Yeap, Closed a small deal 840,000.00, sister Flora, I have learn from how to keep closing consistent

High Ticket Coach Certification
BOOM !!!! I finished HTC Coach certification today

Gratitude to Master Coach Alex for excellent training and transcript canvas. Thanks to
Dan Lok
for HTC Creed and your talk that inspires me day after day. Thanks a lot to my coach
Razmig Malkhassian
for your unconditional guidance , support and keep motivating me in this course. I am looking forward to Kaisen coach . I feel more confident and power. Thanks all for your presence , postings and keeping me in this group.

Hello HTC Community channel Razmig Malkhassian I just had my 7th call with my coach Razmig Malk...

Our focus was on the distinctions of the FCC vs a closing call. The encoding of the HTC way is as different as night and day when it comes to effectivity at the highest level, it actually speeds the process up by slowing down, itÕs counterintuitive, yet it controls the higher outcome and the anticipation from the prospect to want to get started. It is the sampler that makes the craving even more of a desire to get the results with confirmation. Setting the expectations for the closing call after the FCC, (and keeping the interval short) ÒfeelsÓ like you have given the prospect the control, and this is why HTC is different than anything I have ever seen. It also gives the prospect a guide to establish feedback and preparing their clarifying thoughts for the closing call and what has been thought through in between these two calls. DONÕT solve their problem, instead, Create the space that defines their desire to have this solved and that difference separates you from 95% of the market Upward HTC community!

High Ticket Coach Certification
Flora Calbayar-Kim
Thank you so much Master Coach Alex for everything.

I closed(leverage) yesterday while I'm sleeping because you teach me how to coach my team.Thank you thank you! You are my forever Master Coach Alex.

Get Shit Done
Marta Garland
Simple to understand and implement

What was preventing me from acting more decisively was too much perfectionism, causing lack of confidence, and also, laziness. Once I accepted the fact that I make the right design decisions in my work 93% of the time, I don't let the 7% chance that I'll be wrong stop me from moving forward.
For the laziness, making a list of what to accomplish the night before and doing the hardest task first gets me moving. I believe that during the night my subconscious works on the tasks for the next day.

F.U. Money
Amazing book

This book is amazing, thanks Dan for every word, one time I will meet you face to face, thanks from Chile

Web Copy Secrets
Soeren Loth
outstanding content

this course is so outstanding and fulfilled every aspect, that i was looking for. its a total success.

F.U. Money
Simona Hodor
A true gem

I took many courses and read many books and articles, I watched many videos but this book is a true gem.

Amazing Stuf

Great information and a few a-ha moments on this course, especially if you are a beginner. You'll love it.

Too expensive