Conversion Secrets

"How To Consistently Convert More Cold Traffic Into Paying Client – Without Marketing or Advertising Costs"

  • course format2 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.5 Hours

  • topicCopywriting & Social Media Marketing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan Lok is a Masterful Entrepreneur."


Legendary Sales Trainer, given more than 5,000 workshops for more than 5,000,000 people in 83 countries.


You and your marketing Team can now pull out all the stops to keep improving your conversions. As you know, higher conversions means more sales. More sales means more profits. And more profits means you can "scale" your business assets faster, easier and better.


And that's where Dan Lok's all-new complete training program Conversion Secrets comes in to help transform your business and provide you with the sales profits you know you deserve.

In the digital marketing world, conversion is the Holy Grail to accelerating the growth of your business (and your Team). It's that simple.

And so now you and your Team can infuse your business with more pre-qualified prospects and put your client pipeline almost on auto-pilot.

Let's face it, if you aren't converting prospects into buyers, your business is on "life support". It's true... you can attract all the web traffic to your heart's content, but you won't grow your business without a solid conversion strategy.

That's exactly what Conversion Secrets will do for you and your business. It's a simple, yet complete training on how to convert even the most skeptical candidates into clients utilizing counter-intuitive and subtle conversion-boosting principles that work for almost any business.


Before you ADD TO CART > ... just have a quick look at some of Dan's most powerful conversion-boosting secrets you'll want to apply:

  • How to use the three-step high-conversion formula to convince, convert, and scale your business faster and with less human effort...
  • How to practically guarantee higher conversions for your products or services you decide to sell to your target audience(s)...
  • How to "model" Dan's infamous "$2 BILLION Sales Letter Template" you and your Team can use with "paint-by-numbers" ease of implementation
  • How to "repurpose" your competitors as a powerful tool to boost conversions. (This is a closely-guarded, even somewhat sneaky tactic, but it's incredibly effective
  • How to apply the #1 most powerful conversion booster the world has never known... a tactic all business owners must utilize, but often overlook ...
  • How to "restructure" your thinking from ROI-Focus transform your business model to ROTI-Focus instead as the surest path to steady and consistent growth
  • How to adopt the business philosophy of money on the "front-end" ... as your secret weapon to faster growth... It may sound crazy, but you'll soon discover how this counter-intuitive process works to your advantage for bigger profits


World-class business growth is always all about optimizing your conversions. And that's what Conversion Secrets will do for you. This ground-breaking training gives you and your marketing Team the most effective strategies Dan Lok applies for his own businesses (daily) to convert more prospects into cash-paying clients...

So, if you're ready to “uplevel” your “conversions” then isn't it time you decided to add Conversion Secrets to your marketing mix?

Just click on ADD TO CART > and watch what happens to your business growth...


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kathy Oevering
Maximize your return on lead gen

How to convert your leads to bring more $$ into your business and help more people with your service/products!! One key to business success is learned here and can't be missed.

Nathanael Santiago
Wow.. Make sure you get this one!!

Being able to understand the client's problems and provide a specific and personal solution to their problem is something that makes satisfied clients for life. Make sure you have this course in your study bookstore, it is worth every penny of your investment.

Know your client's problems and your numbers

I consider this a good course about how to improve conversion. A really helpful program for anyone selling products/services online. These are my main takeaways. First, people tend to focus too much on the product, so I should focus on the prospect and the problem. Second, the importance of knowing my numbers for the safety of my business like how much it costs to acquire clients and their value as they keep as a client, and the sales cycle associated.
For last, I appreciate the diverse tips on the psychology of the buyer that Dan teaches in the course.

More traffic can't help, if you can't convert

My biggest takeaway was selling benefits and not the features. I immediately started re-writing my landing page and services on website. Thank you so much Sifu for another wonderful program! I'm giving 4 stars because I didn't fully understand Split Testing, and I wish there was an explanation with a case study. However, the program gives so much value in what you need to do, to improve conversion!


It's not the thing. It's a thing that sells a thing! A lot of useful advice. Worth every penny!

Stephane Seguin
Conversion tactks that work

Dan, thanks for sharing your in-depth knowledge around sales, social media, and copy to help us build deeper and more meaningful relationships
with our clients. This will definitely help our clients buy solutions based on their needs and not from us trying to sell them.

Amit Nath
🔥This is the very essence that's required for a B2B / Start up / Innovators & Investment seekers.🔥

Truly an eye-opening session.
I am also able to see how things are interconnected.
The best part is that Human psychology
Be it be an entrepreneur/freelancer/investor or whatever
All are connected with some deep belief systems.
Sifu's structures and methodologies just churn things with a different dimension.
Happy and blessed to have completed this part of the course.
Thanks a lot.

Jack HM Wong
A Few Gems You Can Pick with Potential Huge Pay-Off

Dan shared a few golden nuggets in this course.
For example, he talked about all business owners must know the Three Must-Know Numbers. He offered his insights on how to create a more effective elevator pitch.
Although the title of this course is "Conversion Secrets," it has incorporated several strategic thinking pieces from Dan's real-life business experience.
Overall, this course has met my expectations and deserves a 4-star rating.

Nouhou Timera
The thing that sell the thing!

A course full of golden nuggets. I particularly appreciated the multiple examples given by Dan, ready to be implemented. Thanks a lot for so much value!