Story Selling Secrets™

How Some of The Most Wealthy, Successful, And Happy Coaches, Consultants, and Knowledge Experts Are Elevating Themselves High Above The Competition, Demanding Fatter Fees, And Creating A Lifetime Of Profit… Despite Copy-Cat Entrepreneurs, The Government, and AI Trying To Steal Everything They've Worked Hard to Build…

  • course format4 Video Modules With Assignments

  • course length 10.5 Hours

  • topicPersuasion and Influence

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K

"If you’ve never experienced the pure joy, the ease, the influence you can command by selling with stories (never heard me speak about Selling with Stories) you have no idea how powerful this can be for you.”

- Dan Lok

What Is It?

Story Selling Secrets™ is the only program for coaches, consultants, authors and experts that reveals the exact principles, templates, and storytelling structures that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Armed with the information inside Story Selling Secrets™ you’ll…

  • Confidently move people's hearts and minds,
  • Direct and control the thinking of your chosen market,
  • Position yourself as the superior choice in your industry or niche,
  • and effortlessly open wallets any time you tell stories in print, when speaking from the stage, on webinars, on sales calls, in group coaching sessions and more.

If you’re a coach, consultant, or expert in any field…

There’s no faster or easier way to position yourself as the LEADER in your market, or allow you to charge higher prices for your courses, higher fees for your consulting services, fill your coaching programs, and keep clients longer.

Story Selling Secrets

Story Selling Secrets™ is the antidote to falling margins, the solution to ever-rising ad costs, puts a stop to losing clients to the competition, the answer to low closing rates by you or your sales team, the key to increasing email open rates, and so much more.

I've used these secrets to write entire books that bring me new leads and clients on autopilot.

In fact, if you took away all my money…and every skill that I have except my ability to tell stories that sell… and left me with $100, an internet connection, and a cell phone I’d be a millionaire by the end of the year using nothing more than my ability to tell stories that sell in emails, on the phone, on webinars, to groups.

Story Selling is THAT powerful.

Almost NOBODY does it well.

But those who do rise to the top of their field, charge higher than average fees, command superior positioning in their industry, and are in constant demand for their products or services regardless of what happens in the economy.

Just look at Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Walt Disney. What do they have in common? Their ability to tell stories that move the masses to hand over money.

You could say the ability to tell stories that sell is the ultimate entrepreneurial skill.

In this article I’ll explain why you need to develop this skill now, why it’s much easier than you imagine – even if you’re shy or afraid to speak in public…

Stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll give you the keys to the kingdom so you can become the dominant force in your industry, command fees that turn your competitors green with envy, and sell your services, your courses, or coaching programs with greater ease than ever before.

Some Of The Results Your Company Will Experience Include:

Now, before I get into the details about exactly what you're getting here… and how I'm going to make you an instant expert at telling stories that sell… let me explain SOME of the RESULTS you can expect to see in the next 30 days:

For example…

– If you send emails, write or use sales letters, sales pages, ads of any kind, blog posts, video content (and what business doesn’t rely on one, two, or all of these?) – all need persuasive stories

  • Nothing will make your videos or content go viral like a compelling story.
  • Nothing will convince prospects and move them to buy quicker than a story that connects with their emotions and paints a picture of life with your product or service.
  • NOTHING will convince them to STAY longer as a client, refusing to work with anyone but you.

– If you do webinars, there's no more powerful way to bump conversions than with powerful, well-placed stories. Many people don't realize this but, the very best webinar script writers often spend days, weeks, even MONTHS searching for the best stories to tell in their webinars. Why? Because they know NOTHING has a greater, more direct impact on webinar sales than the stories you tell.

  • The right stories – and there are about 5 every webinar needs – can double, redouble, then double again your sales with no increase in traffic.
  • With Story Selling Secrets™ you’ll own this power.

– If you write books – or want to write a book – to build your brand, grow your reputation, and extend your reach far beyond what your competitors can – there's no better, easier, or faster way to get your books written than by telling fascinating stories. And there's no better way to make your book convince, persuade, or motivate people to hire you than with stories.

