Tube Your Own Horn Program

"How You Can Use My Counterintuitive YouTube Secrets To Build Your Personal Brand and Influence, and Catapult Your Business Without a HUGE Channel"

  • course format6 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 32 Hours

  • topicSocial Media Marketing

"Dan has done it, teaches it, and continues to do it. One of Dan's great gifts is his near-genius ability to take something complex and break it down into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow. I am convinced that every business owner can benefit from his knowledge and expertise."

– Jay Conrad Levinson

The Father of Guerilla Marketing, Author: "Guerilla Marketing" series of books - over 21 million sold; now in 62 languages

Dear Friend,

As a businessman, I know…

"Where people go, money flows."

And this is why YouTube IS one of the most effective platforms for you to build your brand and your business on, in 2021.

There are millions of people who are very similar to you in sense of humor, outlook on life, and values... All you need is to be where they are looking - which is YouTube - and you’ll have an audience.

If you can use YouTube to create authority, influence, and profits in the marketplace, how would your life change?

Well allow me to show you how you can, even if you have just a small fraction of the success I’ve had on YouTube.

Now, if you want to do YouTube as a hobby, you can, but it will pay you like a hobby.

But what if you want to make it your full time gig?

Well, here’s how you can even with a small channel.

Disclaimer: I’m about to share with you an insider secret even some of the biggest YouTubers DON’T know.

Believe me, there are thousands of YouTubers with HUGE audiences who don’t make a full-time living when they easily could.

The Point Is, When You Have Just A Small Number Of True Fans Who Like What You Do...

Right There, You Have The Potential To Have Fun And Generate Incredible Income From YouTube

I’m personally connected with literally dozens of other famous YouTubers...

This is exactly what I did with my channel and a small number of smart YouTubers do too.

With my channel, I never focused on “going viral” or being funny.

I just focused on connecting with True Fans.

And here’s what happened...

  • With my first 1,000 True Fans, I was making tens of thousands of dollars...
  • When I got to 10K True Fans, I was making 6-figures...
  • When I got 100K True Fans, I had made 7-figures...
  • Then when I hit 3M +True Fans, well, you can guess what happened from there...

All from doing what?

That’s right. Just by focusing on getting True Fans.


Here’s How Tube Your Own Horn® Helps YouGet The Respect, Influence And LifestyleYou Deserve!

Yes! Give Me Your YouTube Secrets!

What Business Owners Say About Tube Your Own Horn®


Module 1: Master Your Mind

The Secrets To Having A “Humble Hollywood Mindset” - The Foundation Of Being A Confident, Successful Star On YouTube

Module 2: Magnify Your Personal Brand

How To Choose Your Niche, Wake Up Excited Every Day, And Create A Powerful Brand

Module 3: Maximize Your Impact

How To Come Up With High-Impact, Persuasive, And Addictive Video Content - Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Good At Or You’re Passionate About - This Week Also Includes A Detailed Breakdown Of How To Do Fast Editing, Script Writing, Thumbnail Creation, Call To Actions, And All The Other Technical Aspects Of YouTube

Module 4: Magnetize Your Subscribers

The Amazing Secrets To Capturing Attention And Having Instant Charisma On Camera Without Being Smart, Entertaining Or Good-Looking

Module 5: Measure Your Growth

How To Get Subscribers Fast And How I Set Myself Up To Get Paid Starting On Day 1

Module 6: Monetize Your Influence

My Personal Secrets To Monetizing YouTube Few People In The World Can Show You

But, I’m Also Going To Throw In A Few Extra Things To Help You Hit The Ground Running And Achieve Your Goals Faster

Bonus #1:

The One-Take Wonder Formula™

An Easy Way To Make Videos That Influence, Entertain And Sell
($995.00 Value)

When I got started, man, was it tough! I would stutter. I would forget my lines. And I would be boring. Then I figured out a few key things that helped me never run out of things to say and get potentially viral content pouring out of my mouth.

What’s the secret?

You’ll find out in The One-Take Wonder Formula™. With this bonus, you’ll have the hidden strategies to create amazing, flowing content in one take... without a script!

