Persuasion Secrets

"How to ‘Ethically’ Persuade Others to Do Almost Anything You Want – in Your Personal & Professional Life"

  • course format4 Videos

  • COURSE LENGTH 2.5 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“Dan has been on a meteoric rise from one of Vancouver’s most respected entrepreneurs to internationally recognized global educator.”

Dwayne J. Clark

CEO, Áegis Living


When you and your Team become masters of persuasion, your business can grow and gain momentum at accelerated speeds you always dreamt was possible.

Your company’s sales start booming, profits start piling up, and your business “scales” beyond the bounds you anticipated in the shortest amount of time possible.

It’s all possible (and probably) because you and your Team have access to the training that Dan Lok make’s compulsory for his Executive Team so they become better and more persuasive leaders when helping him grow his companies.


Imagine a world in which you and your Team have figured out the secrets of persuasion that all businesses need to sell better to grow and “scale” faster. Great persuasion skills mean great business. Poor persuasion skills lead to an average business and an average life.

Fortunately, persuasion is a teachable AND learnable skill. And once you and your team learn it, the sky’s the limit.

Everyone in your organization will excel in sales and entrepreneurship almost automatically, once you give them access to Persuasion Secrets! The net result is your “good” company transforms into a “GREAT” company at the lowest possible cash outlay possible.

And you will win the hearts and minds of everyone around you as a bonus.


  • In this game-changing program, Persuasion Secrets, you’ll uncover many of the most powerful and counter-intuitive persuasion tools and techniques Dan teaches. Fundamentals such as:
  • How to use the power of "cognitive biases." You and your Team will discover how to win the hearts and minds of anyone to ethically persuade them to do almost anything
  • How to use persuasion Power Phrases: What to say, when to say it, how to say it…for maximum impact and results
  • How to sell anyone almost anything and have them convince themselves it was their own idea
  • How to take advantage of 7 ruthlessly effective selling strategies your Team needs in order to consistently convince and “close” even the most skeptical prospects they encounter
  • And much, much more


Effective persuasion is the single most important imperative directly responsible for creating the greatest businesses of our time.

Isn't it time you "gifted" your Team with know-how that can ramp-up the power of their persuasion skills so your company can soar to new levels?

You can find that "know-how" Persuasion Secrets we’re ready to train you, when you’re ready to start.


Do you want to have your voice heard and have people sit up and listen to you? With this online training course, you will unlock the secrets of the power of persuasion and influence people to do what you want.

You will also learn about cognitive biases and how they are decoded. This is important to understand in order to have others do what you want them to do and make them think it was their idea. No more sitting in the shadows, grab this exclusive video and learn the most powerful phrases to persuade people. Discover the secrets of the power of persuasion.



Persuasion Secrets Digital Video Recording


Persuasion Secrets Quickstart Guide


Cognitive Biases Decoded: Decoding The 7 Most Lethal Cognitive Biases To Get Whatever You Want In Any Situation PDF


Power Phrases: The 3 Most Powerful Phrases You Can Use When Persuading Others PDF

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Fantastic Program

If you do not know how to use the write words and techniques to persuade your client, boss, lover, and others, YOU miss a lot in life and this program will open the door for you. Communication is very powerful when you do it the right way and learn it from the right mentor.


I never understood the power of persuasion and how to use it for my advantage until watching this course by Dan Lok. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to be more persuasive.

Akhilesh singh
Persuasion secrets

In this module many powerful persuasion strategies are discussed by sifu dan lok.

Teresa Coker-Smith
Lively and uplifting

These were lively, upbeat sessions with invaluable tips for being successful in business and life.

The Secret to Persuasion Mastery

Thank you Sifu for this program which gives ultimate understanding of Persuasion art with such detailed Understanding and tools. Learning about cognitive biases and how they are decoded is really important to understand in order to have others on your side in most authentic way!

Adam Ludovic
I've learned new persuasion techniques

I've read a lot of books on sales already, but in this program, I learned new things that I've found quite enjoyable. Enjoyable to learn, and useful lessons to know.

This was a fun program for me. Definitely recommended!

Reviewer avatar
Rikaza Shakeer
Is communication skill key to develope your business?

Persuation skill is a higher level of communication. In this programme alone Sifu Dan is teaching how to win the communication by persuading the client. The eight secrets of persuation will teach you ,how to persuade and close a sale or make a person agree on what you want from them. It's not only the verbal communication. It's all about how you dress to how you carry yourself to success. One of the essential skill to be achieved by practice.

Hannah Voong
If you should Known

Persuasion Secrets helped me a lot, learning the secrets about how people think, which i can use it for my business and personal development, i implemented and i can see lots of improvement and it also help me to understand about human behaviour.

Best Persuasive Tips

Thankful for all the practical and useful tips from Sifu Dan Lok. If you want to learn to improve your persuasive skills, Sifu Dan Lok is the best person to learn from.