Dragon Ready Collection

Compress Decades Of Business Intelligence Into Days and Scale Your Business To 6 and 7 Figures and Beyond With Predictability & Certainty

Dear Future Dragon,

I have no idea if you and I have ever met …

But I do believe I know these 3 things about you:

  1. You know you deserve “wild success” this year
  2. You get “stuck” with skill-sets that hold you back
  3. You’re tired of “trying” to figure things out on your own, and making “costly mistakes” that set you back years.

Have I guessed right?

If you’re nodding your head with a "HELL YES" … then keep reading because I’m about to share with you a counter-intuitive strategy that is the single most important influence that caused my wild success.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s start with which SELF you listen to each day. (Your Higher-Self or Lower-Self … it’s always your choice).

By now, I think you know how important your "MINDSET" can be to determine your professional (and personal) financial future.

KEY POINT: I’m not referring to a MINDSET SHIFT … I’m referring to an "IDENTITY CHANGE".

Are you following me?

If not, then stop engaging in this Private Invitation. But, if you are, then your next step is to identify what you want your next TRANSFORMATION to be.

TRUTH BE TOLD: Team Dan Lok hopes you do whatever it takes to join our "Dragon-Ready" community of high achievers and take your business to levels you’ve always dreamed of and know you deserve.

Who This Private Invitation Is Ideal For…

This PRIVATE INVITATION is ONLY for business owners who are tired and frustrated with investing countless hours in training courses with lofty promises that produce only mediocre results.

If you can’t relate to that paragraph above, please re-read it until it really sinks in before you continue reading, okay?

We’re not looking to help "opportunity seekers" (a.k.a. "Bright Shiny Object" chasers) who feel a sense of entitlement their training decision will create multiple streams of income for the rest of their life.

No such “decision” exists and if you think you’ve found one, we are happy to connect you with one of our sales consultants to audit and evaluate your “find” in detail.

Can You Identify Your #1 Reason Why?

In our experience, the reason you haven’t experienced the business success you’ve hoped for isn’t that you’re not good enough, and it isn’t because of the global economy.

It’s because you’re not living in the right IDENTITY.

Let me clarify...

Smokers smoke because they identify with other smokers.

Olympic athletes train daily and follow a strict nutrition and supplementation plan because they identify with other olympic athletes.

And successful business owners make the money they do because they identify with other successful business owners.

My point is, nothing happens by accident. This may not surprise you, but it’s often overlooked.

"Opportunity Seekers" are the ones who think "just one training will change my life."

They suffer from "shiny object syndrome". They jump from one thing to another. They’re always looking for something OUTSIDE themselves, instead of looking INTERNALLY, upgrading their skills and CREATING success.

That’s why they’ll NEVER build wealth.

"Business Owners" are a different breed.

"Business Owners" are the ones who ask "What training can I give my team so they can hit their full potential, and help take my business to the next level?"

Do you sense the difference?

Moving your focus AWAY from your identity change and toward your accomplishment goal (more on this shortly) is the ONLY reason you haven’t succeeded at levels you’re capable of.

Think Of A Dragon Egg For A Moment…

Once a dragon hatches it doesn’t have the IDENTITY of a dragon straight away, it must learn to CRAWL and WALK before it can finally SOAR.

But even though flying is inbuilt into the dragon’s DNA, it still needs guidance from its mother.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the boy who was raised by wolves. He identified with being a wolf even though he was human. He’d walk around on all fours and act like he was part of the wolf pack.

Here’s why this is important.

I think you’ll agree it’s FAR EASIER to double, triple, or even 5x your annual revenue when you have someone supporting you who's been there, done that.

I know this because...

I’ve Done It For Myself And Many Other Business Owners Inside Our Dragon 100™ Advisory Group

The ONE THING they all have in common is they focused on changing their identity versus having a mindset shift.

And what that really means is the difference between being a “Business Owner” and an “Opportunity Seeker

Business owners know that if something seems impossible, then they must RISE to the occasion to make it happen.

So, Are You An Aspiring Dragon
Or Are You Content With NOT Flying,
And Keeping Your Feet Firmly On The Ground?

Because if you said the latter, then STOP reading right now.

