Prospecting Secrets


And turn every “cold” prospect into red-hot leads

Imagine if you didn’t have to make another cold call again.

Instead, imagine every sales call was only to people qualified to buy.

People who were ready, willing, and excited to buy a product or service.

No cold calls. No rejection. No beating the bushes to find new clients and customers.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, believe it or not, it’s NOT a dream. 


They only pick the telephone up if and when they have a potential client or customer that’s already pre-disposed to buying.

It’s exactly how I – and my team here at Team Dan Lok – work when it comes to making sales calls.

We don’t waste time cold calling. We want maximum bang for our buck on every sales call we make.

That’s how sales calls should be. Not stressing about how  to make a few measly sales out of hundreds of calls.

That’s high stress for very little success.

Would you like every sales call you make to be only with prospects who are ready and willing to buy whatever you’re selling?

Makes sense, right? Absolutely.

Thankfully, Team Dan Lok has solved this problem .


With our brand-new training program called Prospecting Secrets.


In Prospecting Secrets, you’ll discover everything you need to know to go from finding prospects that are ripe for the picking…

And how to turn them from “cold” to red-hot leads with just a few little-known techniques.

Prospecting Secrets is for people who want to getmore from fewer sales calls — with much less stress. 

But that’s not all. In Prospecting Secrets, you’ll also discover things like…

  • The 16-word sentence that never fails to grab your prospects attention.It’s so simple (yet delightfully devious) that the person on the other end instantly begins talking without hesitation.

  • How to take control of ANY sales call in the first 10 seconds.This uncommon technique causes a prospect to perk up and listen.
  • Sell more by sellingless.I developed this powerful psychological trigger technique years ago. It sells like crazy by completely disarming your prospects natural sales resistance.
  • Deadliest words you can ever say during a sales call. Say these things and it instantly puts prospect on the defensive and drives down your chances of ever getting a sale.
  • What to absolutely sellfirst before trying to take their money. Without this, your sales is dead in the water – this is where 90% of sales people get it wrong.

  • How to immediately tell who you should andshouldn’tsell toThis instantly cuts the tire kickers who waste time on sales calls  from  prospects who are ripe for the picking.
  • You should try and disguise your call as a sales call, right? Not always! When honesty really is the best policy…and how to use this approach to close more and sell more.

  • The secrets oftonalityin sales calls and why it matters so much.There’s a ton of ways to use tonality…let me show you the best use to get more sales.
  • Agenda-setting secrets of the world’s top salespeople.Done properly like I demonstrate, the prospect actually gives you permission to sell them. In the right hands, this technique can be devastating.
  • How to use a prospect's pain to sell more, more often. Forget slick sales tactics, here’s all you need to know to hook a  prospect into your sales story.
  • How to blow past the gatekeeper (secretaries etc.) and get right to the decision maker every time.My time-tested methods for bypassing gatekeepers could be a program on its own. I devote a whole section to teaching it here.

As you can see, Prospecting Secrets is chock full of powerful techniques  for turning cold prospects into warm prospects that are ready to buy. 

And we don’t just talk about the tactics we teach. You’ll actually hear me go through them just like they would happen in a real sales setting…

So you can easily and quickly use them for yourself TODAY to get a spike in your sales efforts.

Once you know how to sell in a way that makes it super advantageous for the prospect to say yes, selling becomes automatic.

Ready to kick-start your sales into a much higher gear?

Get Prospecting Secrets today by clicking the Add To Cart button now…

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