Get Shit Done™

"How to Get a Lot More Done – Faster, Better ... and With Less Human Effort"

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  • topic Mindset and Motivation
    Wealth and Business

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“$12 million in my pocket is what I believe I would have, above and beyond what I've made, in the last 10 years alone had I found Dan Lok sooner."


Master Closer, Trainer Of Over 1,900 Top Speakers, Authors, And Entrepreneurs


If getting more done in less time, and boosting your Team’s skills to "get stuff done" faster and better .. and meeting deadlines on crucial projects, is a costly problem for you, then fortunately, there’s a brand new training course for your company appropriately titled: "Get Sh*t Done."


This short course on productivity strategies (and how to avoid deadline sabotage) shows you and your Team the precise step-by-step implementation tasks of how to get stuff done quicker, without berating your Team members to meet their deadlines.

More importantly, this training teaches your Team not only how to get it done, but also how to get it done RIGHT. After you give your Team access to this course, your important projects will no longer fall by the wayside or get delayed.

So, give your Team the laser focus to help get the most crucial tasks done and watch how your company’s collective productivity catapults to levels you once could only dream of...

Get Sh*t Done helps your business sell more, produce more, create more, and do it without you constantly monitoring your Team’s progress.


In a number of effective ways, here’s some of what’s revealed in Get Sh*t Done:

  • How to get over the perfectionist mindset that causes doubt and procrastination... and just GET SH*T DONE faster
  • How to tip the scales in your favor and take advantage of the "lazy procrastinator’s secret" for achieving more and getting more done in less time
  • How to ask your Team member time-proven "mindset questions" so they sidestep the crippling impact of procrastination. And how to make sure your Team doesn’t get sucked in by other destructive mindsets such as "perfectionism"
  • How to decipher why some people hop from project to project and never accomplish anything – and how to make sure your Team isn’t falling into this trap
  • How to avoid waiting until the last minute to do important tasks and get things done earlier, better, and faster
  • How to spot the 10 most destructive procrastinator mindsets. What they are, how to tell if you or your Team have them, and how to CURE each one – once and for all
  • How to AVOID the "inner conflicts" that can inspire your Team to STOP procrastinating and how to destroy "self-talk" so they achieve more in less time
  • How to use the secrets of the world’s most productive CEOs to take your Team – and your results in your business – to the next level
  • And, of course, there’s so much MORE!


Make sure you get this Get Sh*t Done program with the "ADD TO CART >" button below. It could be your company’s master key to unlocking the business productivity levels you know you’ve always deserved.

If you want to transform your Team into a no-nonsense group of motivated, proactive, go-getters, then simply do what it takes to get your hands on Get Sh*t Done ... Enough said, let’s do this ...


Bonus Gift #1 - Get Shit Done™ action guide (Digital Download)

This ACTION GUIDE is your fastest and easiest way to integrate all powerful strategies you or your Team learns in Get Shit Done™. It’s specifically designed to help you and your Team apply what you’ll learn in this seminal training course.

Plus, this ACTION GUIDE provides you a “backstory” of all the strategies revealed in the program in a single resource.That way, you and your Team can implement elements of the program – in a bite-sized chunk – and hold each other accountable along the way!

What that means is greater efficiency and effectiveness to bolster your company’s “execution intelligence” for faster profits through better productivity. Utilizing this simple tool will also keep you (and your Team) laser-focused on the things you know will bring the biggest results.

Simply put, you’ll soon discover how to maximize your results in minimum time, while simultaneously eliminating time and energy-draining behaviors that repeatedly get in the way of accelerating your company’s growth. And the best part is your no-cost bonus gift after you click the "ADD TO CART" button (below) and invest in Get Shit Done™.

Bonus Gift #2 - Unlock It Journal™ (Digital Download)

And just when you think the Get Shit Done™ ACTION GUIDE is that little something extra you need to integrate the lessons you and your Team learn from the online training, we decided to also include the UNLOCK IT JOURNAL™.

If your business is worth growing, then it’s worth recording your "WINS" (and lessons) along your company’s journey to achieve wild success. Wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine if you and your Team could get more done in 90 days than some organizations can get done in 90 weeks ...Imagine how much more free time you could recapture ... Picture how much faster your company could grow to the revenue levels you know you deserve.

Most business owners don’t like to “journal” their experiences, yet these same business owners continue to repeat their mistakes again and again and whine about how badly their business is slumping. We would guess that because you've read this far, you don't see yourself as one of those Lazy Thinking Business Owners.....Right?

We assume you already know the power of how Journaling can improve your future productivity, which in turn, results in more cash-flow.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great course but still has some part can be improved in the course

I like your way that structure the course, and I like you put gratitude video and recommend books in the course.

After I implement some action steps, I still haven't get shit done in my life.

There is still some knowledge if add into the course can make this course better.

The perfect way to decide who to be... Now!

This is the kind of course that any procrastinator might follow. By the way I'm among that group.

This program shows exactly who to be in order to change the bad habits that are just delaying "the sh*t done' and most of the time success.

A lot of tips that became pearls of wisdom. Good for life, not only for business.

Positive dopamine by getting sh*t done!

I identified my brands of procrastinator, more than one🤦🏻‍♀️. I understood that it’s about bad habits, need to replace them. I will follow Sifu’s suggestions: Block the time and do the thing, train, execute, live in stage live 3, stay in quarter 2, ask WHO, delegate or accountability partner. My habit to procrastinate will disappear.
Thank you Sifu Dan for helping me to live my live better, to become the better version of my self and to overcome procrastination in funny way ( positive dopamine)😃

Get Shit Done

Implement Everything you learn, You can generate 100K only from single 7K investment that you made in a course.

If you have learnt something It does not mean you own it, It's not yours till now.
You can own the learning if you implement it and "Get the Sh*t done."

And It(Course/Learning) becomes integrated part of your life.

Get Sh*t Done

Amazing Course

Implement Everything you learn, You can generate 100K only from single 7K investment that you made in a course.

If you have learnt something It does not mean you own it, It's not yours till now.
You can own the learning if you implement it and "Get the Sh*t done."

And It(Course/Learning) becomes integrated part of your life.

Amazing Course!

Thank you Dan for this course! I'll immediately get shit done!

Jeeshu Mittal
Get Shit Done!

This course is a must for massive action and zero excuses. Progress wins over perfection. Just go for it and get shit done!

Bogdan Caba
How "Just do it" inspired an entire generation

Have you ever heard Nike's slogan, or Michael Jordan's approach to winning in basketball and business, or Tom Brady's ability and mindset to outperform everyone at his age and become the GOAT?
They can all be reduced down to "Ability to Get Shit Done"!
And that is no easy task. But it's a simple task.
Dan eliminates all the BS in this course - from complicated motivational videos to entire speeches on discipline and attitude.
Don't get me wrong, they are all great. But there is a right approach and a wrong one.
This course clears the way and gets straight to the point.
After you invest in this course, "just do it", and go through it, like right now, don't postpone, don't procrastinate.
Invest, Listen, Take Notes, Implement, Repeat. You life will change for the better.
And you will appreciate newfound respect for yourself.

Nathanael Santiago
Don't waste more time!!! Just do it…

Excuses, laziness and many false inventions often stop the progress of what we want to achieve. In this course Dan Lok throws excuses to the ground and leads us to take Action, zero excuses, zero Nothing
Get up and do what you know you have to do.