In fact, a good story can and should be the basis of every chapter.

Just look at any of the best selling business books of all time. From "Think and Grow Rich" to "How to Win Friends and Influence People" to "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". ALL have stories as the basis for each chapter. In fact, some, written as parables, are nothing but extended stories.

  • Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman in the World", George S. Clason’s "The Richest Man in Babylon", ALL best sellers. And ALL based on stories using the exact story selling blueprint I reveal in this one-of-a-kind program. Now you can do it too.

– If you work with, consult to, or coach clients one-on-one or in groups... nothing will bond those clients to you, or make complex concepts simple, or make your business easily referable, or explain WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and HOW your best prospects and clients can benefit from “being in your world” than a compelling story.

Imagine the power you wield when your stories attract people to you, make you almost magnetic, give you the X factor that draws clients to you.

– If you speak on stage, Story Selling Secrets™ not only shows you exactly what to say and how... but you’ll connect with your audience in ways you never have before, and in ways your competitors can’t.

  • Back of the room sales will skyrocket….
  • Loyalty to your brand will take a massive leap forward...
  • Demand for what you do will naturally increase...
  • You become “the person” they want to hire, regardless of your product or service.

(Consider the opposite scenario WITHOUT the ability to tell Stories That Sell: you get on stage and tell bad, dumb, or boring stories nobody cares about. You bomb. Not good!)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the ways you can use stories to get and keep clients... and all the ways your life will be better, more profitable, easier… when you finally harness the power of Selling with Stories.

In fact, Story Selling ability is the answer to every obstacle you face when it comes to acquiring and keeping clients. Why? Well, consider the most frequent obstacles you face that prevent you from making the sale today:

  1. Lack of credibility. They don't know, like, or trust you - easily overcome with a powerful story
  2. Lack of clarity about your offer. They're not clear on exactly what you can do for them, how you do it, or how it will benefit them in precise, measurable detail. Just add a story and watch the lights go on inside their mind.
  3. Lack of faith or belief in their own ability to get results with what you offer. A lack of belief in themselves is one of the primary (but hidden) reasons why people don't buy from you. Eliminate this with Story Selling Secrets™ and liberate your full sales potential
  4. Resistance to price. You or your team face price resistance everyday. How do you overcome this? Tell stories that make your price seem irrelevant.
  5. How to charge higher prices than your competitors. When everyone’s product or service looks the same, clients have NO CHOICE but to see you as a commodity, as a purveyor of a product that is readily available and NOT unique. Story Selling Secrets™ changes this, separates and distinguishes you from the competition, and makes you the logical and ONLY choice.
  6. They want to wait, do it later. Delay is the death of the sale. But you can’t talk someone into buying now with logic. You must move them emotionally… and… nothing moves people's emotions like a story, told at the right time in the right way. With Story Selling Secrets™ you hold this power in your hands.
  7. Any other obstacles you face when trying to generate leads or sell your high ticket programs, consulting or coaching services.

All can be overcome with the right story, told at the right time, in the right way.

That’s how I went from low 6 figures to high 7 and 8 figures in just 5 years time - I developed and told stories at every prospect/client interaction. Life has gotten consistently better ever since.

How is this different?

You’ll hear people talk about "how to sell without selling" - this, of course, is nonsense... and is mostly to appease the shy, reclusive coaches or consultants who fear selling, or those with a negative self-image about selling.

Selling without selling is NOT the answer.

What you need is a way to sell without feeling salesy.

To convince without feeling pushy.

And that’s what Story Selling Secrets™ does for you.

It allows you to not only close more sales, to bring on more clients, and keep those clients committed to buying from you longer… it allows you to create a movement around your brand… to elevate you so high above the pack that doing business with someone else seems almost counterproductive.

I mean why buy from a seller of a commodity when you can buy from the pre-eminent expert?

Stated differently, who would you rather put your trust in, the consultant who sells a product you can get from dozens of other consultants… or the consultant whose story resonates with you in a way that makes you feel like you know them and they understand you?

The choice should be obvious.

