Follow Up Secrets

"How to Turn Your ‘Coldest’ Leads into Cash-Paying, High-Ticket Clients for Life!"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.8 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan Lok is the real deal. He's got the infrastructure and the systems and the vision to guide you to where you want to take your business."

– Vince Del Monte

Founder of 7-Figure Mastermind, Best-selling author, former WBFF Pro Fitness Model, and online fitness business coach


When it comes to selling, being able to "follow-up" with cold prospects and convert them into paying customers is the holy grail for you and your Team.

But ... as you (and your Team) may know, cold traffic is the hardest of all to convert. That’s why we created Follow Up Secrets.


According to the late Jay Conrad Levinson, "About 87% of all sales are lost because of a lack of FOLLOW-UP" ...

... so this brief and investment-friendly training is like your "magic wand" that casts a spell on your cold and luke-ward prospects and tips them over the edge into buying mode.

Follow Up Secrets is your secret weapon to how you and your Team can turn all that juicy cold traffic into red-hot buyers that stay with you for years to increase and expand their "lifetime values" to your company's bottom-line.


You and your Team will not only get powerful, time-tested conversion formulas, but you will also find out ...

  • How to avoid the deadly follow up mistakes almost all salespeople make…but your team WON’T make
  • How to capitalize on the absolute best way for you and your Team to contact cold leads without looking desperate
  • How to get cold leads to contact you, instead of you contacting them!
  • How to apply a super-simply, super-concise voicemail script your Team can use that excites your cold prospects so that they are eager to hear from you soon
  • How your Team can use the enormous power of the Value-Driven Follow Up for converting cold prospects into buyers
  • How to execute Dan’s famous follow up blueprint that took him 12 years to polish and perfect. Your Team can shortcut the entire process without "short-fusing" your results


Get ready. Get set. And tell your Team it’s time to grow, Grow, GROW!

If you want to arm your Team with one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring in hundreds of new customers every day and scale your business ...

... then we encourage you to grab this opportunity now, while it’s still fresh on your mind. Or more importantly, get going with this training before your competitors do!

Most sales professionals think that deals should be closed on the first call.

Sometimes… It would only take one single phone call and boom...seal the deal.

Sometimes… Guess what!

90% of prospects do not buy on the first contact.

Most sales conversations don’t even begin until the 8th contact with a new lead.

The hidden sales treasure is in the follow-up.


That means that if you haven’t mastered the art of following up, you are leaving gold in the streets!

Due to fear of rejection or lack of sales process, over 60% of sales professionals never follow-up with prospects.

This spells HUGE opportunity for you.

The problem is even the best sales professionals have little to no training on how to follow up with leads and close sales without annoying prospects.

But here’s the good news.

Dan has spent over 12 years developing a proven follow up strategy that will help you succeed.

This follow up blueprint teaches the follow up strategies, sales scripts, and real-life case studies that just plain work.

Sales professionals that learn how to follow up on leads correctly are sitting on a gold mine of untapped treasure.

Once you learn these strategies you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over your sales competitors.





How to never make the 9 Deadly Follow Up Mistakes

that are stopping your sales dead in their tracks


The 3 reasons why most salespeople never follow up

and what you can do to scoop up all those untapped sales


The right way to contact cold leads

without sounding desperate or needy


Eliminate the “Cool Off Factor”

by doing this one thing directly after a sales call.


How to use the Value Driven Follow Up

to go from annoying salesperson to trusted advisor clients can’t get enough of


The 23-word voice mail script

that eliminates the“out-of-sight out-of-mind factor” forever


Stop chasing after them and use the

“Cost of Inaction Principal” to motivate them to get back to you

B2B Closing secrets gives you the exact blueprint that’s been used (and proven) for over 12 years to close even the biggest deals in the business-to-business market.

You’ll hear from me, Dan Lok, and a hand-picked team of experts who’ve been succeeding wildly in the B2B market for years.

Closing the biggest clients and the biggest deals.

And giving you our hard-won secrets for succeeding, too.

So, get ready to start closing the big deals you’ve been dreaming about. B2B Closing Secrets is one of the most effective programs for taking your sales and closing skills up to a much higher level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Rocío Delger
I didn´t know I was leaving so much money on the table...

Something so simple can totally change your game for the better. It's amazing how much money we leave on the table simply because we "don't want to be pushy" or we "don't want to offend the customer". BS!! How can you serve them properly if you don't follow up?

Sampurna Mandal
Step by step formula to Follow up!

It was a great eye opener for me. After going through the program, I realised that I am doing what exactly we should not do during the follow up. Thank you Sifu Dan for helping me to follow up with my prospects more effectively without being salsy or pushy! :-)

Clash JT
Value Driven

Danlok is one of the best mentor who provide point to point value as he say about . Price worths it and value you get is unbelievable

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