But, if you believe you ARE an aspiring Dragon, then be prepared to jump into your Dragon egg for a short time…

And get acquainted with the “Dragon Community” so you can emerge from the shell ready to SOAR to unimaginable heights.

Here’s a quick question...

Do you know what else "Business Owners" do differently from "Opportunity Seekers"?

Business Owners Strive For Identity Goals…

...While “Opportunity Seekers” strive for accomplishment goals.

Let me explain.

A "Business Owner" changes their identity so they can grow and scale their company, whereas "Opportunity Seekers" simply aim to grow their company or have some lofty revenue target they HOPE to hit.

Think about the dragon hatchling scenario. Which do you think has a better chance of flying?

The dragon that "hopes" to fly and tries to work things out for itself, or the dragon that "steps" into its identity and gets guidance and support it needs?


As you’ve probably guessed by now...

The Most Powerful “Identity Change” You Can Make Is Becoming “Dragon Ready”

When you do this, your mindset shifts and actions become automatic.

You’ll automatically DO things “Dragon Ready” business owners do, and you’ll HAVE the things "Dragon Ready" business owners have.

More money, greater impact, a better lifestyle, more freedom…the sky's the limit.

You see, most business owners have it all backward.

They think success comes from merely DOING the right things.

And that can work for a while…

But, even IF they change their behavior, eventually their old identity overpowers their desire for change...

And they quickly discover their results aren't sustainable.

You must BE a "Dragon Ready" business owner before you can DO what a "Dragon Ready" business owner does, ONLY THEN can you HAVE the success you want.

Are you tracking with me?

That’s Great Dan, So How Can I Make The Identity Change And Become "Dragon Ready"?

The truth is even if you are "Dragon Ready", you’re not "Dragon Proven."

Either you haven't hit 6 figures in revenue yet, OR you’re well beyond that but you don’t have the techniques, strategies, and identity to scale and 2-5x your business.

Now, as you know, business has many moving parts, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to solve all your problems.

That’s why I created the "Dragon Ready Collection."

And in a moment, I’ll share with you exactly what that is and how it will help you change identities quickly and permanently.

But first, why Dragons?

Dragons Are Part Of My Dragon 100™ Business Advisory, And They Are NOT Your Average Business Owner

They’re high-level 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs.

They’re visionaries, competent business strategists, intelligent investors, and fierce leaders.

Here’s a deeper look at Dragon 100™.

Dragon 100™ is the ONLY elite advisory board in the world that accelerates wealth and freedom by transforming ordinary businesses into highly scalable remote organizations.

It’s reserved for established and high-level entrepreneurs and business owners and is strictly limited to 100 founders ONLY.

Dragon 100™ serves as your BLUEPRINT and pathway to achieving high levels of business autonomy, profitability, impact, and freedom.

The Dragon 100™ Path

I Mentioned This Private invitation is ONLY For “Business Owners” And NOT “Opportunity Seekers"

But let me dive deeper into what that means.

This is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who are Dragons in the making.

Maybe you’re Red or Black "Dragon Qualified" (see the Dragon 100™ path above) but you’re not quite "Dragon Ready."

Or you may be "Dragon Ready" right now, but you haven’t taken the first step toward becoming a "Dragon."

Here’s How Dragon 100™ Can Help You Achieve
Your Business Goals

Take a quick look at some of the results our Dragons have achieved since joining Dragon 100™.

Since meeting Dan, Dev went from earning $60K/year to $300K in just two years. He then joined Dragon 100™ and continues to achieve phenomenal results. He generated $700K in one 3-day event. He broke $1MM in 90 days, and went on to generate a further $1MM in another single 3-day event, taking his annual revenue to $2MM, and he shows no sign of slowing down.

Dev GadhviDev Gadhvi Enterprise

Since joining Dragon 100™, Ivan was able to grow his business from $145K, in 6 months to $300K+ in less than 6 months.

Ivan Rose PotterYoga Master Teacher

Mik asked Dan for guidance on what he should focus on, and Dan began helping him optimize his current process and leadership skills. This helped him add an additional €1,000,000/year.

Mik CosentinoInfomarketingX

Before joining Dragon 100™, Patricia’s business serviced 48 students, with 2 employees and generated $4,800 per month. After joining Dragon 100™ and implementing our teachings her business grew to over 230 students, 15 employees, and $35K per month.