This is why Tony Robbins can sell essentially the same NLP skills and command fees as high as $1,000,000 per year to join his personal mastermind when someone else with essentially the same skills, who’s passed through all Tony’s certifications, can only charge by the hour and has days or weeks where they don’t know where their next client is coming from.

Tony doesn't chase clients. They come to him. They come because of his story. And that’s what can happen to you when you master the Story Selling Secrets™ I cover in my program.

How do I know?

Look at my own situation. There were years, early in my career, when I chased clients. And most of the chasing was repulsive to the people I chased. But when I used carefully crafted stories to position myself as an expert, using the exact elements spelled out inside Story Selling Secrets™, clients came to me. And they still do to this day - automatically.

  • I turn away more clients than I can serve.
  • I’ve had to create products and services delivered electronically or through other people as in the case of my many coaching programs to serve the people who come to me.

Do this right and, as author Stuart Wilde said in his book "The Trick To Money is Having Some": "People will naturally be attracted to you. And when they show up, bill 'em!"

This is how you build your coaching or consulting or speaking business. Not by beating the bushes or thrashing about in the weeds for clients. But by telling compelling stories that attract people to you.

You already spend time, money and energy on marketing. Why not level-up your game by telling stories that sell?

Why is this relevant?

You face competition on every side.

New coaches and consultants are putting out their shingle every week.

The course creation industry has grown exponentially over the past 5 years with everyone from college students to office workers now working at home and jumping on the e-learning money train.

If you think the market is crowded now, just wait until next year and the year after. It's not getting easier. Having a certification or ability to get people results is not enough. You need an advantage NOW.

Story Selling Secrets™ is the advantage you are looking for.

No other skill can allow you to immediately improve the conversions, sales, and increase the fees you charge from every selling activity or selling system you use to attract, land, and retain clients. Nothing comes close.

This is THE skill you need if you are selling courses, writing books, selling via email, webpage, webinar or selling from the stage or leading a team.

how will it help?

There are dozens of ways Story Selling Secrets™ will help you get customers, keep clients, raise your prices, and build an unbreakable business regardless of the economy.

For example, with Story Selling Secrets™ you can take an idea from concept to pitch in minimum time… and test new product ideas to your email list or facebook group WITHOUT hiring expensive copywriters or wasting a bundle of cash on ads that don’t work.

This is important if you need a surge of cash NOW.

All you need is a killer story, an offer, and a way to collect money.

And lets not forget speed:

As I’ve stated many times…. Money Loves Speed. But...

How do you take a message to market and get prospects lining up for your offers FAST?

I’m glad you asked because…

The year was 1974. The management team at the Walls Street Journal were faced with an almost insurmountable challenge: How do we sell a business daily put together by the world’s largest staff of business news experts?

The solution?

They hired advertising agency and copywriter Martin Conroy who put his bum in a seat and his fingers on a typewriter and wrote a 2-page letter which, when mailed, brought in an estimated $1 billion in subscriptions.

Why was the letter so successful?

One reason.

A 210-word story.

He didn't use clever gimmicks.

He didn't use fancy images or emojis. The letter bore no pictures and emojis were not invented back then.

Just a compelling story, told succinctly, in 210 words – plus an offer.

You can do the same when you apply the secrets found in my Story Story Selling Secrets™.

In fact, inside Story Selling Secrets™ I break down the exact 2-page letter Martin wrote… and… I point out the elements of a killer story he used so you can instantly use them in your own ads and marketing messages.

Story Selling Secrets™ is THE answer to overcoming almost every marketing or business challenge you face.

With that said...

