Million Dollar Marketing Consultation

How I Helped Dev Gadhvi Grow His Company From $500k to $2 MILLION In 12 Months

course format2 Modules

course length 11 hours 3 Minutes

topicSales & Closing

Ideal Biz Size$1 Million → $10 Million+

The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

What is it?

Can my marketing strategies really create millionaires?

In 2020 I was approached by Dev Gadhvi, a business owner in India.

He managed to grow his company to $500k a year.

But he was stuck.

So he reached out to me for consulting.

What follows is the recordings of 10, 1-hour coaching sessions I gave him and his team over a 10 week period.

I charge $10,000 an hour for consulting - so what you’re getting here are ten consultation sessions valued at $100,000.

Was it worth it?

You tell me. Dev grew by $1.5 MILLION IN 12 MONTHS, so the ROI is through the roof!

"By just spending about 30 to 40 days implementing what I learned, I was able to double my leads. The best part, within a year I doubled my income. The fundamental principles and strategies that Dan Lok teaches have totally changed my business."

Dev Gadhvi

Owner & Founder of Dev Gadhvi Enterprise, India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

On these recorded consultations you see everything we discussed… in the order we discussed it… to grow his company from $500k to $2 MILLION.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with me… if you want to add 7 figures to your annual revenue…

Here’s your chance to see the growth, the income, and life changing impact my coaching can have on your business.

Why is it relevant?

Although every business sells a different product or service… the challenges YOU face to grow your company are the same challenges faced by other 6 and 7 figure business owners.

In these 10 consultation sessions we cover more than 100 bottle-necks and sticking points that were restricting Dev Gadhvi’s income.

The principles for growth and scaling I shared with Dev Gadhvi are the same principles and strategies that will work for you.

If you fix even 1 of these bottle-necks in your own business… you can liberate millions in found revenue.

How will it help?

I honestly can’t see why you wouldn't get at least a million dollars worth of value from watching and implementing the strategies and breakthroughs I discussed with Dev and his team.

It doesn’t matter if you're a coach or consultant… or sell products or services…

Doesn't matter if you sell B2B or B2C (Dev does both) the strategies in The Million Dollar Marketing Consultation are timeless and work for ANY business large or small.

If you sell to people… and want to grow through better marketing, systems, hiring, training, and expanding your position in the market… Million Dollar Marketing Consultation gives you insights into scaling a 7-figure business you can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s just some of the secrets covered in The Million Dollar Marketing Consultation:

Session #1 Scale your audience and grow
your list to sell to more people

  • Simple ways to add income streams so you’re not relying on a single revenue source
  • Making the mind shift from transactions to recurring revenue
  • Eliminating instability and uncertainty from your business
  • How to convert event revenue into ongoing revenue
  • Key metrics to track and manage every day for accelerated growth
  • New strategies for using lead magnets to massively expand your reach and influence
  • You’re #1 focus when growing from 6-figures to 7-figures (everything else is secondary to this)
  • We also discuss building and developing your team
  • How to screen out underperformers in your hiring process
  • Using a cultural index to find people who are a good fit for your business (I use this in my business to hire the right person for the right position - saves me hundreds of hours of waste by preventing bad hires)
  • And much, Much more

Session #2 Scale Your Product Range,
Launch New Product And Create Compelling Offers

  • How to launch new products to a hungry market with irresistible offers that practically sell themselves
  • How to expand your audience without changing your product or service (you can easily double your revenue with this one strategy)
  • How to increase the market appeal for everything you sell
  • Product naming secrets to increase registrations and sales
  • How to slice-and-dice your product to instantly create more product offers that appeal to more people
  • Ascension mapping: how to go from one product to multiple offers and different price points to scale your revenue
  • Plus how to hire, promote (or demote) people to get the most out of your team (includes who to hire first and so on)

Session #3 Scale Your Product Range,
Launch New Product And Create Compelling Offers (continued)

  • What people are really buying when investing in your course or education program
  • The psychology of naming products that scale (and why the WRONG name can cost you millions)
  • The best time to ascend clients to your next product or service level
  • How to build a premium, high ticket offer to add a zero to your revenue overnight
  • Webinar makeover: How to take a so-so webinar and turn it into a 6 or 7-figure sales presentation that can scale your revenue
  • Powerful communication strategies to lead a team of people or clients to do what you want
  • If you do webinars here are word-for-word phrases you can use to preframe your message so people stay all the way to the end - without using cheesy product bribes or freebies
  • How to use trial closes in your webinars to overcome objections and prepare people to buy whatever you are selling
  • And more, more, more

Session #4 Evaluating the results from previous coaching sessions

See how Dev rapidly implemented the strategies Dan shared in previous sessions to create a business map to get to his goals faster.