Patricia Bartell Patricia Bartell Academy

Upon joining Dragon 100™, Fabio began to position himself better. Clients that didn’t respect his time slowly removed themselves from his ecosystem, leaving space for new and higher-value clients. He had his best month ever, closing $280K, and after continuing to implement Dan’s teachings he earned just under $1 million in 4 months and continues to grow.

Fabio Gallerani Marketing Genius

After implementing what Dan suggested, Jose changed his business model and target audience. These changes resulted in revenue growth of 400% to end the year with just over $1MM.

Jose Zaragoza Code 1 Maintenance

Since joining Dragon 100™, Khaled achieved a $50K month with half the employees and half the expenses, which helped him skyrocket his profitability.

Khaled QassabUnipharma

Before joining Dragon 100™, Johnny’s revenue was a respectable $20K/month. That soon jumped to $126K/month, and he was able to close the year with $900K, which was his best year ever.

Johnny Chen Johnny Chen Media

Natalia overcame enormous obstacles just to launch her business, and ultimately join Dragon 100™. After her first monthly turn over 80 Euros in February of 2020, she now charges 4,000 Euros for a 60-minute consultation, and routinely closes $12K Euro each month.

Natalia GruenwaldAOS Finance

Scott took huge action to implement just ONE strategy of Dan’s. The result… a huge $122K in one day. In April 2021 he had another huge month with $190K. Today, he feels even more on purpose and is enjoying business more than ever before.

Scott Haug Opulence Mindset Inc.

If there’s anyone who knows the power of developing the right skills it’s Shaan. Initially re-closing a $60K client he gained the validation he needed to charge what he felt he was worth. He quickly took on a client at $250K and before long he had 25 stable clients generating him an additional $15K per month. Since joining Dragon 100™ he’s gone on to generate over $300K from his own programs, and continued to grow to over $1 million/year in less than 2 years of being in business.

Shaan Rais Omni Consulting Solutions

After starting with Dan in 2018, Tina was able to go from making $30K/year to making $250K/year teaching English. She knew she was meant for more and wanted to elevate her brand and take it to the next level. By February 2021, she was making $50K/month in digital sales alone, on top of her teaching income. She now has a sales team which leverages her time, so she can focus on growing her business.

Tina Somchit-Taylor Love to Learn

Each successful Dragon shares many commonalities. Just like Tina above, they all knew they were WORTH MORE, they all knew they needed HELP getting to the next level, and they all stepped into their brand new Dragon IDENTITY.

But of course, they didn’t all start out as Dragons, so I don’t expect you’ll get there overnight.

But, Before You Get To "Dragon Ready" Status...

Imagine You Knew The Precise Steps To Prepare Your Business For Rapid Wealth Acceleration By…

Gaining access to 40 years of business-building secrets in a unique selection of my favorite, groundbreaking virtual trainings.

Inside these transformational trainings, you’ll get 40 years of business growth, leadership, and scaling courses, where you can…

Unlock your personal power, social influence and make your future shine brighter than you ever thought possible.

This is truly a Once-In-A-Lifetime collection I originally put together for my private clients and high-level mentees for my 40th Birthday.

It includes some trainings "never-before-released" to the public as well as everything you need to recession-proof your business and your income, and ensure your individual economy thrives, even when the world economy is in free fall.

But today, I’m making it available to you because I know how valuable the information is and I simply want to see you succeed.

I’m sure you’re aware by now…

It’s Your Business-Building Skills That Really Move The Needle In Your Life And Business

The skills you’ll soon discover are the same skills that helped me clear $150K of debt… Allowed me to retire as a multi-millionaire before age 30… and took my current business from zero to 8 figures in under one year.

But, let me be clear: This isn't just "skills and tools" information to learn from.

It's my favorite collection of "best-in-breed" virtual training courses that can reliably change your life and business ... just like it has for thousands of my other students, clients, and even many of my colleagues!

What Now?

If you want to become a valued Dragon 100™ member, scale your business, increase your impact, and create a life of freedom for yourself and your loved ones, the "Dragon Ready Collection" has EVERYTHING you need to make it happen.

FAIR WARNING: Don’t buy the "Dragon Ready Collection" UNLESS you THINK, FEEL, and ACT like a "Business Owner."