Bonus #2:

The Success Habits Of A YouTube Star:

The Insider’s Guide To Living A Successful And Fulfilling Life As A YouTuber.
($995.00 Value)

It’s okay if you don’t want to be too rich or too famous

But with this bonus, I’ll break down everything I do to build a strong, financially healthy brand on YouTube.

So with this bonus, you’ll discover how to turn what you do what you do everyday into great videos… how to schedule film days in between other priorities in life (for example if you work a full-time job and or you have a family to take care of)… how to release videos at their most optimal times… how to deal with haters with grace… and much much more.

Bonus #3:

Exclusive Access To Tube Genie

A Private Vault Of YouTube Secrets Passed On From Those Who Have Gone Before You.
($5,000.00 Value/yr)

How would you like to get access to my Director of YouTube - my secret weapon to growing my YouTube channel?

Day or night?

Anytime you need?

Well, this is it.

Tube Genie is a private, members-only vault my Director of YouTube put together. With Tube Genie, any time you have a question, instantly, you’ll have quick, bite-sized video answers to:

-All your questions on writing scripts...

-All your questions on finding a great niche or next topic...

-All your questions on doing editing...

-All your questions on monetizing YouTube...

-All your questions about becoming an expert in your field...

-All your questions about creating a content calendar...

-All your questions about fitting YouTube in when you have a busy schedule...

-All your questions about reaching out to other influencers to do collaborations...

-All your questions about building a brand...

And so on.

To be clear, the videos you have access to in Tube Genie aren’t based on theory. No. These are field tested secrets used by me, Dan Lok, to produce REAL RESULTS. So really, with Tube Genie, you’re getting hidden to YouTube you won’t get anywhere else.

So, if you want to impact the world, build your personal brand, and build a business on the hottest video platform today, then...

Click the "Add To Cart" button to order Tube Your Own Horn® now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Radhakrishnan K
Amazing, Great content

Amazing Dan Lok.. lots of gratitude to you..

Reviewer avatar
Ilmi Dissanayake
The Best Place to Learn about YouTube on this Planet!

TYOH is the BEST ever!!! There is no other program in the world or in YouTube itself, that discusses and teaches in depth about YouTube. It covers from finding a topic to creating, analytics, uploading, scheduling, optimizing and everything you can imagine and cannot imagine. If you are planning to begin a YouTube channel, then buying this program can help you immensely in saving time, saving and making millions of dollars!!! The way Sifu teach is very entertaining and I just couldn't stop watching. I learned how becoming a YouTuber can also immensely help in improving myself.

Jeffrey Kirk
Excellent, Comprehensive YouTube Training

As often happens online, things change. Some of the resources referenced in TYOH are no longer available, but I don't think that matters much in this case! The information is so good and actionable it overcomes those problems.

Full disclosure... I have not yet completed this training. There are 7 modules, about 32 hours of content. At the time of writing this review, I am just about to start module 4. But I am leaving a review now because I don't want to wait. The content is excellent! I may only watch a half hour or an hour at a time, but I am taking copious notes and there are new things to implement around every corner!

Last summer I went through the SMART Challenge. Upon conclusion, I decided I should take YouTube seriously. I have been publishing a video every week since. So with each lesson I learn, I can implement what I learn on the next video. I believe this training improves my output making my channel stronger, and helps me build a solid personal media platform to help grow my business.

Adam Ludovic
I've started my YouTube channel after this program

Before this program, I felt a little bit uncomfortable starting a channel. I felt confident as well.

But this program has helped me to start my first YouTube channel and started making videos consistently.
I've learned how to make my videos professional as well without spending too much time.

When I make videos now, I feel strong and confident, and super comfortable.

About one month after starting my channel, one of my videos kind of went mini-viral and got hundreds of views quite quickly, and people are still watching it. The video has 1,408 views at the time of this message.

And I'm just starting out. I can't imagine how much progress I'll make in a year, and how big my channel will be by then.

If you're thinking about starting a new channel or even if you have a big channel already, I believe this program will help you to grow.

Logan Binney
Eye opening!

Excellent information. Excellent format. Excellent teacher. Dan teaches what he does every day. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally have a mentor who cares about the success of his students. Learn from him! You won’t be disappointed.