Here’s Everything That Is Included In My
Story Selling Secrets™ Program

Module 1: How To Sell Anything To Anyone Using The Power Of Stories

  • Why Use Stories?
  • 5 Ways You Can Use Stories To Sell
  • 6 Attributes Of A Story
  • 3 Simple Ways To Generate Compelling Stories

Module 2: How To Create Compelling Characters And Irresistible Storyline

  • You Are Not Selling A Product, You Are Selling A Story.
  • What Is A Character? And how to develop yours.
  • 10 Story Starters You Can Use in emails, sales pages, webinars, when speaking from the stage.
  • A Compelling Character Must Stand for Something and Against Something
  • 11 Emotional Sentences You Can Use To Connect With Your Prospects
  • 7 Proven Storylines That Skyrocket Sales

Module 3: How To Supercharge The Selling Power Of Your Story

  • Visuals Strengthen Stories - how to paint word pictures that draw your listeners or readers in and make them hang on your every word
  • Make It Believable - or they won’t buy
  • Use Proven Storyline - no need to reinvent the wheel. I’ve organized for you the most compelling storylines so you can make your stories come alive
  • Sifu's Tricks To Making Headline And Subheads Work Harder For You
  • 19 Ideas That Sell
  • 32 Ways To Make Your Character Come Alive

Module 4: The Selling Power Of Your Own Personal Story

  • Discover proven secrets for creating and telling your own origin or background story so prospects and clients connect with you and only want to do business with you

You get everything you need to craft your own compelling stories at every stage of your business.

"People buy because of what you sell, but they stay because of who you are."

– Dan Lok

Click the "Add To Cart" button to order Story Selling Secrets™ now.

Fair Warning: You can try to “go it alone” and do this yourself. But I have over 20 years of information publishing, coaching, speaking, consulting business experience under my belt and KNOW there's a certain formula… or “way”... you have to do this to make it work. Because, if you get this WRONG, you could literally REPEL the clients you want… leaving you right back at square one. Not good! So do yourself a huge favor: get Story Selling Secrets™ today!

Perhaps You're Wondering…


People buy from people. When they know, like, and trust you they buy faster, spend more, and refer more people. That’s not something you should “wing”

The most successful personality-driven businesses don't leave this to chance. When you see Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or any other high profile entrepreneurs they don't “wing it”. Everything they do in public is a very deliberate orchestration of success.

You can do the same, and elevate your brand recognition and status in the market with these secrets.

This is how you separate yourself from the competition. This is how you gain more respect and higher fees. This is how you keep clients longer.

Well, not really. They go back over 5000 years and can even be seen in the highest selling book on the planet: The Bible. In fact, it's these story-selling secrets in the bible that made religion the trillion dollar “enterprise” it is today.

But, what is new is the way I've organized the secrets and broken each one down into easily learnable modules so you can start profiting from them and build your own multi-million dollar enterprise NOW.

Nobody else has done this and delivered the secrets to you on a silver platter the way I have in Story Selling Secrets™.


But I get why you may be wondering how I can, with a straight face, command (or demand) a $4,000 price tag.

Actually, it's easy because…

Consider the lifetime of income this one skill can bring you. And not just now - today - in your present endeavor. With the ability to tell powerful stories that sell you can dominate any industry, command respect from any audience, gain pre-eminence in any market – indeed, Story Selling Secrets™ is the key that unlocks the door to unlimited power and influence.

Take Steve Jobs as an example. Would he have risen to such heights of success on his creative skills alone? I think not. He used stories to build and motivate teams, to capture the hearts and minds of millions of creative people around the world, and turn Apple into the 2.59 trillion dollar company it is today.

You, too, will have that same power because at last you'll know the key story selling elements that went into every speech he ever gave.

What is that worth over your entrepreneurial lifetime?

Surely it's invaluable, and worth anywhere from hundreds of thousands to multiple millions of dollars, depending on how you choose to use these skills. And that's why I could easily charge $10,000, $20,000 or more.

Great question.

The good news is, I've laid all this out for you in easy, step-by-step, play-by-play instructions. All you do is login to Dan Lok University using your username and password (which will be sent to you via email if you're new to Dan Lok University), select the Story Selling Secrets™ module you want to watch, and hit “play”.

I literally take you by the hand and walk you through every step, including assignments to complete to bring your skills to mastery quickly.

It’s no exaggeration to say you can watch a module in the evening and implement the secrets immediately or the very next day when you get to the office.


Just use your login details, direct your team to the modules inside Story Selling Secrets™ and let me do the rest. My comprehensive training will take them from ground zero to knowing everything they need to know to unlock the power of Story Selling Secrets™ on your behalf.

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