Remember, you’re a "Business Owner" with a team.

Don’t focus on comparing yourself to others. Focus on how you can supply your team with the right information, so they can learn, and help you grow your business without you.

Now, because you’ve read this far, isn’t it only fair I show you what’s included?

Introducing The Dragon Ready Collection…

A “One-Of-A-Kind” Selection Of 40+ Of My Best and Most Groundbreaking Virtual Trainings Encompassing The First 40 Years Of My Life (Plus Bonuses)

But before we go further, I must mention that top entrepreneurs and CEOs pay me 6-figures per year for just one hour a month of my time.

The reason I tell you this is so you’re aware of the value I bring to the table, just in case we’ve never met before.

So without further ado…

The Dragon Ready Collection

Business Building

6 STEPS TO 6 FIGURES (Normal Value: $1999.00)

Discover how to get your dream clients with ease and make every month a 5-figure month while enjoying the freedom you deserve! This exclusive training will instantly allow you to attract better clients, easily scale your business, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance), and probably slash your work hours like never before!

PREMIUM PACKAGE SECRETS (Normal Value: $999.00)

Develop proven skills to transform and ignite your business by learning how to package your services for top-dollar. Stop dealing with low-ticket clients and an inconsistent lead flow, and begin developing a steady stream of premium buyers lining up to do business with you.


Leave your competition dead in the water by discovering Dan’s 9 point system for developing high-quality, game-changing and profitable ideas, that give you the best bang for your business buck.


Build a powerful person brand that attracts your ideal clients and avoid the most common and biggest personal brand killers.


Get Dan Lok’s high-level positioning secrets that force your audience to see you as an authority in your niche.

FREELANCING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover the secrets that allowed Dan Lok to go from $150K in debt to making 6 figures in his first year as freelance copywriter in his early 20s.

TUBE FOLLOWER SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Steal Dan Lok’s proven strategies that took his YouTube channel from 0 to over 3.8 million subscribers and allows him to monetize his channel in ways most influencers know nothing of.

VIDEOS THAT SELL (Normal Value: $999.00)

Create captivating “guerrilla” style sales messages (without a Hollywood budget, special skills or experience) that grab prospects' attention, and persuade, inform, inspire…and convert them from people who casually scan your page to cash-in-hand buyers.

INSTASECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Build a tribe of loyal followers in record time with Dan Lok’s InstaSecrets and discover how to growth-hack your following, maximize your reach & visibility, automate your content, and monetize your loyal audience.

MAGNETIC MESSAGES (Normal Value: $499.00)

Steal Dan Lok’s most potent and engaging social media posts, and highest performing emails. If you’ve ever been stuck with what to create or what to write, this is now a thing of the past.

This collection of business building trainings is everything you need to help you build your business and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Sales & Persuasion


Selling high-ticket offers is a completely different ball game to traditional sales. This training will hand you the tools you need to master the art of high-ticket sales, so you can increase your income and take your business to new heights.

B2B CLOSING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover the easiest way to get to the main decision maker in any company, and how to close B2B deals like a pro by using high powered qualifying questions that turn low-interest prospects into rabid buyers.

PERFECT CLOSING SCRIPT (Normal Value: $499.00)

Enroll new clients in less time, with less resistance, and never feel like a sleazy high-pressure salesperson again.

REFERRAL SECRETS (Normal Value: $999.00)

Discover the secrets to enlisting your own personal sales army working for you 24/7 to bring you high quality referrals ready to work with you at the drop of a hat.

FOLLOW UP SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover Team Dan Lok’s value-driven follow up secrets that put the power firmly in your hands, and allow you to close more deals without feeling desperate, needy, or pushy.

PROSPECTING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover the special type of call that replaces cold calls, and gives you complete control over your prospect. No more feeling pushy, needy or desperate when prospecting ever again.

NEGOTIATION SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss’s secrets to negotiating like your life depends on it. Negotiation is all about maintaining power and control of the situation. With these secrets you’ll create a win/win scenario for all involved, and make more money.

PERSUASION SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover highly potent persuasion secrets you can unleash in your copywriting, closing, and speaking from the stage, on an unsuspecting audience that influences them to take the actions you want ethically.


Take your sales and business to the next level and turn your ability to consistently outsell, outperform, and outearn your competition. These are the 7 habits that separate the good from the great.

