HubSpot Implementation Secrets™

How To Leverage The True Capabilities Of HubSpot … To Systemize And Optimize Your Company’s Sales and Marketing Processes … To Close More Sales And Keep Your Pipelines Full

  • course format6 Modules

  • course length 5.10 hours

  • topicSales and Closing Wealth and Business

  • Ideal Biz Size$100k → $1M+


HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ is the complete training program that breaks down the complexities of the platform and detailed menu of functions … for business owners and their team.

It shows your team members how to correctly access the data for accurate reporting of metrics and revenue.

Your team will gain clarity of how to navigate around the dashboard to maximize the capabilities of HubSpot … removing any issues with implementation and guesswork of metrics.

Presented by Team Dan Lok's HubSpot Experts, this program walks your team through all the necessary steps from basic setup to pipeline management, to creating systematic workflows and reports to understand the key metrics in your business.

Once certified, your team will have the knowledge and skills to operate the HubSpot platform without confusion, and with confidence and assurity.

This is crucial for businesses who:

  • Have recently invested in HubSpot to streamline their processes and centralize their reporting only to find the complexities of HubSpot can be confusing
  • Have been using HubSpot for a period of time but aren't benefiting from it’s capabilities or using it effectively because of the users lack of understanding of the CRM or the workflow automation ability
  • Have new hires on their team and want to train them correctly how to use HubsSpot so they can establish their reports and processes for accurate data analysis

As the all-in-one tool for your marketing, sales, content management and customer service, learning how to utilize HubSpot's capabilities will:

  • Streamline your team's workflow for increased productivity and sales opportunities
  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales processes to create predictable lead generation and revenue growth
  • Provide accurate up to date reporting of your teams metrics for tracking milestones and future forecasting
  • Display current recurring revenue and compensation for all team members and present future projected revenue with new vertical opportunities


Many business owners who invest in HubSpot to streamline their business operations, only use the software at a basic level without unlocking the true power of the platform.

That’s because HubSpot has many layers to its functionality, and without receiving expert training, can be overwhelming and complicated to understand.

HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ solves this problem because it is the most in-depth sales and marketing training for HubSpot users. It is a knowledge based directory for the business owner and the sales and marketing team.

Your team will learn the possibilities of how HubSpot can contribute to the growth of your business as it has to Dan Lok’s organization, by using step by step instructional videos in high-definition.

These cover how to build reports, dashboards, workflows, and many other functions that are relevant to your sales process and deal cycle.

Your team will gain valuable insights into how a successful fast-paced High-Performance company leverages the technology to continually grow at a rapid rate, filling their pipeline with qualified leads, and the nurturing process used to turn opportunities into clients with a high LTV.

As a sales focussed training, we demonstrate to your team the power of HubSpot to progress their sales prospecting and increase the sales cycle, by customizing the reports to reflect where each prospect is situated on their Prospect - Lead - Opportunity - Client Journey.

They will learn how to set up their dashboards to provide them with instant data and the important metrics from their prospecting/closing efforts.

At a glance your team will become efficient at tracking and measuring their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) including their On Target Earnings (OTE) and Objective Key Results (OKR).


To continually grow as a business, every team member in the sales and marketing departments must know their metrics so they can be measured and analyzed for areas of improvement.

This relies on accurate data that HubSpot can provide, if your reports are correctly configured the way we show your team how to do it in HubSpot Implementation Secrets™, and are utilized to improve your processes.

Failing to utilize HubSpot's reporting capabilities will result in analyzing inaccurate or incomplete data, tracking false metrics, and possibly making decisions that could jeopardise your company.

HubSpot is designed to streamline businesses and make their processes more efficient by being a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

It comprises marketing software, sales software, customer service software, content management software and operations software.

Not knowing how to use all of these functions to their full capacity will inhibit the rate at which your business can move prospects through the sales cycle from prospect to client, to fill your pipeline and create predictable revenue growth.

The detailed and customizable reporting feature provides the business owner with each team member's metrics for analysis in a variety of verticals, if the reports are configured correctly.

If the reports are not configured correctly because of a lack of understanding, the metrics won’t be accurate which could result in revenue loss.

Setting up the reporting system correctly and analyzing the dashboards from a sales perspective is vital to fulfilling client acquisition growth, building predictable lead generation funnels and identifying and addressing any underperforming metrics.


HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ breaks down the entire process into 6 easy to follow instructional modules that can be completed at the members own pace.

Each module contains demonstrative videos that walk the viewer through every action from using HubSpot's dashboard to creating personalized reports and analytics.

Your team will have real HubSpot experts showing them how to utilize the platform's capabilities … at a level of detail not found anywhere else … so they can maximize their inbound and outbound strategies.

Your team will receive the most advanced and relevant training to fast-track their knowledge of the platform's capabilities resulting in …

  • Increased productivity from systematic workflows
  • Increased performance through accurate data reporting of all metrics
  • Achieving milestones for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Full pipeline of qualified prospects through targeted outbound and inbound processes
  • Increased deal flow with qualified prospects
  • Systemized inbound and outbound strategies to fill your teams calendars with opportunities

Here’s Everything That Is Included In
HubSpot Implementation Secrets™


In module #1, we show your team where to start when it comes to setting-up HubSpot for the first time. It is where they are introduced to some of the key functionalities of the platform, including how to import their contact list for automated communications and how to build a lead generation form for a sales page. Here is the complete list of training videos in module #1 to get your team set up the correct way to avoid any frustrations from not understanding how to use the system.

