6 Steps To 6 Figures

"How To Make A Six-Figure Income In The Next 13.5 Months – In 6 Easy Steps"

  • course format7 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 6.3 Hours

  • topicWealth and Business

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan is such an idol and an icon. I hope every one of you will follow him!"

- Dave Woodward

Chief Revenue Officer and Partner at ClickFunnels


What if there were just six simple steps for you and your Team to earn a six-figure income this calendar year ... without working any harder or longer than you do now ... would you want to know what those 6 steps were?

If you do want to know what those 6 Steps are, would you be willing to follow that simple six-step system to the letter? There IS such a system and it's called the 6 Steps to 6 Figures training program.


This digital training spoon-feeds you (and your Team) how to demand top dollar for your products or services by attracting all the high-paying clients you can handle. The most astonishing part about it is it's only a 6 step-by-step program...


You'll also discover:

  • How the 6 step to 6 figures formula broken down, dissected, and explained in clear detail for you and your Team to follow along
  • How to attract high-ticket clients to you and your Team instead of chasing them
  • How to create "irresistible" offers no sane person could refuse and close even the biggest deals
  • How to use time maximization strategies for getting everything you and your Team can out of all you've got
  • How to raise your prices without losing clients
  • And quite a bit more strategies you can learn in a short period of time


The 6 Steps To 6 Figure program is a time-tested and proven step-by-step process that just flat out works.

Dan Lok utilized this approach early in his career to start hitting those six-figure paydays. Now you and your Team can do exactly the same and enjoy the huge financial benefits like so many others have.

Are you ready to give this system a fair try?


"Discover How To Get Your Dream Clients With Ease And Make Every Month A 5-Figure Month While Enjoying The Freedom You Deserve!"

This exclusive training will instantly allow you to attract better clients, easily scale your business, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance), and probably slash your work hours like never before!



The 6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula Worksheet


Your Lifestyle Preference & Your Terms Of Doing Business

Dan is going to provide you with some clarity within your personal life and professional life. So you can take control of your own time, energy and do business on your own terms.


Your Unique Selling Advantage

Learn the “Magic Bullet Solution” and why it is effective, and how you can figure out your “Unique Selling Advantage”.


Your Irresistible Offer

Discover how you can create your irresistible offer so that your business grows. Also, learn how you can tailor your offer to particular types of customers so that you can target different types of audiences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Saleena Ramzan

After watching the six steps to six figures I've got so much clarity on what to do and how to achieve my 6 figure goal. I always thought this was a course for business owners but boy was I wrong I am a high ticket closer and after this course I have walked away with a step by step plan on how to get to 6 figures. Best investment you will make......

This Course is pack with actionable steps to use in your Business

I learned a lot from this training I enjoyed every step. I like how Dan Lok explains things he breaks it down in such a simple way.

V Babu
Different Perspective in Getting Business

First video, Great Learning. Wow, altogether a different perspective in getting Business/revenues, Justified WHY KING of Closing with this one COURSE. Hats off.

Anthony D'Ovidio
Don't read this review

I aspired to take the leap of faith and start a venture on my own. I am currently doing research on where to begin. I found the webinar very insightful and there were a lot of theories that I can incorporate into my daily life and future business. It was probably foolish on my part, but at this point in time, I do not know if i was ready for this lecture considering I am just starting out. Even though this lecture was not directed towards me, I still took away a couple tidbits on how to get started. For people who already have an established business and want to take it to the next level, I think that this lecture was FANTASTIC! There were a lot of ideals that I believe can take someone's business to the next level.

Some key takeaways for me:

The "ice berg" analogy really resonated with me. I definitely think that a lot of marketing/messaging that one wants to sell to someone is only skin deep. To really sit down and come up with a TRUE reason why your customer should buy from you I think is the ultimate irresistible offer.

My second big takeaway, which was reiterated by another mentor of mine, do not be too proud to do everything on your own. Leverage your skills with another to make a win-win situation. The win-loses ultimately turn into lose-lose in the long run. Develop relationships that you can monetize, but not only for that reason. Make friends, building relationships, share ideas, have fun, and the best part about it is you can make money doing that.

I am writing this review in my car as I am waiting for someone to finish up at their appointment. I really found this lecture truly insightful and I think you will too. There are a couple more lectures from Dan that I want to listen to, because I believe in him. Whether he reads this or not, I appreciate his knowledge and willing to share with me. Listen to the lecture without any distractions. Absorb the information, pause the video, and stop to think about it. You will not regret wasting your time and money. You will find value in this lecture. Signing off. Going to kick some ass out in this world! I hope you are too!

6 Steps to 6 Figures

This is by far the best course I have ever attended. It is life changing. The strategies shared are practical and with commitment can be implemented.
Thank You

Xiahan Lin
One of the first and one of the best

Coming from back when HTC was still new, I chanced upon this program as a bonus for learning, and it definitely opened up my eyes to the realm of entrepreneurship. There were many tips and tricks that Dan demonstrated to which I find useful even in today's fast pace world. I believe anyone who is transitioning from a 9-5 employee mindset and reality would find a great value in this program and all the nuggets that Dan and his presenters dropped.

Very clear steps

Dan laid down practical steps to building streams of income. The delivery was clear and concise with just enough information. Do you have a further training on joint ventures?

boldrini simona
An ABSOLUTE must have.

This is my absolute favorite course of Dan Lok. Suitable from beginner to advanced in business. I have learned this when I knew absolute nothing about business (I didn't even know the meaning of 'lead generation'). If you want to have an overall idea on how businesses should be carried on in 2022 (both online and offline) then you cannot miss this. I wish you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Great program

It would be 5 stars if this program has subtitle because English is not my first language, and I can't understand everything by listening.
If the videos have subtitles, it will help me learn better.