Dan Lok Closing Collection

Want to become a World-Class Closer, who can close any deal over the phone or in person? The Dan Lok Closing Collection is for you.

In it, you’ll receive… 

Negotiation Secrets:

  • 3 Biggest Myths About Negotiation
  • Difference Between Closing And Negotiating
  • 9 Secrets Of Successful Negotiation

Prospecting Secrets:

  • How To Get Past Any Gatekeeper Effortlessly 
  • The Columbo Technique [With Demonstration]
  • Throw Your Prospect Of Guard Using Pattern Interrupts
  • First Call Contact Roleplay Examples

Persuasion Secrets:

  • Persuasion Secrets Quickstart Guide
  • Decoding The 7 Most Lethal Cognitive Biases To Get Whatever You Want In Any Situation
  • The 3 Most Powerful Phrases You Can Use When Persuading Others

Objection Handling Secrets:

  • Objection Handling Secrets [Digital Video Recording]
  • 3 Dangerous Phrases To Avoid In Sales [PDF Guide]
  • The “Qualify Quadrant” To Minimize Objections And Avoid Time & Money Waste [PDF Guide]

Perfect Closing Script™:

  • Perfect Closing Script™ Cheat Sheet
  • Advanced Persuasion Training: Gem Theory
  • The Perfect Closing System
  • Word-For-Word Objection Handling Scripts

How to Sell High Ticket Consulting Programs And Services: 

  • How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs [Digital Video Recording]
  • How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs [MP3 Recording]
  • How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Quickstart [PDF Guide]
  • The One-Page Priority Planner created By Dan Lok [PDF]


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