Negotiation Secrets

"How To Win Higher-Profit Deals (In Any Situation) Without Needing To Split The Difference"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.5 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will - and do i with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business, Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation.”

- Frank McKinney

5-Time International Best Seller


If you want to take your Team’s negotiation skills to an "expert" level ... and close the bigger, more important deals for your company, then Negotiation Secrets is an absolute must to pluck-out of Dan Lok Shop.

Negotiating master and legend Chester Karrass once said, "You don't get what you deserve in life. You get what you negotiate."

And so it is in business and Dan Lok’s Negotiation Secrets helps your company get what it needs to grow ... faster, better, and with fewer arguments with vendors.


This easy-to-apply training spoon-feeds you frightening power to master the fine art and science of negotiation.

You and your Team will discover unique negotiation systems that many of the world’s most effective negotiators use to create “WIN-WIN” deals with your JV partners, vendors, employees and even your attorneys and accountants!

You and your Team could walk into any high-pressure selling environment and walk out with the biggest deals for high-ticket products and services. And you can do it without "splitting the difference." Splitting the difference means compromising.

Negotiation Secrets teaches your top Team members to never compromise on your behalf.


You’ll discover the master secrets of the best negotiators – and how to win the sale every time, in any situation.

Take a peek at some of the principles revealed in this remarkably powerful course:

  • How to harness the 7 "power sources" of the world’s top negotiators for winning in any situation. You and your Team will be unstoppable when you use this tip
  • How to model master negotiator, Chris Voss’ secret for opening any negotiation powerfully. (Watch the confidence ooze out of your Team after seeing this master technique!)
  • How to master the 3 steps every negotiation goes through ...once you and your Team ace this, you’ll never worry about negotiating again
  • How to "sense" when to close, when to negotiate, and why it’s critical you and your Team know the difference
  • How to capitalize on "Power Plays" so that your organization is perceived by your counterpart to be "one in power" during any negotiation
  • How to avoid being overpowered during negotiations with multiple people (and organizations) simultaneously without missing a beat, or letting anything “slip-through-the-cracks. (Note: This is especially effective when you or your Team presents in front of large groups or crowds)


Because you made it this far, you’ve probably wondering if it's possible to "raise-the-tide" on your Team’s negotiation and persuasion power as easily and effectively as we are promising above, right?

Fortunately, the answer is YES ...

It’s true ... with the help of Negotiation Secrets, you’ll NEVER again just negotiate to a favorable compromise. You will negotiate to win, Win, WIN!

So give your organization the “passport” to WIN-WIN negotiations from this point forward and give this training a go...


This top-selling program from Dan Lok shows you proven strategies for dealing with life’s negotiations. Whether it's negotiating the terms of an agreement with a new client (so you make more money on every deal), getting a better deal on a new car, home or other sizable purchase…

Inside Negotiation Secrets you’ll discover not just WHAT to say and do but how, when and why to do it. You’ll go from fearful or timid to unstoppable. You’ll finally have the knowledge (and courage) to make life give you whatever you want.

If you need to sell more, get higher prices, keep costs down, manage people, improve your relationships… inside the 7 power-packed video modules you'll discover the steps, rules and strategies to win in any negotiation.



How to know when to close and when to negotiate

(there’s a subtle difference between closing and negotiating. Many people negotiate when they should be closing. Discover the subtle difference and your sales could skyrocket)


Why you should never try to close the sale during the negotiation

(A negotiation has 3 clear steps. If you try to close before completing these steps you’ll look weak and either lose the sale or lose the respect of your client)


The one question you should ask before starting a negotiation

(Uncover the answer to this question and all your negotiations will flow like a river of silk)


Power Plays:

5 ways to put yourself in a position of power in any negotiation -- without saying a single word (plus how to avoid being overpowered when you’re the one trying to get a better deal)


7 Sources of power in any negotiation and how to exploit each one

(plus what to do to counteract the weak points in your company, your brand or your offer)


The simple question former FBI agent Chris Voss almost ALWAYS used to open a negotiation

(plus his two-word secret for steering the negotiation in the direction you want it to go)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
David M.

Highly recommend this program to everyone. The information you received will be priceless.

You can take lot more from the table!

This super course helped me to understand how important is to ask! Asking is simple and have the advantage to save a lot of money and to have better conditions&terms. In very simple way Sifu Dan explains, demonstrates and learns us 9 secrets of negotiation for buying or selling. We can use in our advantage or recognize and protect us from others in negotiation situations.
I will listen to it one more time because I value it so useful! I highly recommend!

Christopher lambert

I would recommend this program to anyone. So much useful questions and uncommon information.

Jay Hornby

The lessons Dan Lok provided in Negotiation Secrets tied into various concepts I have read from an ex FBI agents book and some authors in both Self improvement and Psychology but with a fresh twist that tied previous concepts together in a unique way that makes a lot of sense. My favorite part of the course was his approach when negotiating for a better deal with a seller. Which is an approach I will draw upon and implement when the scenario arises. Dan Lok's perspective clearly showcases to me of a man who has takes pride in perfectionism and excellence in his approach and offers a short cut into that excellence by listening to his experience and life wisdom.

Closing is first and then negotiations

Very precious information in this course again.
Thank you very much sifu Dan for helping us understand closing and negotiating.
Very important aspect of our life.

Mario Diaz Vega
In life, we get what we negotiate

Before this course, I didn't understand negotiation and the differences between closing. Now I'm clear about the meaning and more importantly how to apply it in different scenarios. Dan teaches useful concepts and techniques to use not only in business but in day-to-day situations. Here are my main takeaways:

- Negotiation is not about talent. It's a learnable skill, like closing.
- It's a win-win solution, isn't about one losing the other wins. I don't have to be ruthless to be a good negotiator.
- Closing is about persuading prospects to buy your product. Negotiation is about agreeing on the terms of the purchase. Is different than closing. Negotiation is not handling objections. So, I do not have to combine the two. I should negotiate only when necessary.
- Close first, negotiation second.
- Self-awareness: know your weakness and what you can bring to the table.
- Collect information, confirm what is what they want, and then compromise with what I can give.
- Shock and surprise technique.
- Ask for more when you're negotiating (Is this the best you can do?).
- Gain negotiating power by delegating the decision-maker to someone else (third party approval).

Reviewer avatar
Gautam Srikrishna
Helpful for business and daily life scenarios

This training helped me negotiate my salary better and continues to help me in daily life scenarios. Understanding when to negotiate and when to close was a key learning for me. I realized that sometimes we just need to ask!

Amy Lee
Amazing soft skill that you want to know earlier

In this training I learn when is the timing to negotiate when is the timing to close
Negotiation skill makes the close moving extra miles, you'll love it.

Reviewer avatar
Suchetha Dissanayake
Anyone can Learn to Negotiate!

I didn't know that Negotiation is a technique, which is very much learnable by anyone, until I learned from this!
It's another very valuable program where Sifu Dan explains a very useful technique when you're buying anything or negotiating for your business. Just as closing, it's a skill that we use in daily life.