TALK LESS, CLOSE MORE (Normal Value: $499.00)

Use the sales secrets of master closers, so you can prospect less, talk less, and close more sales than ever before!


Discover unconventional and proven objection handling secrets to take full control of any conversation, so you can reduce concerns and move your deal forward.


Discover the secrets and the step-by-step methods to begin attracting and closing higher quality clients happy to pay 2X, 3X, 5X, and even as much as 10X your current price levels and fees. These clients will kick your profits into overdrive, as you ascend them to higher levels of service.

After going through just one of these sales trainings you’ll have insights that 99% of business owners are unaware of, which will give you a huge edge over your competition.


ART OF COPY (Normal Value: $999.00)

Want to charge lucrative fees, become world-class at your craft, and write irresistible compliant copy that converts? The Art of Copy will help you achieve all that and more.

CONTENT SECRETS (Normal Value: $999.00)

Unlock the secrets to ranking on the first page of Google, get hoards of free traffic and position yourself as the “go to” expert authority in your niche.

COPYWRITING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

13 high-level and potent copywriting secrets you can use to write high-converting ads, top performing content for your website, email copy, social media posts, sales and landing pages, and more.


Uncover the autoresponder secrets that allow Team Dan Lok to generate a huge ROI on their front end marketing efforts using simple but highly effective profit generating emails.

PAID AD SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover how to create compliant, powerful, and high-converting text and video ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, that allow you to promote your offers profitably.

MARKETING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Team Dan Lok’s million-dollar branding and marketing secrets that can double or even triple the strength of your marketing efforts, and give you the power to turn your marketing into a complete client-getting system that attracts clients to you like a magnet 24/7.

FUNNEL SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Set up and optimize high converting funnels with ease, that reel in prospects like they’re going out of fashion and bring you a steady flow of new clients and customers like clockwork.

OFFER SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Discover the secrets to creating absolutely irresistible offers your prospect simply can’t say ‘no’ to. After this training you’ll have everything you need to sell your products and services like hot cakes.

CONVERSION SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

A simple, yet complete training on how to convert even the most skeptical candidates into clients using counter-intuitive and subtle conversion-boosting principles that work for almost any business.

WEB COPY SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Uncover Team Dan Lok’s best kept secrets for creating powerful sales copy for websites – sales copy that’s been tested and proven and generated millions of dollars in sales.

EMAIL SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Steal the secrets to structuring and writing perfect emails that engage and build a solid relationship with your audience, taking them from lukewarm prospects to red hot buyers that take action on your recommendations and offers.

Each of these carefully selected trainings is an important piece to online business puzzle. When you combine these trainings together, they’ll help you speak to your ideal prospects, attract them into your ecosystem, nurture them, and convert them into paying customers/clients.

Investing & Wealth Building


Build a strong millionaire mindset, transform your relationship with money, discover the 9 laws of money, and 7 income streams millionaires consider to be “low-hanging fruit” so you can install them into your life, and create financial confidence and complete freedom.

YOUR FIRST MILLION (Normal Value: $499.00)

Making your first million isn’t as hard as you might think when you have Dan Lok’s one-shot, one-kill 7-step method to generate 7 figures in one year.


The Advanced Wealth Triangle Masterclass is truly everything you and your Team need to know to build a system for wealth in the years ahead. It doesn't take long to learn, but once you master it, this SYSTEM will provide your business huge dividends from its revenues.

UNLOCK YOUR ABUNDANCE (Normal Value: $499.00)

Strengthen your ability to outperform your self-image so you never feel stuck or frustrated at your level of success ever again.


Ever wonder why everything some people touch turns to gold? Uncover the secrets to attracting masses of wealth to you like a magnet, and watch your net worth grow.

Unlock your abundance and wealth with these trainings focused on helping you generate more money by working smarter rather than harder.

Personal Mastery & Productivity


Hit the ground running when the new year starts by setting yourself up for success, so you can hit every goal you set, achieve your dreams, and make 2022 your best year yet.

GET SH*T DONE (Normal Value: $499.00)

This short but extremely powerful training will give your team the laser focus they need to get more done in less time without having to be berated to meet deadlines. Imagine having a team that sells more, produces more, and creates more, without you having to constantly monitor their progress.


