How To Make Your Offer Look More Trustworthy

How To Make Your Offer Look More Trustworthy

Do you wonder how to make your offer look more trustworthy? A trustworthy offer can greatly improve your conversion rate and generate more sales

If you don’t generate enough sales or have people leaving your page without buying, it’s likely because they don’t trust you enough. A trustworthy offer removes all bigger risks from the buyer and puts them on the seller instead. 

There are many ways to make your offer look more trustworthy. And they don’t cost you anything. Social proof, a professional webpage, and a strong guarantee are only a few examples.

You might wonder why people don’t trust your current offer? That’s because people are wary of scams and offers which don’t deliver on their promise.

A website that looks weird and cheap puts people on edge. They leave without buying. But there is also a problem if your offer sounds too good to be true. Your prospects might actually trust you less. That’s because today’s buyer is hyper-informed. 

Prospects can easily Google anything they want and do their own research. They know that magic elixirs that solve all your problems don’t exist. So if you make your offer look too perfect, it actually becomes less believable and therefore - less trustworthy. 

In this article, we will show you how to make your offer look more trustworthy. And it goes way beyond adding a bunch of testimonials. 

What Is An Offer?

Before diving into making your offer look more trustworthy, let’s first clarify what an offer is. 

An offer isn’t just the product or service you sell. It’s more than that. It’s your product or service plus value. Your offer might include bonuses or other benefits that increase the value of what you are selling.

The offer also includes availability, deliverability, support, and a guarantee. So, as you see, it’s much more than just what you sell. 

Your offer is your product plus value.

A great offer instantly differentiates you from your competitors. It’s tailored to your customers and their needs. 

That being said, it’s clear that you can only create a compelling offer by knowing your target audience inside and out. To achieve this, you need to do research. 

Now, in this article, we will show you how to make your offer more trustworthy. This is based on the assumption that your offer is good, to begin with.

If your offer doesn’t have enough value, making it look more trustworthy won’t solve your problem. If the product or service doesn’t deliver on its promise, then you have to tweak the offer instead of making it look trustworthy.

So, before you start implementing our tips, make sure you did your research and created something of great value for your audience. What’s more, make sure your product or service actually delivers on what you advertise. 

Now, how can you make your offer look more trustworthy?

1.Believable Testimonials

The number one tip for creating more trust is to add testimonials to your offer. When you - as the marketer of your product- say something, it means something. When your clients say something - it means everything.

People naturally trust other people, that’s why the concept of social proof is so powerful. People like and trust people who are similar to them. So, if the person who gives a testimonial for your product is very similar to your prospect, even better. 

A good testimonial can do a big part of the selling for you. The more you have, the more trustworthy your offer looks.

However, testimonials have one big downside: they can easily look fake.

In fact, 90% of people believe that testimonials inside marketing messages and offers are fake. Most people don’t trust testimonials on websites and landing pages. 

But wouldn’t that mean testimonials are almost useless? Why are so many marketers still using testimonials?

The reason is that they can be made to look more trustworthy. 68% of consumers trust consumer opinions they find online. Most of them also trust product reviews such as those on Amazon, for example.

So what does that mean for your offer? It means that you should make your testimonials appear like customer reviews.

The difference is subtle, but it greatly impacts how trustworthy your offer looks. 

Testimonial Best Practices

So, when you want testimonials to increase the trust in your offer and leverage social proof, you’ll want to do it right. 

Usually, it’s best to pick testimonials that have one or two arguments against your offer. A little bit of constructive criticism looks more believable than a hyped, overly positive review. 

According to Dr. Elliot Aronsen, one of the top 100 psychologists of the 20th century, these pro and contra testimonials are the best way to build credibility.

Most buyers are tired of hype, so this is a great way to make your testimonials stand out.

To boost the believability even more, collect video testimonials. A picture might be worth a thousand words but a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Video testimonials add authenticity to your offer. They also make you more memorable. 95% of prospects were able to remember video testimonials, while only 12% remember written testimonials. 

Videos also have a better chance to get shared and go viral. Now you see why Dan Lok has a whole YouTube channel full of student’s video testimonials?

If you really can’t get your past clients to talk in front of a camera, then you can still use written testimonials. They might be less converting, however. 

For written testimonials, you’ll want to add as many specific details about the customer as possible. Add an image, their full name, age, location, and occupation. More details seem more believable and trustworthy. 

2. A Strong Guarantee

So, testimonials are a popular tool when it comes to making your offer look more trustworthy. But they have their downsides.

There is, however, something else that creates trust and is even more powerful: adding a strong guarantee to your offer. 

Guarantees are so powerful because they remove all risks from the buyer and put the risk on the seller. Yet, many marketers and business owners are afraid to offer a guarantee. We’ll cover why and how to remove that fear in a moment. 

But first, let’s have a look at types of guarantees that create immense trust.

Lifetime Guarantees

A lifetime guarantee is a bold move that instantly makes you stand out from your competitors.

While everybody is using the “30-day money-back guarantee”, hardly anyone offers lifetime guarantees. The problem is, the 30-day money-back guarantee is so overused, your prospects skip over it.

It doesn’t excite them nor does it create more trust, simply because they have been exposed to it too often. 

A lifetime-guarantee will grab their attention and make them feel safe. After all, if anything happens, they can always make use of the guarantee, right?

Now, a lifetime guarantee doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get their money back or return the product if anything happens. 

A great lifetime-guarantee for coaches could be: If anything happens, you can come by for another session for free. Or for a product, it could be:If it breaks, we’ll repair it for free.

