Objection Handling Secrets

"How to Obliterate Key Resistance Factors that Prevent You From Winning More Sales...and Building More Wealth Equity"

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"Handle Objections like a Master - I really got a lot of value out of this digital program. I now know how to handle objections and resistance in a smooth way, not arguing with the prospect. Definitely recommended!"

– Maurice Mertjoe


When you and your Sales Team face objections in the new client acquisition process, they are not really handling objections ...

... at least, not all the time. Often, even pre-qualified prospects indicate “I need more info before I buy," which is NOT an objection.

In Dan Lok’s landmark training called Objection Handling Secrets, your Sales Team will finally learn what objections truly indicate – the beginning of the sales process and that their prospects are interested and just require more re-assurance.


Once your Sales Team treats objections as the gate that swings-open to the passageway to more sales and profits, they will treat objections in a different way ... and even handle them before they’re expressed!

What if your Sales Team had the perfect response to EVERY objection they face, or anticipate them before they face them?

Objection Handling Secrets can help even your lower-skilled Sales Team member blow-away and handle any objection that comes their way – EVERY TIME.

That may sound like pipe-dream, but Dan did, others he trains are doing it ... and now your Sales Team can do it too.

With Objection Handling Secrets, your Sales Team will actually love hearing rejections because they’ll be re-programmed to view them as "Buying Signals."


Here’s what your Sales Team will learn in this step-by-step program:

  • How to create the model of "Qualifying Quadrants" ... the time-tested model that allows your Sales Team to harness the power of anticipation to blow away any objection first-time out
  • How to artfully control the sales process from beginning to end
  • How you and your Team can avoid arguing with prospects to get the sale
  • How to avoid common mistakes people make when handling objections that KILL the sale (Make certain your Sales Team studies this important concept in the training)
  • How to "Role-Play" so that every Sales Team member you hire quickly and easily embraces the objections dialogue and prepares for it in advance ... this alone can double your company’s sales


Get ready ... Get set ... To grow, Grow, GROW! (Okay, okay ... that’s a bit hokey, but it’s true!)

Isn’t time your Sales Team batted-away the biggest objections that rear their ugly heads week-after-week?

This training gives your Sales Team the confidence to melt-away resistance like a hot knife cutting a stick of butter.

And that’s why it’s your turn to decide if Objection Handling Secrets is what you need to grow even faster, better and with less “sales-turnover" ...

Are you ready, yet?


In this new training video, Sifu Dan Lok teaches you his unconventional and proven objection handling secrets to take full control of any conversation. You will be able to alleviates those concerns and move your deal forward.

With objective handling training, you’ll get to see Sifu Dan do live roleplays and demonstrations of how it sounds to effortlessly handle objections and get to the sale.



Objection Handling Secrets Recording Digital Video Recording


Why You’re Getting Objections

Salespeople have it all wrong when handling objections, watch the video to understand why that is the case. And what you can start doing instead.


Don’t Argue With The Prospect And List Out Common Objections

Do not argue with the prospect. Yes, you can win the argument. But, you will lose the sale. Getting into an argument is the last thing you want. During closing calls, you wanna be prepared with the objections that will be thrown out you.
Better list these objections and study how to handle them. Plus, lesson demonstrations via role play.


The Qualify Quadrant

The first thing you want to qualify your prospect on is their needs - Why are they looking into your products or services? How do you find that? Very simple.
Follow this Qualify Quadrant, and you may qualify the prospect with ease.


3 Dangerous Phrases To Avoid In Sales PDF Guide


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kevin Wu
Building A Strong Defense

As an amateur closer, I want to equip myself with everything I can to give me that edge during a sales call. This program taught me proven frameworks and strategies to provide the best value to the prospect and help me overcome my own insecurities as well. Highly recommended to sales professionals!

another gem

I really enjoyed this course. We all face objections and being prepared with very smooth ways to reframe the objection is key. Dan provides some outstanding ways to redirect the objection and get to the root of the problem. I highly recommend.

Kamrein Robinson

I've gotten so much value from this program. I'm now confident that I'll be able to handle any objection with finesse. Thank you, Sifu Dan.

Reviewer avatar
Ilmi Dissanayake
The best ways to handle objections

Every objection can be simplified into a few basic reasons and when you know this, you will know how to ask questions to cut through smoke and mirrors to get down into the real problem that the prospect is facing. Through this program you will learn just how to do that and the reason behind getting objections. Also the dangerous things that you should not speak to your prospect.

Kathy Oevering
Have more tools to handle objections!!

You can never have too many options of ways to handle objections. See them in a different light how Dan Lok views and handles objections in such a smooth, graceful way!! It's magic watching him.

Suresh Adiga
Excellent Tips for Closing

Important tips that was really useful was voice modulation and tonality while having the conversation with prospects. Very important tips is to learn asking open ended question to understand the need of the prospect. Excellent...

Ivelisse Chinea
On the road to success

I had gotten my first sales job and was lost. I didn't know where to go as no one trains you on sales. I started looking at dans youtube channel and loved his approach to sales. I signed up for the 21 days sales challenge and soon after got the closing collection. I review his videos on a daily basis and am always learning something new. My skills have gone up tremendously, the funding i bring in has increased. And I know there is that much more to learn. Thank you Dan for being my teacher, you have taught me so much.

Robert Henry
Prepare For Objections To Win More Sales!

What is this training about?
How do you overcome objections confidently when they pop up on your sales call? Normal closers would try to sell features and benefits right? Dan takes you through the usual objection Bull we tell ourselves, tips and tricks on how to overcome objections, the different types of objections which may pop up on a call, and the Objection handling secrets you need to know, so you can confidently redirect objections, and close more sales, sound good?

Why is it relevant to me?
If you getting objections on your sales calls, this course is for you! Be prepared to gain insights on why objections are coming up from your prospects. Get strategies on how to overcome objections on your sales calls easily, so you can close more sales confidently. Dan has also included role-plays in this course so you can easily see how his objection handling strategies work on live sales calls, so you can witness the power of this course for yourself, and implement.

How can I apply it?
These strategies can be implemented immediately as part of your closing script to ensure you are prepared to handle objections on your calls in future. Be sure to role-play to improve your tonality and closing attributes when handling objections to ensure they are delivered successfully to your prospect.

Thank you Dan for this amazing course which has prepared me for possible objections, and how to overcome them in future. Remember to prepare for all possibilities on a call, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Mario Diaz Vega
How to avoid common mistakes when you are handling objections

A lot of takeaways from this program. Just be aware to not sound like you're reading or imitating someone else. It should sound like a natural conversation. I shouldn't sound like another person, it is not just repeating the technique. The right questions with the right tonality are very important to change the direction of the conversation.
I list some other lessons I've learned:
- Don't argue with the prospect, I'll never close anybody just telling the prospects they are wrong.
- I wanna be prepared for objections so I should list out possible objections (This doesn't mean expecting objections and resistance, just be prepared).
- I should use softening statement, but with the right tonality. Tonality changes totally how sounds each statement.
- When I hear an objection it's almost never the problem, it's a symptom. I should go to the core of the problem (prospects don't trust in me/my product, my product is not the right solution for their problem, they can't afford it, don't trust in themselves) not just the symptom.
- Delays kill sales, so I must use some strategic questions to handle this. I want some kind of commitment from the prospect.
- The correct tonality, questions, and timing are developed only with practice (correct practice!). Is not something that you do, is something you feel. That's why the correct practice and feedback are needed.
- Sometimes, I might bring up the objection before the prospect does. Especially when I get that objection frequently (use this carefully because you can trigger an inexistent objection!).