Discover the trick to doing less, achieving more, and having complete control over your schedule so you can take time off without feeling guilty, and get more done in one week than most people do in a month.

THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE (Normal Value: $499.00)

Get the millionaire mindset of the top 1% installed straight into your brain with 8 ways the upper-class think and act differently than the poor and middle-class.

MILLIONAIRE MONEY HABITS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Get the millionaire mindset of the top 1% installed straight into your brain with 8 ways the upper-class think and act differently than the poor and middle-class.

UNLOCK YOUR CONFIDENCE (Normal Value: $499.00)

Unlock the key to developing inner confidence so you can overcome fear... conquer self-doubt... and awaken the hidden genie of potential that’s lying dormant within you!

PUBLIC SPEAKING SECRETS (Normal Value: $499.00)

Develop unshakable onstage confidence onstage by using a former shy introvert’s public speaking secrets that give you the power to influence and persuade your audience with ease.

Unlock your confidence, your public speaking and communication skills, and become as productive as your millionaire counter parts with these highly impactful video trainings.

PLUS 8 Top-Tier Never Before Seen Bonuses:


(Normal Value: Priceless)

This special bonus contains a selection of wealth triggers and rarities. Each item inside has been hand-picked with the greatest intention to help you create a successful environment and to help you accelerate your wealth and become Dragon Ready as quickly as possible.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!


(Normal Value: $10,000.00)

Taught by A-list copywriters who’ve closed a combined $400+MM in sales. Copycademy contains hundreds of hours of priceless copywriting and marketing skills training, and is the absolute best resource available for you to develop the skills to write sizzling sales copy that converts like crazy! Consider this your shortcut to gaining world-class, industry-level writing skills and finding and getting companies and clients to pay you top dollar. This is worth the price of admission alone.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

BONUS #3: Tube Your Own Horn™

(Normal Value: $2,995.00)

Get the respect, influence, and lifestyle you deserve by using Dan Lok’s counterintuitive YouTube secrets to build your personal brand and influence, and catapult your business without a HUGE channel.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!


(Normal Value: $250.00)

Imagine holding in your hand a private collection of my best qualifying questions, objection handlers, and closing lines so you can get more sales now?

These are the exact short-cut scripts I use to cut through the BS and close high ticket sales, often on the first phone call. Works even on the toughest prospects and people who say "I'm not interested" Not available to the public.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

BONUS #5: How To Close Intimidating Prospects, Even If You’re A Complete Newbie To Sales

(Normal Value: $250.00)

50 must have questions to ace those 'tough calls'

After viewing the training you’ll NEVER feel intimidated again. In fact, you’ll look forward to speaking with high status people because you’ll know exactly what to say to get the sale. Works especially well when talking to high level executives like business owners and CEOs. Not available to the public.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

BONUS #6: Close Me If You Can Tournament

(Normal Value: $400.00)

Watch 16 of Dan Lok’s best sales proteges go head-to-head in a 32 round gladiator style knock-out competition!

This is a great way to learn killer lines you can use when you’re selling…. Plus you’ll see what works and what doesn’t so you can make adjustments to your own selling skills. Not available to the public.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

BONUS #7: Dan Lok’s 5 Hidden Sales-Boosting Secrets Behind The 100 Million Copies Sold Best-Selling Book: "Think And Grow Rich!"

(Normal Value: $200.00)

If Napoleon Hill's best selling book “Think and Grow Rich” can teach you anything about sales success it’s this: Success Begins In The Mind!

Today “Think and Grow Rich” is credited with creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history!

In this powerful presentation I break down the top 5 characteristics which I believe had the most impact on getting me where I am today. Not available to the public.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

BONUS #8: An Ex-Navy Seals Secrets For Leading A High Performance Sales Team

(Normal Value: $1,000.00)

Sales might not be war. But leading a sales team can certainly feel like a battle. And although losing an individual sale may not be life and death… losing too many sales means death financially. Who better than a navy seal commander to show you the leadership secrets that saved his life and helped him grow his business.

In this bonus training you’ll discover secrets shared at a high level mastermind event business owners and sales professionals paid $25,000 a year to attend.

Get This For FREE When You Invest In The
Dragon Ready Collection!

