Think Like A Millionaire

8 Ways The Upper-Class Think And Act Differently Than The Poor
And Middle-class.

  • course format11 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.6 Hours

  • topicMindset & Motivation

“Dan Lok is a business GENIUS!”

– Michael Gerber

The World’s #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of “E-Myth Revisited.

Have you ever wondered how the top 1% reach their status and make it seem so effortless... while others struggle their whole lives? The difference is NOT in their education, intelligence, skills, or even luck.

The sad truth is, many people live quiet lives of desperation. They wish their life held more meaning. They dream of leaving a legacy they can be proud of. But statistics show more than 64% will fail.

In this program, Dan debunks the many myths surrounding high society and reveals the mental shifts needed to ascend up the social status ladder.



A simple exercise to change

your relationship to money (feels a little strange at first. But the more you do it the more comfortable it feels to accept it).


Why working hard with the WRONG mindset will NEVER

lead you up the social class ladder (and the two things Dan did to achieve his goals in his 20s.).


Dan’s “MS + SS + P = $$$” formula for

reaching success goals (if you believe the top 1% just ‘got lucky’ this will change your mind forever).


8 Secret beliefs of the poor and middle-class

that hold them back from achieving their goals.


Why hard work does not pay

and the 8-letter word responsible for almost all the top achiever success (the more they use this 8-letter word the more they make. Anybody can access this.)


The 22-word sentence that explains the real reason

there’s a lower, middle, and upper-class (It has nothing to do with being lucky or being super smart)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

Amazing, I'm so pleased by this programs. I love them. And I've learned so much and I'm already improving.

I will surround myself with rich people because I want to be rich, so rich. And everytime it becomes clear what it takes and I'm going all in. I'm investing on my education for my rich career, I'm taking action. I'm already developing my personal brand and brand.

rishav jejani


Your mina creates your reality

Most people omit this step...but certainly thinking like millonaire is the first step in the journey of becoming a millonaire. I was one of those who jumped into the adverture of building business but still having in my head thoughts that would repel money.
This course Is a good brain wash of all dirt AND mental bullshit that Will make it more natural to become millonaire.
Awesome stuff.
Thank you

Amazing Insight into thinking like a Millionaire

It's an insightful and straightforward look into how to think like a millionaire. My biggest takeaway is that it's about my thinking about myself and who I hang around with more than anything else. Dan does a great job explaining this from all angles to make it simple and easy to understand the difference that rich people view the world and how to do it for themselves. If you want to be a Millionaire, you need to get your mindset right; this program is great.

Kevin Philippe
Paradigm Shift In My Mindset

First Off, I just want to express my gratitude to you Sifu and Desmond for the insane amount of value you bring into my life with the transformational digital programs you've created for people. Thanks, I appreciate and love you, teacher.

Second of all, I am from HTC season 1 and my vision is to be part of the Dragon 100. I will pay the price for it no matter what!!!

Thirdly, by watching and reflecting on how I can take direct action to become a millionaire, it shifts my mind to now condition it for wealth and abundance.

I refuse to think like a broke and poor person anymore.

My ahahah moment is how powerful can be proximity. Being surrounded by millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires will be life-changing for me as I'm looking to network with these exceptional human beings.

I highly recommend to anyone who's very serious to condition their subconscious mind for wealth and abundance and think like a millionaire.

Mei G.
Eye opening lessons

Through Dan's lessons and the three day SMART Challenge I just visited I gained the clarity about my business and I felt "released" because Dan showed the clear path with messages to the point, which he gained through his profound business activities in so many fields. Now I know the steps and needn't to spend much time on considering "what and how", I will concentrate on improving my skills and focus on making more sales! Thank you for your wisdom and teaching!

Maria Carton

Dan Lok is the best in his field. His straight forward talking, no nonsense approach is refreshing and enjoyable. Think like a millionaire is a must do in order to understand what your striving for. I can't wait to start implementing all I have learnt from this course NOW. Thanks Dan a huge fan of the work you do and for showing me a better way of doing business that I would never of known or figured out myself.

Cheryl Malanek
Think like a millionaire

My biggest takeaway from this course was that I need to start acting like a millionaire if I want to be one. The two stand-out points for me to achieve this were:
1. By surrounding yourself with the kind of people you want to become.
2. Leverage creates wealth.
Plenty of actionable points for me to put in place to create a healthier mindset. I highly recommend this course if you want to clear out those negative weeds in your mind.

Next Level Transformation course really

Helps to transform yourself to the next level