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World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Philanthropy Investor

Get The “More Sales Challenge” Black Box Filled With Some Of My Most Exclusive Sales Tools, Collectibles, And Surprise Gifts Worth Over $1,000…

The More Sales Challenge Black Box is packed with a selection of my most hard-to-get training products and wealth triggers.

You get:

The Closer’s Black Book ($995 Value!)

Warning: The “Closer’s Black Book” Is For Serious Sales Professionals And Business Owners ONLY

(If you’re not going to read it and use my hard earned techniques to multiply your sales and skyrocket your career this is not for you)

The Closer’s Black Book is NO ordinary book.

It contains the ‘counter-intuitive’ selling secrets that have made over $34.5 billion in sales for some of the most reputable brands and companies including Acura, Alibaba, Ikea, and Scotiabank.

Until now, the only way to get your hands on a copy of this extraordinary book was to join my high-level $10,000 inner circle program...

...or... buy the book directly from my online store where it currently sells for $995.00!!

Why would someone pay $995 for a book?

Because the book contains a unique and powerful selling approach for the 21st century.

These techniques go against almost everything you have EVER heard or been taught from conventional books and sales trainers.

And frankly, most salespeople are not ready for these high-level secrets in the fine art and science of selling almost anything to anyone.

But if you ARE ready for the big leagues…

If you ARE ready to take your sales game and skills to levels you never thought possible...

The "Closer’s Black Book" Is The One
Book That Will Get You To The Top

Inside you’ll find my complete sales system that combines ALL the best practices and processes from every program and training I’ve ever offered on sales and closing in one place.

People have happily paid $995 to get their hands on this advanced closing material.

Others have lined up for my $10,000 per person inner circle to study this book in detail.

(A SAVINGS OF $817.97!)

But I must warn you, this is the ONLY time you will see the “Closer’s Black Book” advertised for just $297…

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The Millionaire Manifesto

($19.97 Value)

The “Millionaire Manifesto” peels back the curtain to reveal how I overcame obstacles in my life to become a millionaire.

You’ll discover how to turn obstacles into opportunities and the EXACT mindset that will elevate your closing and sales career to a new level.

You get to see how I went from jobless and still living with my mom who was struggling to pay the bills -- to create multiple million dollar businesses and the lifestyle I now enjoy.

The “millionaire Manifesto” explains the surprising difference between why some people are wealthy, while others with the same level of intelligence, the same opportunities, and the same time in the game are not.

This practical guide has already changed the minds and lives of thousands of sales professionals.

Now you can put these powerful ideas to work to sell your way through life.


The Boom Button

($50 Value)

The Boom Button is a powerful wealth anchor.

If you recall the story…

Pavlov set up an experiment wherein every time he gave his dog food he would ring a bell.

The same thing happens when you do something successful like close a sale.

If you ring a bell, or push a button, the excitement you feel when you make a sale will become anchored to the push of the button.

When the anchor is set, anytime in the future when you want to get into a peak performance “sales state” all you have to do is push the boom button and WHAAM! -- you’ll instantly feel great.

How to use:

  1. Place the boom button on your desk where you can see it (it’s a powerful reminder that you are a successful salesperson)
  2. Hit the button every time you close a sale or generate a hot lead or get an upsell (The Boom Button will make a sound. This creates an auditory and kinesthetic anchor so that every time you hit the button in the future you will go back into the same excited state you were in when you pushed the button)
  3. ​Once the anchor is set through repetition you can hit the button anytime you want to get into a powerful state before a sales call or important meeting

With the Boom Button you’ll lock-in your most powerful states and have me in your corner to celebrate every time you close a sale.


The "Closers" Pen

($50 Value)

Nothing breeds success like success.

And there’s no faster way to instantly feel successful than by holding a luxurious pen.

Use this when you’re selling over the phone, or taking notes on a sales call or inking a deal.

You’re already signing deals…

You’re already taking notes…

So you might as well do it with a powerful ‘wealth trigger’ that reminds you that you are already successful.

Plus you get several unadvertised
bonuses include in the box

Here’s A Summary Of Everything You’re Getting In The "Closer’s Black Box"


The Closer’s Black Book ($995 Value)


BONUS #1: The Millionaire’s Manifesto ($19.97 Value)


BONUS #2: Powerful Wealth Anchor ($50 Value)


BONUS #3: The “Closers” Pen ($50 Value)


PLUS several unadvertised goodies and surprises

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Customer Reviews

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David menard

nice book!

So V.
One of the best items I have purchased from Dan Lok Shop

I would like to thank you sefu Dan for always delivering great values as promise. The book contains everything I need to improve myself and my team to achieve more for business. One more thing I like most from the box too is the Powerful Wealth Anchor for it has the sounds of sefu, and it reminds me I have to go forward to improve quality of life. I count the book and the Powerful Wealth Anchor as my wealth triggers, and i always keep them at my office. Thank you seful!

Carolina Setiawan
Great Sales Box

If you are a closer, I highly recommend on this MORE SALES BLACK BOX.

This box is a great gift to yourself or others and it has massive value.

It comes with the Closer's Black Book which you pay at least 3x when you purchase it separately.

The Closer's Black Book is "a must have" for all closers as it is written by Dan Lok from his own experience as the founder of High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program.