Let's Wrap This Up ... Because You’ve Made It This Far…

Are You Ready to Invest In 40 Years of Business Know-How for Less Than 1 Month’s Rent For Most Office Spaces?

If So, Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Invest In The Dragon Ready Collection Today

40+ of my most potent and groundbreaking business trainings ($26,995.00 Value)
Bonus #1: The Dragon Ready Box (Priceless)
Bonus #2 : COPYCADEMY™ - The Ultimate collection of A+ copywriters trainings ($10,000.00 Value)
Bonus #3 : Tube Your Own Horn™ ($2,995.00 Value)
Bonus #4 : Proven Closing Script Used By My Highest Performing Sales Superstars ($250.00 Value)
Bonus #5 : How To Close Intimidating Prospects, Even If You’re A Newbie To Sales ($250.00 Value)
Bonus #6 : Close Me If You Can Tournament. ($400.00 Value)
Bonus #7 : Dan Lok’s 5 Hidden Secrets Behind “Think And Grow Rich!”. ($200.00 Value)
Bonus #8 : Ex-Navy Seals Secrets For Leading A High-Performance Teams ($1000.00 Value)

Total Ordinary Value (Including Bonus Gifts):




Note: All sales are final. No refunds Available. Offer may change without notice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. If you have already invested in any of Dan’s programs, then you know how amazing, powerful, and transformational the strategies we teach are.

So, if you own any of these programs already, the savings you’ll get when you purchase the "Dragon Ready Collection" are so significant, that this is a "no brainer". If you were to buy these individually, you’d literally be spending tens of thousands of dollars more than you would if you invested today.

You’re getting everything in one place and that’s why we’re giving you such a great deal. You already know how powerful Dan’s programs are, so take action now.

That’s a good thing. I always talk about overwhelm being a positive emotion, not a negative one. This is a good kind of overwhelm, and the beauty of this is you’ll have everything in one place.

You’ll get everything you need, no matter what business you’re in or what stage of business you’re at. You’re getting 40 years of knowledge combined in 40+ programs with my most powerful life and business strategies.

Don’t forget, the great thing about the "Dragon Ready Collection" is you won’t be doing this on your own. You’ll be joining hundreds of business owners inside the “Dragon Ready Group”, so we can help you bridge the learning/doing gap.

This is an implementation program. It’s not one of those programs you invest in, never log into and forget about after a week. We have monthly study groups, we’ll go through the materials together, and we’ll show you how to implement them. We’ll support you, and the group will support you.

We want you to get to the "Dragon Ready" level. We want you to be in a position where you can apply for Dragon 100™. Red Dragon is $100K+ per year in revenue, Black Dragon is $1MM+ per year in revenue. And we want you to join us, so it’s in our best interest to support you on your journey.

Well, that depends on how fast you want to grow, and how fast you want to implement. As always, the more you put in the more you’ll get out. So, think of it as you’re investing quality learning time into your business.

We recommend you devote a minimum of 40 minutes per week, but if you see yourself as an overachiever, then we recommend 40 minutes per day.

You could be driving, working, or doing something else as you listen. But when you build that daily habit of listening to the materials, that’s where you’ll see the most growth, and how you’ll absorb 40 years of my knowledge directly into your brain. It’s beyond powerful.

Absolutely, you could get this later, but this is a very special offer we’re only running until we have enough Dragon members. Once we do, we’ll pull this offer immediately.

So you’ll no longer have the opportunity to invest in the "Dragon Ready Collection" and get all my knowledge at such a low price. You’ll only be able to buy everything individually, but you’ll lose the opportunity to make such a significant saving, AND you won’t be able to join the "Dragon Ready Group" and get the support needed to help you implement the teachings.

So, if you’re interested in this, take action now, you’ll have lifetime access, so you can access it anytime you want. This way you won’t have to worry about how long this offer will be available. Trust me, you’ll be shocked at how powerful "The Dragon Ready Collection" is.

Well, one of the things I believe is, it’s not the problem, it’s how you think about the problem.

It’s our blind spots that cost us money. And after all these years of consulting and coaching business owners, here’s what I’ve noticed. It’s the things we don’t think we need that we need the most. That’s usually what creates a breakthrough in your business.