HubSpot Knowledge Base
Does a team member have a question that no one knows the answer to? The HubSpot Knowledge Base is their go-to directory for everything HubSpot. We show your team how to navigate the Knowledge Base to save time searching blindly.

HubSpot Academy
The HubSpot Academy is where your team visits to learn about a specific need within HubSpot and to receive HubSpot certifications. Here they will find modules for each department showing them how to use the functions inside HubSpot.

Creating Roles
Learn how to create roles in HubSpot to prevent constant modification of permissions of new users. Assign specific roles to certain team members to control who has access to the role.

Assigning Roles and Adding Someone to HubSpot
Learn how to assign roles to users within HubSpot and how to add new users within HubSpot.

Considering Important Properties Need to be Created Most properties your team will require are already pre-built in HubSpot. Occasionally your team members will need to create a property that doesn’t currently exist. This training shows how to do that and what needs to be considered while making new properties within HubSpot.

Property Creation for a Form Forms
are used to gather data from prospects. This can be used on a sales page for lead generation or in a survey to receive feedback. In this video, we will talk about property creation for forms to maximize prospect input.

New HubSpot Lead (Inbound) Form Creation
This video covers how to create a HubSpot form that will allow a team member to create a contact within HubSpot if the contact doesn't already exist.

How to Import Contacts
Does your business have a list of contacts that need to be transferred into HubSpot? We show how to do that via the HubSpot import function for seamless integration.

Create Active and Static Lists (Without an Import)
Here is how to create an active list and a static list within HubSpot.
An active list will automatically update the members based on its filter criteria.
A static list is a list that includes records who meet a set criteria at the point when the list is saved, but do not update automatically.

Call Types and Call Outcomes (Action of Setting Up)
Knowing the Call Types your team are making and the outcomes of those calls, means their actions can be measured so improvements can be made if necessary. Changing Call Types and Call Outcomes can only be done by Admins. Here we show how to set Call Types and Call Actions to track the progress of your team members, such as a SDR.


Module #2 focuses on the Sales Reps in your team and how they can utilize HubSpot to streamline their role in the company and build efficient inbound and outbound activities.

How to Add Your Phone Number to HubSpot
Your team will need to connect a telephone number to HubSpot in order to make calls through HubSpot. Here we show your team how. By making the calls through HubSpot, the Call Types and Call Outcomes can be tracked and measured.

How to Add A Google Account and Calendar to HubSpot
Connecting a Google Account to HubSpot will allow your team to:

  • Have meetings put on their calendar automatically when booked from a HubSpot booking link.
  • Allow HubSpot to check their availability on their calendar to make sure no meetings are booked when they are not taking calls.
  • Allow emails within Google to be tracked and logged within HubSpot even if sending the email via Google directly.

We demonstrate how to easily add a Google account and Calendar in this video.

How to Insert a Signature into HubSpot for Emails
Once a signature is set up it will automatically be placed at the end of your team members emails that they send via HubSpot. The signature reflects a level of professionalism to your business and shows all your contact details.

Activity Feed Overview
Activity Feed shows the progress of a prospect and the actions they have taken. For example the emails they have opened. Knowing this information allows the team member to follow up on the communications, moving the prospect further along the pipeline. In order to receive real-time notifications, have Google Chrome running on the computer with the HubSpot Sales extension installed, or the HubSpot Sales for Windows tray application. We demonstrate how to seamlessly set this up.

Task Queues Task queues give your team the ability to do tasks back to back without having to search for the next contact. Tasks can be assigned to other team members in the sales cycle when the prospect progresses along the pipeline, such as a SDR to an AE.

Email Templates and Sequences - Metrics for Sequences
Your team will learn how to create email templates and how to use sequences. They will also learn how to review their email sequence metrics so they can make changes to improve response rates.

HubSpot Meeting Links
HubSpot has meeting links that your team can incorporate with emails to schedule meetings and other functionalities to help your business. We show how to set it up in this training.

Snippets are short, reusable text blocks that can be used on contact, company, deal and ticket records; in email templates; in chat conversations; and when logging an activity or note.

Playbook Creation
Learn how to use playbooks to allow your sales team members to reference the same script across the team to create consistency when speaking with prospects.


Your pipelines are the process of receiving a prospect into your funnel by your company’s marketing efforts or some other source, and their journey to becoming a client. In this module we demonstrate how HubSpot can take care of the entire process so it is a smooth transition without any obstacles on the way that could impede the sale.

How to Create / Edit Deals Pipeline
Creating pipelines can be done in multiple ways. Learn how to create pipelines and edit them correctly in your HubSpot account so the prospect has a natural progression to the close.

