How To Sell High Ticket Services

"Are you in sales but not making enough? Do you want to get into sales but are worried you cannot close those big deals?"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.1 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

“The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

– Charlie Cook

CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

Then sign up for this high ticket closing course from Dan Lok, the master of high ticket sales. This is an advanced consulting and training course for those looking to close the big sales.

This is the sales training you have been waiting for that will help you close more. Learn how to sell any high ticket consulting service and program even if you're just getting started. Dan Lok will be sharing his insider tips with all those attending this high ticket closing training course.



How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Digital Video Recording


How To Get Paid As A Consultant

Dan is going to go in-depth on how to get paid as a consultant. Per hour to a retainer, Dan will guide you.


4 Kinds Of Activities In Business

Are you currently “hunting” prospects? Or are you “Farming”? If you want clients knocking on your door, you need a plan.
These 4 activities will give you more clarity.


The High-Ticket Client Buying Journey

Set up the customer journey without doing ANY prospecting. So once you’re on the phone... The potential client already sees you as an authority.


How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Quickstart Guide


The One-Page Priority Planner PDF Created By Dan Lok


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
This man is brilliant

I am just eager to keep learning from Dan. This man's mentality is something I wish could just simply rub off on me. Love this guy.

Amazing Value

I love how practical the lessons are. I definitely got my monies worth!

Rohan Shrestha
Everyone needs this

Everyone needs this 'High-Ticket Closing Skill' course.

HTC bootcamp Day -1 review

Loved the insights from Day 1 of HTC Bootcamp. I found myself resonating with Dan's business appr I achieved and philosophy SO MUCH, as I indeed do NOT want to hunt for clients but want to FARM, and have them discover me! Loved the structured approach about the money flow ONE Pager, as helps seeing where one's focus is and where it should be. Found quite helpful the 3 Pillars to attract HTC: PMP, Conversion mechanisms and HTC skills. Liked the emphasis Dan puts onto developing the right MINDSET! As it is ONLY with the right, strategic and resilient mind and conitted approach, one has got the potential to build a healthy, sustainable online business. Excited to learn more to turn this knowledge into my real life!

Alexis Neve
Some of the best money I ever spent

I have a service in a luxury market and have really had a hard time connecting with the thought process of luxury buyers since I'm the only one I know and of course I'm too close to what I sell to know why people who don't know as much as I do would value it at the prices I command. Earlier this year I joined a mastermind for more a month than what I spent on this course and I couldn't even get the people in it to understand what my problem was! I asked for advice for how to go about market research to get the nuances of how they think about the thing I offer in their own words and got told I needed more clarity on who my ideal client is when that's perfectly clear and that is the problem. I'm very clear on who they are, and I'm very clear about the gap between us. I was at a loss about how to bridge it. For that alone it was invaluable to hear Dan's and his mentees' stories of building their credibility and personal brands and how it's worth investing in all the things people tell me not to waste time on when I could devote myself 100% to short-term gains. And he delivered some solid training and even energy-shifting truths on top of it, too! I'm usually not bothered enough to spend my time giving a review to anything, but this time I'm inspired and fired up with some concrete ideas to put into action, it really deserves it.

Natalia Bonilla

Highly recommended! High class training!

Jana Kuricová
Great training!

Great training that helped me sell my high ticket services, I listened to this training every day and then I managed to make my biggest monthly sale. I highly recommend!

Bianca S.
Strategic and Simple Outline for High Ticket Services

As someone deeply invested in transitioning higher-ticket services through annual retainers/fees rather than the rat race of being paid by invoice on completion of work, Dan Lok University's training exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the moment I enrolled, I was immersed in a world of invaluable insights, practical strategies, and actionable steps. What stood out to me the most about the training was its simplicity yet effectiveness and Dan’s authenticity in saying it like it is. It was refreshing. Now I’m focused on implementing my learnings through action-taking, because without that, this is just another potential opportunity unrealised. I've already spoken to my VA team about integrating the approaches in a way that is authentic for my services. Thank you.

Only course you need to learn sell high ticket

This course make us $2000/month