So, chances are you think you need one thing, and you might, but what you really need will be found in another training. Because we all have our own biases and thoughts on what we need. But, advice from someone who’s been in your position before may prove otherwise.

For example, you may think you don’t need YouTube, but that could be the one thing that gives you the greatest breakthrough.

Or maybe you think you don’t need to know about copywriting, but that could be the thing that allows you to speak to your target market more effectively, and allows you to grow at a rate you’ve never before experienced.

This is why we give you everything, so you don’t need to feel like you have to implement it all at once. You can take what you want, implement it, then save the rest for when you’re ready.

You’ll have 40 years of business experience, so even if you just implement a tiny fraction, your business will grow, you’ll make more money, more profit, get more clients, and have a bigger impact.

I get it, business is expensive, but the truth is, you’re going to pay for the "Dragon Ready Collection" no matter how you look at it.

Either you invest today, learn from my mistakes, and get the knowledge on what’s working now, or you lose clients, which could cost you far more than the investment for the "Dragon Ready Collection." Even if you lost just one client a month, how much would you lose over a year?

What happens if you make one bad hiring decision? That would cost you tens of thousands per year.

What happens if your goals are delayed as a function of not knowing this information. So, instead of hitting your goals in 12 months, it takes you 5 years. Time is limited, and you only have so much time to make something happen and build the business of your dreams.

So, you’re going to pay one way or the other. Why not learn from my mistakes, instead of making your own and feeling like you’ve got to work everything out on your own with little to no support.

There’s a saying "Smart people learn from their own mistakes, but wise people learn from other people's mistakes."

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Sold out our July Father-Son retreat!!

ROAR: 10x Ad spend from our Black Friday Special! $350 on ads, $6650 under contract from ads alone. The increase in scarcity also helped get a few folks in my network across the finish line! Thank you Dragons for all the support!

Rikaza Shakeer

Exactly true Maral. What a transformation.
I took steps ahead and moved forward.
It�s challenging but achievable.
I joined the parents committee in my kids school then step forward to take a lead as a country coordinator then assigned to give a speech about my career journey. For me stepping forward itself a success.
Also amazing to see the transformation of my interior design students .
Now I got advance for my new design service. In exhibition booth designs.
I really understood the value of closing now.
Planning to do a work shop next live not virtual as predicted by Sifu and MCA .

Thomas Pfanner
Trust The Process

#ROAR I've had about 30 Dads organic opt-ins funneled to my OTO with 2 purchases.
I still have more things to tighten up with the opt-in and setting up OTO2 but its humbling to see the backend work paying off!! Thank you Dan Lok & Dragons for continuing to be in my corner!

Let Go of Loser Client

My victory is I recently let go of a loser client I had. One of those uncommitted clients, who was also cheap. I finally made the courageous move to let him go. And I now feel like a weight has just been lifted.

Natalia Gr�nwald
My Progress So Far

Hello everybody, I just want to share with you my progress. Since I�m back in Dragon.
I wake up now every morning at3.00 am today was it at 2.30 but I�m totally focused on my goal . I m on studying of Sifu�s training self- liquidating offer. And this training is for me mindblowing . It�s fantastic . I have lots of ideas how to implement and now I�m preparing material for fb ads �

Be It Until Become IT

Live your life as your dream already have come true and challenge your reality to catch up

Being surrounded by all real dragons
Feeling to be a dragon already
Make us to act as a dragon


AS SOON AS we decide to shift the IDENTITY every thing go to work accordingly


Zachary Zapata
Positive Change

Hey Future Dragons!
Since the time I last posted, I've been going through a whirlwind of positive change.
I'm now coming to you via my first 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.
This space will be almost empty, and completely dedicated to immersing myself into everything I'm learning. It will also be used as a positive reinforcement since environment is the most powerful.
Although I love my family dearly, I was heavily distracted living with them.
January 2023 was my best month so far in the car business. 9 deals funded and approved!

Very Successful Week

This, and the growing business in general has put November at a record breaking $141,000! And that does not include affiliate commissions.

Business is growing like crazy

We currently have 50,000 downloads for the PDF version of my book in one of my Niche market. We have got all the money we spend for the download back as well. We had 7000 subscribers in YouTube Channel a month ago and we have 17,000 right now with 3 videos reaching more than 30K and 1 of them going to 125K plus.