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“Dan Lok is a business GENIUS!”

– Michael Gerber

The World’s #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of “E-Myth Revisited

Email is one of the single best marketing weapons you can have.

You can use email to communicate with your customer list. You can use it to forge powerful relationships. You can use it to impart your wisdom. And you can use it to sell bundles of your products.

And just like any other marketing weapon, the more effective your emails are, the better your results will be.

That’s why I decided to bring you Email Secrets.

In Email Secrets, you’ll hear from email marketing expert Candice Lazar. Candice is recognized as one of the most effective email marketing writers in America. She’s written hundreds of winning emails for the likes of Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula (PLF) fame…

She’s written emails for AWAI and is the expert they turn to for coming up with powerful emails that get results.

Candice has been written about in Bob Bly’s book Copywriter’s Problem Solver. And when I wanted to bring the secrets of successful email copy to my customers and clients, the first person I turned to was Candice.

Now, with the release of Email Secrets, I’m bringing Candice’s email marketing secrets to a wider audience – you included.

Here’s a small taste of what Candice reveals in Email Secrets…


Two things every email must contain for maximum success and results

These two things are often the missing ingredients for email success. (And most writers don’t know what they are.)


Writing emails to get copywriting clients to read, respond, and hire you.

It’s what you do before writing a single word that guarantees your success or failure.


Write powerful hooks and subject lines that get your emails opened and read.

Heres’ where to find great subject line and hook ideas that kick butt.


The “4X4 Method” for structuring the perfect email.

By simply following the step-by-step structure, you’ll always write powerful emails that cause prospects to read your emails and buy what you’re selling.


How to write powerful opening copy in your emails that instantly capture attention.

Without a powerful opening, your copy is dead in the water. Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) do.


How to write and structure powerful launch sequence emails to generate massive sales.

Candice has wrote these killer emails for some of the largest marketers and enjoyed huge success. Here’s how she did it and how you can, too.


The “Big 6” email sequences all clients need.

Candice tells you what they are and how to write powerful copy for all six.


Secret way to write and structure emails that get highest readability and response rates.

If you don’t have these five things in every email you write, it’s costing you (or your client) BIG.


The ONE big thing every email must have.

Yet so few copywriters and marketers get this dead wrong. Plus other proven ways to boost the power of every email you write.

And this is just the beginning of the secrets you’ll find in Email Secrets.

With this powerful program at your fingertips, you’ll never write dull or boring emails ever again. Instead, you’ll write emails that inform powerfully, sell effectively, communicate in a crystal-clear way, and much more.

And the best part is, when you know the secrets that made Candice one of the most effective email writers in America…

You’ll be able to write powerful emails on demand – and in just minutes.

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Best Value of Money

highly recommended for every agency and marketers

Shreyas Karade
Amazing Email Marketing Secrets

This Email Secret is a must for everyone if you want to improve your email marketing skills. This will give you the mistakes to avoid and also some real-life case studies to implement in your emails

Jerry Ogunrinu
For People Who Want To Get The Best Out Of Thier Emails

Contains everything I need to know about emails for now 👌

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