How Wealth Triggers Help You With Motivation

How Wealth Triggers Help You With Motivation

When you hear the word Wealth Trigger, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

For some people, it means adding a little flair to your office or getting a fancy car to show your status. But for others, it represents a symbol of achievement and prosperity.

Many people think money is difficult to understand. That's true if you're earning it the hard way with many hours of intense labor. If you're looking for an easier approach to earning money, think about how you can shift your mindset. 

What if you focus on the outcome in front of you instead of the obstacle? This change in mindset will trigger wealth much easier. Furthermore, it will be more rewarding than taking on more hours of work. 

Imagine you took the time to fill your drawer with $50 bills. This way you would see it every morning when you woke up. What do you think this symbolizes?

It's pretty hard to feel that money is scarce when there is a huge pile of cash overflowing in your face. It reminds you that life is abundant, and that money is everywhere.

But it doesn't stop at money. Some people prefer to represent prosperity by wearing a nice watch or nice clothes. Whatever you choose to express your wealth, wealth triggers encourage you to keep moving forward and to chase your goals.

Starting your day with the right mindset can put you a mile ahead of your competition. In this article, we will cover 9 reasons why you need a wealth trigger in your life today:

1. Hold Yourself Accountable

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you motivate and support your team, while holding them accountable.

But what do we do when it comes to holding ourselves accountable?

Imagine that you set a goal to lose 40 pounds this year. You make a schedule, build a meal plan, and contact a personal trainer.

The first two weeks go very well. You're on schedule, and you're sticking to the meal plan. But after a month, you start making excuses. You're too tired. You've had a long day. You're still sore.

Almost everyone can relate to falling short of their expectations. However, this does not mean you have to miss the mark yourself. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for your actions and exceed your expectations. 

If you're struggling to stay consistent with the goals you set for yourself, you need a wealth trigger.

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Wealth Trigger: Visual Cues

A simple wealth trigger you can use is a visual cue. This could range from a numbered list all the way to a vision board.

For example, what if you prepared a checklist the night before of everything you need to get done the next day? Before you sleep, you place it on your bathroom mirror, so you will see it the moment you wake up.

If you are a visual person, this wealth trigger will work wonders for you. The second you jump out of bed, you will be faced with this to-do list. Your goal becomes getting rid of it as quickly as possible.

The trick is to place the list in an obvious location, so it's impossible for you not to constantly look at it. This will hold you accountable to your goals and help you move in the right direction.

2. Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

We are not born with stellar confidence. If someone presents themselves as being confident, it's likely they have worked on it for many years.

Self-confidence is something you must learn because the world of business is volatile and unforgiving. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.” - Maxwell Maltz

Picture this. You've just started your career as a freelance, High Ticket Closer. In one hour, you are expecting a phone call from the executive manager of a Fortune 500 company.

During this phone call, your job is to close the manager on a marketing service. If you close the deal, the company that contracted you will pay you a generous 15% commission, and if you don't close the deal, you walk away with nothing.

It's almost time to receive that phone call, and you start shaking. You are grinding your teeth, biting your fingernails, and thinking to yourself, “I am not cut out for this at all.”

What wealth triggers could you use to boost your self-esteem in this situation?

Wealth trigger: Dress the Part

A common strategy Dan Lok teaches his closing students is to dress the part. Even though it's a phone call, it doesn't mean you can't wear formal business attire.

For some people, a suit and tie can be their super suit. Iron Man relies on his suit to save lives and so do many successful professionals.

From the moment you put on your most expensive suit, pick your best tie, and tie your shoelaces, you are in a completely different zone. Suddenly, the nerves you had earlier are gone, and you're ready to close every single deal that comes your way.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Why

Yourwhy is the deep, emotional reason that explains why you really want to make a change.

Maybe you are looking to reduce your stress, get a grip on your finances, or live your life on simpler terms. Whatever it is, these are the personal goals you have set for yourself.

The problem is very few people achieve the goals they set for themselves.

According to the University of Scranton,“only 8% of people actually achieve their goals.” But what would you do to consistently be part of that 8%?

Wealth Trigger: Sentimental Value

An example of a wealth trigger Dan Lok uses is his bookshelf. On it, he has pictures and objects that have sentimental value to him.

On that bookshelf, he has a picture of his mom. This reminds him of his roots and where he came from. It reminds him of why he works so hard every day.

A wealth trigger doesn't have to be a picture of your friends or family. If you have a dream car or house, print off a picture of it and place it on your wall.

The next time that dreaded alarm clock goes off at 7 AM, and you can't seem to get yourself out of bed, take a look at the wealth triggers you have placed in your room. It will remind you of why you are doing this in the first place.

4. Encourages You to Work Harder

For many of us, a large chunk of the day is spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen. While this may seem like the most effective way to get work done, it can quickly lead to you losing motivation.

If you want to stay on track, you need to create a space where you can bounce back from the stress and repetitiveness of your job. This can be done in a variety of different ways.

Wealth Trigger: Canvas Wall Art

A wealth trigger Dan Lok encourages his copywriters to use is the Should You Be Writing Now canvas wall art.

This canvas encourages you to never stop writing, even if you have written every single sales letter, ad, and email in existence. Additionally, this is the kick you need to stay inspired and keep bettering yourself.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it”. - Henry Ford,

Doing the same task day in and day out doesn't have to be a productivity killer. With the help of a wealth trigger, you will be able to lift your morale and effortlessly plow through your tasks. 