  • Implementing new procedures to sustain the growth from every improvement you make
  • Follow up strategies to re-engage and convert more prospects into clients
  • Testing and measuring strategies to improve conversions (not everything you try will work. Here’s how to drop the losers and run with the winners)
  • Simple techniques for increasing your average order size (most businesses are leaving money on the table by limiting their offer)
  • Finding your unique edge in the market to stand out from everybody else
  • And many more secrets for scaling with a team

Session #5 How to use Technology to Stabilize and grow your Business

Simple ways to use technology to make your business easier as your team expands like...

  • How to make more money by doing less (a critical mindset change to make before you build a team)
  • Partnering for hands-free revenue
  • How and when to pivot your business to meet changes in your market
  • Evaluating the numbers: looking at campaigns and making small tweaks that lead to big profits
  • Adding media channels to scale your traffic
  • When to use books to build your credibility - and when not to (plus how to use a book to generate more qualified leads)
  • Creating unique marketing hooks people can’t ignore
  • What to do before you execute new plans (makes everything 10 times easier)
  • Why clarity trumps massive action every time
  • Plus many more secrets shared behind closed doors

Session #6 Increase Conversion Rate Using
Dan’s Unique Conversion Formula

See how the small and steady changes from previous sessions have increased conversions from Dev’s marketing channels. Discover:

  • A simple approach to scale your sales month over month
  • How shifting your target market can transform your sales results
  • Client avatar strategies for making happy clients without increasing your workload
  • How to use your clients own language to write compelling emails, landing pages, and training programs
  • How to use conversion events, processes and systems to make ascension normal and natural
  • How to move from a business that is dependent on your time to an enterprise that is dependent on your thinking
  • How to think like a strategist for maximum profit and personal satisfaction
  • And much more

Session #7 Behind The Scenes Of Event Planning, Million Dollar Branding Strategies

If you do any kind of event (or are thinking of doing events or public speaking) watch behind the scenes as Dan and Dev map out the logistics of a successful live event.

Then watch as they discuss advanced branding and new strategies for increasing traffic


  • Battle-planning annual revenue goals
  • Simple strategy for mapping your entire marketing calendar and KPIs on a spreadsheet
  • How to make goals and set intentions that turn dreams into reality
  • How to establish a strong brand that represents your values and attracts your ideal clients
  • How to use branding to outclass your competition
  • How to design high ticket programs, masterminds and events
  • A secret strategy for maximizing sales before, during and after live or virtual events
  • And much more

Session #8 Analyzing Dev Gadhvi's Team Quarterly Goals

Your team needs to understand your goals, and most importantly how to track them.

Because analyzing the data will provide you with the insight you need to grow.

In this session we talk about key metrics your team needs to track, measure and improve to create sustainable growth.

You’ll also see strategies for managing cash-flow more effectively so you can sleep well at night without worrying about meeting your overheads.

Discover insider secrets like:

  • The only 3 KPI’s I recommend tacking. Keep these 3 numbers going up… and you’ll never worry about money again
  • How to profit from partnerships (right and wrong partnership models)
  • Why scaling can actually send you broke (plus how to scale profitably)
  • How to get better results for clients while decreasing your cost of delivery
  • Structuring incentives and compensation plans for team members to get the most out of their activities
  • How to increase your teams’ productivity, ownership, and results
  • How to engineer “buffers” in your revenue to weather economic storms
  • Why you want to focus on margin growth NOT revenue growth
  • The “money trap” growing businesses fall into that puts them at risk of failure
  • And much more

Session #9 Passionpreneur Structure

Find out how Dev Gadhvi structures his business with Dan’s help. And how you can apply the same techniques and ideas to make your business more profitable and easy to manage

  • Includes proprietary secrets not available to anyone outside Dev’s team and the people willing to invest in the Million Dollar Marketing Consultation

Session #10 Setting Team Goals For 2021

In this final video Dan, Dev and the team discuss goals for 2021 and talk about scaling beyond $2 million.

  • Includes proprietary secrets not available to anyone outside Dev’s team and the people willing to invest in the Million Dollar Marketing Consultation

What now?

If you want to scale your business… and you’re serious about doing it this year… you really MUST see these consultation sessions.

You’ll see the thinking, strategies and planning that goes into scaling a business beyond 7 figures.

My normal fee for 1-hour of coaching or consulting is $10,000.

I met with Dev for 10 hours over 10 weeks.

So the value you’re getting here represents $100,000 in consulting fees.

And I think you’d agree, if you can parlay a $100,000 investment into 7 figures (a million dollars) of growth it would be well worth it.

However, charging $100,000 or even $10,000 for a recorded version of the consultation wouldn’t make economic sense.

So I set the investment at just $5,000.

At $5,000 I won't try to convince you to buy here.

You either recognize the extreme value of the profitable strategies included in the Million Dollar Marketing Consultation as described on this page or you don’t.

Like I said before… you really CAN’T watch these Million Dollar Marketing Consultations without experiencing a HUGE increase in your ability to produce massive income.

So… if you DO recognize the value… and you’re ready to enter a new period of growth, financial stability, and more fun in your business and life… I invite you to invest in the Million Dollar Marketing Consultation.

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