How to Operate Deal Pipelines and What Are the Stages
Deal stages let your team know their sales process. It's the steps that your prospects need to go through for your team to close the deal. Learn the ways of operating deal pipelines and stages in this video.

Deal Generating Automations
See different examples on how we set up deal creation automations in this video. In order to create a deal automatically, your team members first have to know how the leads are coming in. This training demonstrates how.

Manual Deal Creations
This video teaches your team how to manually create their deals. Side Note: Make sure they are in the correct pipeline before they follow the steps in this training.

"No Show" Deal Stage Workflow Creation In order to have this workflow, your pipeline must have a "No Show" deal stage column and a deal property called "No Show". Once those are setup, which we show how, follow the steps in this video to create a "No Show" workflow.

Deal Stages and "Move Deal" Workflow Creation
This video shows how to create automations that will help your team move deals throughout your pipeline when they are nurturing their leads.

Application Approve/Disapprove Slack Notification Set Up
Your team can integrate Slack in their workflow and let you know if a lead is approved or disapproved. A great function to monitor lead generation metrics.

BOOM/POW Reporting Automation
Slack can also be integrated with HubSpot to help report your AE’s success rate at closing a prospect or not.


Workflows are visual maps of each process or strategy in your system that is automated. They allow team members to be assigned certain tasks and receive notifications of particular events that are appointed to them.

Workflows in General
Understanding the workflows in HubSpot will give your team an overview on how they can automate your business for better efficiency. Learn more about the HubSpot workflows and how to set them up in this training.

How to Set Workflow for Assigning Offline Lead Import
In this video, your team will learn how to set up a workflow for assigning their leads to different owners. For example a SDR to an AE.

New HubSpot Lead (True Outbound) Workflow Creation
True outbound leads are leads that are not yet in your ecosystem. Learn how to set up a workflow to include them in your ecosystem in this video. This method can also be used on cold outbounds as well.


Custom reports, dashboards and metrics are why HubSpot is such a powerful CRM system. Your team has the ability to build reports for every metric so they can be analyzed to improve performance and capitalize every lead that enters your pipeline.

Custom Report
Custom reports allow your team to see the metrics that matter the most to your business. Here we demonstrate how to build your own custom reports to be viewed on your dashboard.

Recurring Revenue Tracker (Report)
Has your CFO had trouble keeping track of what revenue is coming in month over month due to subscriptions or payment plans? Recurring Revenue Tracker Report is one of the most important reports to have in your dashboard. In this video we show how we use our Revenue Analytics to solve the problem of keeping track of recurring revenue.

While your team is getting used to HubSpot there are things they still need to track. Jotform is a great tool to help them keep track of activities and other things while getting their tracking set up into HubSpot.


HubSpot has many other functions to help grow your business. In module #6 we outline just a few your team will want to use to increase their capabilities of generating recurring revenue and filling their pipeline.

Support Leads Allocation To Sales Team
We will show your team how to pass leads from one ticket pipeline to another so no leads fall through the cracks, potentially losing your business money.

Considering Important Properties That Need to Be Created
HubSpot gives your team the ability to create custom properties in order to customize HubSpot to what they need. In this training we go over some things to keep in mind while setting up their custom properties.

Creating Dashboards (How to Set Up)
We show your team how to create their dashboards and how to set them up to show the vital metrics that are important in their pipeline and other activities.

Claiming Dashboards
Claiming dashboards are used to give your sales representatives a place to find leads to contact. These can be assigned to particular SDR’s who are familiar with the funnel that brought the lead into your ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ is designed to help new users and those that have had HubSpot for a period of time, maximize the platform's capabilities. If your business is new to HubSpot, we recommend your team learns how to use it correctly from the start from a team of experts who know everything there is to know about HubSpot. That way your team can start closing more leads and generating more revenue immediately.

The short answer is yes it will show your team everything they need to know. Our HubSpot experts who present the modules, are the masterminds who implemented HubSpot into Team Dan Lok, which is now the control center for all our sales and marketing activities. Together they built HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ to help new users navigate their way around the platform, and also to help more experienced users maximize the system for business efficiency. Your team will discover new functions they didn’t know existed that will streamline their workflow and accelerate their lead generation capabilities.

HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ was created with sales in mind. We show your team how to build a business relationship with the prospect through automated emails. How to build the correct reports so they can measure their metrics and make incremental improvements throughout the deal cycle. How to ensure that no prospect is left “unattended” by a SDR which is costing the company money, and a host of other strategies to lead the prospect down your pipeline towards your objective.

HubSpot Implementation Secrets™ is presented in high-definition video and audio by our experts who work in the platform daily, here at Team Dan Lok. We are a fast-paced company with multiple pipelines and a large sales team who expects results. The training in this program shows your team exactly what we do to achieve our results … over $100 million in sales of Digital Courses, Coaching and High-Ticket Services. We can’t speak for other trainings, but if your team wants to be taught by experts who are achieving these results, this is the program for them.

All of our modules are delivered in High-Definition video and audio recordings that can be viewed and listened to on any device. There is no time limit to complete the training so your team members can progress at a speed that is suitable for them, and can return to watch a particular module for a refresh when needed.

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