Millionaire Money Habits

"How To Develop The Money Habits That Can Make You Rich And Win More Friends And Influence More Clients"

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“Dan Lok is an impressive entrepreneur. Not only has he personally produced awesome results but he also genuinely wants others to take action and achieve exceptional results for themselves.”

– Brian Scudamore

Founder & CEO, O2E Brands (1-800-GOT-JUNK, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, Shack Shine)


Okay, here's a POP QUIZ: What do all millionaire business owners do that others don't? HINT: It's not as much what they "THINK," it's more about what they "DO."

And what they do is always about "HABITS" and Millionaire Money Habits could be your passport to become a 2-comma business sooner than you think.


Dan Lok knows about the specific HABITS to generate millions a year in their companies. And here's a fair warning: If you and your Team do not know what those specific habits are, then forget about having a 2-comma business (Two commas in 7-figure businesses).

In Millionaire Money Habits you'll learn what they do, how they make it, use it, invest it, protect it, and keep it growing year after year! This training is essentially a deep-dive distillation of Dan's meteoric business career and how he went from broke to building multiple million-dollar a year businesses. And, how he set up powerful systems designed to generate and grow a million dollar income and turn it into multi-millions...


Imagine getting your hands on a step-by-step plan that ANY business owner (and their Team) can utilize weekly to create significant wealth in their business.

In Millionaire Money Habits you and your Team will get proven, hands-on advice and strategies such as:

  • How to put "Money Psychology" so you can recreate your Team culture
  • How the "millionaire mindset" makes building wealth inevitable for you and your Team
  • How to spot "Wealth Triggers" so you know what to constantly focus on
  • How to use "Wealth Triggers" to start and maintain an avalanche of cash-flow for you and your Team
  • How to capitalize on theWorld's Easiest Money Management System : These are Dan's core secrets for building, saving, and investing smart for rapid wealth accumulation.
  • And more ...


To become a millionaire from your business, you and your Team just need to "DO" the things other millionaire business owners do. Again, these are Millionaire Money Habits that can really "move-the-needle" for your wealth accumulation this year.

The strategies you'll unearth in this ground-breaking training gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do, how to do it, and why these specific habits lead to lasting wealth.

Since you've gotten this far, claim your seat at the millionaire table in the next 12 months ... ready to give a go?


Dan’s controversial yet highly effective money habits will open your eyes to the truth about what it actually takes to accumulate a tremendous amount of wealth.

Aside from copywriting and closing, money habits is one of the most important skills you could have to create financial abundance in your life.



Millionaire Money Habits Digital Recording Training


The Psychology Of Money

Having a positive outlook towards money is the first step. Most people have a negative association with money... this is not a good place to be.
Watch this video, and have a deeper understanding of why you need to have a positive mindset towards money.


Why “Financial” Books Are Keeping You Broke

Most financial books out there are keeping you broke... it may sound counterintuitive. Find out why this is the case, in this video.


The World’s Easiest Money Management System Video Training


The Power Of Wealth Triggers

The definition of a Wealth Trigger: It is an object, an item or an environment that triggers the feeling of wealth. Learn more about Wealth Triggers in this video to have a better understanding of how you can use Wealth Triggers.


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Customer Reviews

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Victor Din
Faster Set Up Better Habit and Manage you Money Better

Going Course The Key Is increasing your income in faster and better and Habit of Mindset Better and Action and Sharing

One thing takeaway is mindset of abundance

François B.
This training just changed my life!

I recommend this course 100%. It is essential for all people who want to learn how to earn money for real! Dan's knowledge of the capitalist system in order to use it to our advantage to make money and become free is phenomenal! I force myself to watch it very regularly to properly apply the advice. His method of money management is the most incredible I have ever heard. From now on, I know exactly what to do to earn more money rationally, concretely and with kindness for my first clients.

It is not just about getting rich, it is about staying rich

Another great program from Sifu Dan. I am finding that the more I learn, the more I earn. Immerse yourself into this rich content to create money habits that will not only make you rich but will also keep you rich!