Freelancing Secrets

"Learn how to set up your freelance business whether it is a freelance writer, designer, consultant, sales rep."

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  • COURSE LENGTH 56 Minutes

  • topicHigh Income Skills

“Dan operates off of principles I’ve never heard come out of anybody else’s mouth. He will help you get better results than anyone else out there. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Dan Lok.”

– Jeremy Haynes

Founder of Megalodon Marketing

Learn how to set up your freelance business whether it is a freelance writer, designer, consultant, sales rep. Whatever your start up business is, Dan Lok has the answers for you.

In this freelancing secrets video he will share some of the tips he used when he went from bankrupt to a millionaire at age 27. His advice is gold, learn how to set up your freelance business with Dan Lok today.



The Wealth Triangle

Learn the Wealth Triangle created by Dan Lok to gain more clarity on what you need to do next.


Financial Freedom Is A Myth

Contrary to popular belief. Financial Freedom is a myth. Dan will explain why it is a myth and instead you should strive for financial confidence.


Why Freelancers Should Charge Retainers

Dan explains why 1-time transactions may not be the best option for you as a freelancer. Instead, charge retainers, that would provide you with more stability and a consistent flow of income.


Value Ladder

Providing a “Yes” or “No” answer for your potential client is a dangerous place to be in. Because you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. Instead, using a value ladder will greatly enhance your chances to make more sales.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sampurna Mandal

I was stuggling as a Freelancer to get clients. The secrets Dan has shared here has helped me to get clients more easily!

Manuel Reguera A.
Great Content

I have found interesting insights and value in these lessons. Recommend it

Well explained and direct

Every concept is well explained and call you to take action to achieve finance confidence. I will love the courses to be a little bit longer because I don’t get bored of learning.

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