Copywriting Mentor Series

The Most Powerful Copywriting and Persuasion Secrets For Selling More, Faster…

(Even if you’ve never written a word of copy in your life!)

If you rely on powerful sales copy to promote and sell your products or services but you’re not a copywriter, have limited experience in writing effective copy…or even if you have NO experience writing sales copy…

Here’s exciting news. Here at Dan Lok we recognize how important top-notch copy is. And we also know that not everyone has the time or even the motivation to spend years learning how to write super-effective copy.

So, we’ve put our best foot forward to help you get the kind of sizzling sales copy you need without spending your time figuring it all out.

We’ve bundled together our very best programs into one big program that gives you all of the secrets we use here at Dan Lok to churn out sales copy that gets results – in a fraction of the time it can take.

We call this new program the Copywriting Mentor Series. And it’s specifically designed for busy business owners who need winning sales copy for ads, web pages, emails, autoresponders, and more.

The Copywriting Mentor Series gives you EIGHT of our best programs ever – at deep discounts of what they usually cost. So you get everything you need to write the kind of effective copy you need (and faster than you can probably imagine right now)…all for a savings off the regular price!

Let me tell you about the exciting programs we’ve got lined up for you in the Copywriting Mentor Series

Volume I: How To Write Emails that Get Open, Get Read, and Get Results!

If you’d like to boost the power of your email copy and get much better results, then our brand-new program, Email Secrets, can help you do just that. Write much more effective email subject lines that get opened and write more effective copy that brings in big results. In Email Secrets, Candice Lazar reveals:

  • The “4X4 Method” for structuring the perfect email. By simply following the step-by-step structure, you’ll always write powerful emails that cause prospects to read your emails and buy what you’re selling.

  • Two things every email must contain for maximum success and results. These two things are often the missing ingredients for email success. (And most writers don’t know what they are.)

  • How to write and structure powerful launch sequence emails to generate massive sales. Candice has wrote these killer emails for some of the largest marketers and enjoyed huge success. Here’s how she did it and how you can, too.

Volume II: How To Write Ads that Trigger an Avalanche of Responses.
Ready to take your ads to a whole new level of success, response rates, and sales? Dan Lok Team member Kat Ilich brings you her decades-worth of experience of writing blockbuster ads for Capital One, Air China, Rosetta Stone, and scores of other well-known clients.

Now, Kat reveals her best secrets in a powerful new program called Ad Secrets. Here’s a few of those secrets…

  • How to get an unheard of click-through rates to your ads. This simple ad had just 10 words – but they worked like gangbusters. Here’s how you can do the same or even better.
  • How to use psychological triggers in your ads to kick up response rates. Kat details the biggest triggers that have worked to boost response since the beginning of time – and shows you exactly how to weave them into your ads.
  • How to write powerful yet totally compliant ads on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a crucial balancing act to get super-responsive copy that’s also compliant on these platforms. But following Kat’s steps, you can do both.

Volume III: Marketing Secrets for Outmarketing Even Your Biggest Competitor.

The next program in the Copywriting Mentor Series is called Marketing Secrets. And it’s the program knowing how to market, what to say, and how to say it, so each marketing message hits the bullseye every time – and brings in a flood of new prospects, traffic, sales, and profits. And it’s the secret for gaining a decisive competitive advantage – even against much larger competitors with bigger budgets. In Marketing Secrets you’ll discover secrets like these:

  • How to use million-dollar branding secrets to double (even triple) the effectiveness of your marketing. These often-ignored secrets can be the difference between ho-hum success and massive success.
  • The “ECP” selling process that turns cold traffic prospects into raving fans and lifetime buyers. I’ve never seen this process mentioned anywhere. It’s another key to turning cold prospects into delighted buyers.
  • How Jordan Belfort turns “free strategy sessions” into a ton of new buyers – even if they say they’re “not interested.” This one secret could add thousands of extra sales to your business every month.
  • Live “Funnel Hack” competitor spying. How to track and trace the customer-generating methods of even the biggest companies and beat them at their own game.

