How To Sell High Ticket Services

"Are you in sales but not making enough? Do you want to get into sales but are worried you cannot close those big deals?"

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“The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

– Charlie Cook

CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

Then sign up for this high ticket closing course from Dan Lok, the master of high ticket sales. This is an advanced consulting and training course for those looking to close the big sales.

This is the sales training you have been waiting for that will help you close more. Learn how to sell any high ticket consulting service and program even if you're just getting started. Dan Lok will be sharing his insider tips with all those attending this high ticket closing training course.



How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Digital Video Recording


How To Get Paid As A Consultant

Dan is going to go in-depth on how to get paid as a consultant. Per hour to a retainer, Dan will guide you.


4 Kinds Of Activities In Business

Are you currently “hunting” prospects? Or are you “Farming”? If you want clients knocking on your door, you need a plan.
These 4 activities will give you more clarity.


The High-Ticket Client Buying Journey

Set up the customer journey without doing ANY prospecting. So once you’re on the phone... The potential client already sees you as an authority.


How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Quickstart Guide


The One-Page Priority Planner PDF Created By Dan Lok


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Thayer
Buy it, you won't regret it.

A wonderful investment for yourself and your business. Dan Lok is amazing to listen to and he knows he stuff and remember it's okay to say NO. There is nothing wrong when telling some one No not every deal makes it through.

jaimeen ashara
What He Offer

In this course i complete change my mindset regarding closing what to do before and after how prospecting can be better

Exact way to handle small objection in our mind as closer words how this can help you

How to sell High-Ticket Services

How to sell high-ticket services is a program in which Dan Lok, the king of closing, elaborates on the counter-intuitive high-ticket mindset-highly advantageous to anyone in the consulting/coaching business who sells at high fees or transaction sizes.

I have greatly benefited from this program. I know now the three Master keys to attracting high-ticket clients:
• Personal Media Platform (PMP): A PERMANENT fix to client Flow and income uncertainty.
• Conversion Mechanism: an organized intake to “convert” high-ticket clients.
• High Ticket Closing skill: the skill to close your prospects at a high-ticket value.

How to use these keys appropriately is efficiently described in this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone engaged in the mentoring, coaching, or consulting business “who’s done” with attracting bad, low-ticket value clients and wants the shift to attracting high-ticket value clients.

“High-Ticket Client is not something you pursue. You could only attract them by the person you become” – Dan Lok.

Want to become that person, then get this program. You can watch the video to get a feel of the program. The program is in video format with accompanying pdfs-the quickstart guide and the one-page priority planner. You’ll find this planner very useful in prioritizing your daily activities.

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