5. Convince Yourself You are Worth it


Have you ever heard someone say that they didn't deserve to be rich? Why do you think anyone would ever say this?

Often, these statements are made by people who come from humble beginnings or poor backgrounds. They think that because they didn't grow up surrounded by a lot of money, they don't deserve it themselves.

The truth is, it's this exact thinking that's holding them back from reaching their true potential. Wealth triggers have the ability to dissolve any self-doubt as it arises.

For example, let's say you are a freelance copywriter. You have been in the business for over 2 years and are now starting to make a reputable income.

There's just one problem, you don't think you deserve it. You see your friends struggling to cover their rent, and you're always watching as they panic at the end of each month. It looks like you have it so easy, but do you really?

Wealth Trigger: Showcase Your Worth

A wealth trigger you could use is to hang every single check you have ever earned on your wall, even the ones that are very small. This will show you that you have, in fact, worked very hard to get where you are today and deserve every moment of it.

Not only will you feel more fulfilled, but you will also be ready to help others feel that way. It's a never-ending circle.

6. Create Desire for More

Everyone has an income goal at the back of their mind. It keeps us motivated and encourages us to work harder.

Whether it's $5,000 a month, or $10,000 a month, how do you plan to stay motivated once you have reached your goal?

Many people stop learning and growing once they have reached their goal. They think that they can sit back and ride the wave for the rest of their life.

Do you see the problem here? Life moves on. Strategies that work today aren't going to work 3 months down the road. This means you have to be proactively looking for new ways to advance your skillset.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other". – John F. Kennedy

If you don't have a desire for more, you will eventually find yourself behind the curve when the newest trend hits.

Wealth Trigger: Visualize More

A great wealth trigger to encourage yourself can include placing a quote that resonates with you on your desk. It can be from one of your mentors, a celebrity, or an influencer in your industry.

Whatever is it, use it to hold yourself accountable to become a better version of yourself every single day. This will help you strive for more and have a prosperous career.

7. Reduce Stress and Fear 

One of the only ways to avoid stress and fear is to face it head-on. However, this can make for an uncomfortable experience.

Imagine that you are a freelance website designer. The company you work for has just asked if you're willing to take on a massive project.

In the moment, you are feeling many different emotions. You are excited, grateful, nervous, and very overwhelmed. But the one that stands out the most to you is how scared you are to do it.

What if you mess up? Isn't the success of the company riding on your shoulders?

If you don't find a way to develop a healthy sense of personal control early on, you'll spend each moment of your life stressed and scared. This is both unproductive and dangerous.

Wealth Trigger: Past Success

There are many wealth triggers you can use to help collect your thoughts in overwhelming times. An example of this could be an award or recognition.

When you completed your last project, did the manager send you a thank you email? Were they blown away by how well your content performed?

Print this out and place it on your wall. This will help you to approach challenges with confidence and finesse. Furthermore, it will help you to observe the present and not stress about the past.

8. Provide Yourself With Motivation

 Motivation is the reason why we do the things we do. It's a crucial element in setting and attaining our goals.

Motivation can have many sources. For example, you might be inspired by a person, an emotion, or an event.

Sometimes it's really easy to get motivated. You're wrapped up in excitement and commitment. Other times, it's nearly impossible to figure out how to motivate yourself. Why do you think this is?

There are three basic human motivators:

  • Sensation: The desire to feel pleasure and avoid pain. 
  • Anticipation: The hope that good things will occur in the future.
  • Social Cohesion: The need for social acceptance.

Often, all we need is one of these motivators to get us back onto our feet.

Wealth Trigger: Mantra

A great wealth trigger to use is a saying or phrase that has meaning to you. For example, Dan Lok says "Whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve."

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"Whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve." 

Write down this phrase and place it on your desk. Whenever you are feeling down, refer back to it for motivation.

9. Celebrate Your Success

We celebrate a lot of different things - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations. But when it comes to our accomplishments, we often don't celebrate them at all.

This isn't fair to yourself. Think about how hard you worked and how many hours you put in to complete the task at hand. Just as we commemorate our big life events, we need to also pay tribute to our accomplishments.

According to Impraise, 65% of people don't feel that they receive praise for their work success.

Neglecting to celebrate your success can cause you to slowly start viewing your accomplishments as negative events. So what can you do?

Wealth Trigger: Mindset Shift

If you are new to the freelancing industry and just landed a client, place the check you receive from them on your wall.

This wealth trigger will remind you to focus on what you have accomplished. When you put yourself in this mindset, you are less likely to think about the things you don't have.

This will help you to stay on track and focus on your goals. Furthermore, it will boost your confidence, stave off any burnout, and fuel your continued success.

Add a Wealth Trigger Into Your Home

In this article, we covered how wealth triggers can have a massive impact on your life. We went over some examples of them and even looked at ones that are available in the Dan Lok Shop right now.

Wealth triggers create a personal connection unique to each person. For some, it may go back to their roots from when they were growing up. For others, it may be a tool used for staying motivated when they are bored.

Whatever it may be, there are endless examples of wealth triggers. You just need to find one that works well for you.

If you want to spice up your life with a wealth trigger today, click here to take a look at the ones offered at the Dan Lok Shop. You will not be disappointed.