Volume IV: How To Set Up And Monetize Your Product Funnels.

Imagine setting up a sales funnel for your own product or for a clients’ product and pulling in hundreds of sales a week. Not too bad, right?

That’s exactly the kind of credentials, results, and recognition that’s made Nicola Moors one of the top funnel experts in the world today. Now, Nicola has put all her secrets into a new program called Funnel Secrets. In the program, she reveals secrets like these:

  • The simple three-step process for targeting your prospects biggest pain points…and how to turn those pain points into dollars in your bank account. Totally ethical and solves your prospects big pain points.
  • How to research your product, prospect and market to find all the powerful hot buttons in your market. Here’s the 6 best sources that will give you everything you need to write the most effective sales copy of your life.
  • How to make your product the only logical choice for your prospect to solve their problems. When you position your product this way, it seems completely illogical in your prospects mind not to buy.

Volume V: Secrets for Getting Ranked on Google’s Page 1 Results.

When you’re ranked on page one, it automatically places as you as the most perceived expert in your particular field. But getting your business ranked on page one of google isn’t easy. To help you do that, Carmine Mastropierro created a brand-new program called Content Secrets and reveals…

  • Google’s secret “Schema” trick for reading and ranking web pages. If google reads your copy wrong, your page won’t get ranked as high as it could be. Here’s how to use google’s schema rankings to get placed him on the first page of google.
  • Why you can fill your content with all the right keywords but still not get ranked high on google. Often times, it’s a common mistake a lot of people make. Carmine tells you what it is and the simple way to fix it to start zooming up the rankings.
  • The three most important types of keywords. Here’s what they are, how to research them effectively, and when (and when NOT) to use each type.

Volume VI: Turn Your Autoresponders Into Powerful Selling Machines.

Are you fully capitalizing on the true power of the autoresponder? In our new program Email Autoresponder Secrets, autoresponder specialist Candice Lazar show you how to really leverage the power of these sales machines for the highest and best results. She shows you…

  • Crucial steps to take before writing a single word of autoresponder copy. With this information at hand, writing autoresponders that get clicks and sales becomes simple and automatic.
  • The 4 critical parts of every email autoresponder. Get this right and you’ll never write a poor autoresponder again.

  • Winning examples of proven email autoresponders. And how to quickly and easily adapt them for your product or service.

Volume VII: Creating Irresistible Offers for Your Products or Services.

You can have a blockbuster headline, lead copy, fill your copy with powerful bullets and have the best copy in the world. But if your offer isn’t a powerful one, none of the other elements in your promotion matters. But when you combine all those things AND give readers a powerful offer, the results can be mind-blowing. And that’s what Alex Mandossian reveals in Offer Secrets.

  • The 5 unique pillars of every irresistible offer. If you’re missing just one of these, your offer won’t convert like it really can. Alex runs you deeply through all five and how to use them in every offer.
  • The 5 principles for constructing irresistible webinar offers. Simply fill in the blanks on your checklist and you’ll have an offer no sane person would resist.
  • How to know what your prospects wants…and DOESN’T want. Both are crucial for success. Yet most people only think about the positive and forget the negative. Combine them like Alex shows you and watch your response rates soar.

Volume VIII: How To Write Super-Effective Website Copy.

Online sales copy is in huge demand. And most companies in the direct marketing space can’t get enough of it. That’s why crafting effective web copy is so important.

In our new program Web Copy Secrets, we show you how to take lukewarm sales copy and transform it into sales copy dripping with selling power. Copy that piles on the benefits your readers want and almost forces them to buy what you’re selling.

As you can see, the Copywriting Mentor Series contains eight powerful programs to help you level up your marketing, sales, and your ability to write more powerful copy on demand.

Even if you’ve invested one or more of these programs in the past, getting the Copywriting Mentor Series can help you get ALL our most powerful programs in one convenient package. Plus, it can save you a bundle on purchasing these programs individually.

Writing better copy and producing more effective marketing campaigns is within your reach with the Copywriting Mentor Series. Click below the Add To Cart button to order yours now.

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