This kind of guarantee doesn’t take that much more of your time and few people will actually need it. But it’s one of the best ways to make your offer look more trustworthy. 

Using this type of guarantee, you are basically telling your customers they are safe for life when they choose your offer. 

Lowest Price Guarantees

Another possible guarantee that makes your offer look more trustworthy is the lowest price guarantee. Be careful with this one, however. Competing on price isn’t always the best idea. 

If you offer a low ticket item that you sell in large sums, then this kind of guarantee might work. But it’s less advisable for high ticket offers. 

It all ties back to your market research and what your customers value. Some target markets might be out to get the best deal. Others, however, might prefer to pay a bit more for good quality.

So, use this guarantee if it fits your target audience and increase trust that way.

Many supermarkets or dollar stores, for example, use the lowest price guarantee to attract more customers. When you offer life coaching, on the other hand, you don’t want to attract cheapskates. So, this form of guarantee might not be your best bet.

Free Trials

Another great way to make your offer look more trustworthy are free trials. This is especially popular with software products or memberships. 

Your customers can try your product or service for free for a certain period of time. Then, if they want to go on, they have to switch to a paid model.

Most people will want to continue to use your product or service as they get used to it and see the value. 

Shopify does this especially well. They give a 14-day trial period for you to set up a store and try the software. But, for most people, it will take one or two weeks to set up their store alone. 

That means by the time the trial is over, they are eager to continue using their store. This is when they sign up for the paid version.

So, free trials are an element of strategic marketing, but they also make your offer more trustworthy. After all, you are confident enough in your offer to let them try it for free. That is a sign of good quality. 

Happiness Guarantees

The purpose of a happiness guarantee is to have a guarantee that stands out. ‘Happiness’ is only one example. You can also give it a different name.

The best way to do it is to find out what your target audience values and align your guarantee with those values. 

The happiness guarantee addresses possible concerns your customers might have in advance and grabs the reader's attention.

Common guarantees might sound a bit boring, and many prospects skip over it. That’s why such an attention-grabbing guarantee can be very refreshing.

Using this type of guarantee you demonstrate that you understand your audience, which makes your offer more trustworthy. You know what they value and address it in your guarantee. This is powerful since people don’t buy because they understand, but because they feel understood.

The happiness guarantee is the perfect way to show them you understand them. 

Why You Absolutely Should Offer A Guarantee

Now you know some powerful ways to make your offer look more trustworthy. But, as we mentioned before, you might be reluctant to offer a guarantee.

Putting all risk on yourself might make you afraid that people will take advantage of your guarantee.

However, we absolutely think you should have a guarantee anyway. Yes, a small percentage of people might take advantage of it. Yet, overall it will generate so many more sales for you.

Why? Because people who might be ready to buy, but think it’s too risky, can be won over by your guarantee. The guarantee might be that final nudge they need to buy.

So, even if some people use the guarantee, you can very well afford it as you make more sales in the first place.

What’s more, if your product and offer are valuable to begin with, then you have nothing to worry about. Why should people return something if it works?

If you really have too many people who use the guarantee, then it’s because you need to tweak your product. Or, your marketing message creates wrong expectations. So, maybe you have to tweak the marketing. 

Either way, a strong guarantee is simply one of the best tools for making your offer look more trustworthy. For the prospect, all risk is removed and they have nothing to worry about. And there is a minimal risk for you as long as your offer is good - and you’ll make more sales. 

3. Add A Section For Frequently Asked Questions

This is our final tip on how to make your offer look more trustworthy. At the end of your sales page where you present your offer - add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

FAQ sections are especially powerful for converting curious customers. But why is that? 

In the FAQ section, you can cover common objections and questions. This, again, creates more trust because the readers see that you understand them and care about them.

When your sales page is long, many people will skim through it. But they usually read the end of the page. So, it’s a smart idea to have the FAQ at the end to address any remaining objections a reader could have.

This will be even more powerful if you interview people from your target audience to find out what questions they might have. Don’t make up the questions yourself. Instead, refer to your research and actual pain points of your audience.

Make Your Offer Look More Trustworthy By Putting It All Together

Testimonials, guarantees, and FAQs are powerful tools to create more trust, but what if you combine them? Their effects will compound and make your offer more believable and trustworthy overall.

They increase the value of your offer and make it a no-brainer to buy from you giving you an advantage over the competition.

Combining them creates a strong and thorough sales message. It also allows you to create trust with different people. One person might trust testimonials, while another thinks the guarantee makes your offer more believable. 

As we mentioned before, keep in mind not to make your marketing too perfect. If it’s too good, it sounds unbelievable. The best way to approach it is to show your audience that you care about them and that you are shouldering the risk for them. 

Having a good product or service and these tools at your disposal allows you to do honest marketing, too. You don’t need to over-promise or hype up your product because its value speaks for itself. 

You’ll cut through the noise and your prospects will value your honesty even more. No need to be manipulative or deceptive.

Create An Irresistible Offer With These Copywriting Secrets

Now you might be thinking: this sounds like solid marketing advice, but also a bit overwhelming. If you think that, you are not alone. Making your offer look more trustworthy has a lot to do with marketing knowledge and expertise. 

Creating an offer alone can be overwhelming. Knowing which buttons to push to make it more believable and trustworthy can add even more stress.

If you run a business, you could hire a copywriter to do all of this for you. Copywriters know how to persuade with their written words. They clearly communicate the value of your offer, build trust with the audience, and get them to buy.

If your current offer is underperforming, a copywriter can also help you to tweak it. If you don’t want to hire a copywriter, however, you could also learn the fundamentals yourself and apply them to your offer.

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