Prospecting Secrets

"How to Transform Skeptical (Even Suspicious) Prospects into Sustainable Streams of Income"

  • course format10 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 1.8 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“$2.2 Million Dollars thanks to Dan Lok…”

- Danny Lin

CEO and Owner of Multiple Businesses in the Real estate, Food & Beverages Industry


Your company’s prospecting efforts are set to go from good to great. If you buy into that first sentence, then also read this:

Your Team’s ability to transform prospects that are “on the fence” or even skeptical into long-term buyers that repeatedly spend money with you for years to come is not only possible ... it will be probable with Prospecting Secrets.


We all know it takes hard work and consistency to turn prospects into customers. But, what if all that work didn’t need to be “hard” anymore ...

... and, what if the required “consistency” could be put on auto-pilot?

Wouldn’t that impact your Team’s effectiveness and efficiency to pour-in buckets more revenue into your company?

Other clients tell us that Prospecting Secrets is their sure-fire way to boost revenues because of the sales-proven fill-in-the-blanks strategic templates that bring cold prospects to your front-door, instead of you and your Team chasing them day after day!


Who ever said businesses aren't supposed to grow FAST? Let your competitors think that. Once you expose your Team Prospecting Secrets your business and your profits will change forever.

If you're a bit skeptical, then just have a look at a few of the principles you’ll discover:

  • How to control ANY sales presentation in 10 seconds (or less) person or over the phone
  • How to speak less but sell more. Your Team will love these psychological triggers that sell faster with less time and effort
  • How a 16-word secret for grabbing and holding anyone's attention can double your Team’s closing rate or more
  • How to stop prospecting and make prospects seek you out. It’s so simple when you know the "secret sauce" necessary for you, or your Team to doing it daily
  • How to avoid common mistakes most salespeople make that kills their results and makes closing almost impossible.


Forget the struggle and strain and stress of prospecting. When you and your Team learn all of the secrets revealed in Prospecting Secrets you’ll never look at prospecting the same ever again – and you and your Team will close sales better, faster, easier...and with greater consistency.

Isn’t it time you started turning prospects into pipelines of profits? If your answer is "YES", then you know what to do next ...

They only pick the telephone up if and when they have a potential client or customer that’s already pre-disposed to buying.

It’s exactly how I – and my team here at Team Dan Lok – work when it comes to making sales calls. We don’t waste time cold calling. We want maximum bang for our buck on every sales call we make. That’s how sales calls should be. Not stressing about how to make a few measly sales out of hundreds of calls.



The 16-word sentence that never fails to grab your prospects attention

It’s so simple (yet delightfully devious) that the person on the other end instantly begins talking without hesitation.


How to take control of ANY sales call in the first 10 seconds

This uncommon technique causes a prospect to perk up and listen.


Sell more by selling less

I developed this powerful psychological trigger technique years ago. It sells like crazy by completely disarming your prospects natural sales resistance.


Deadliest words you can ever say during a sales call.

Say these things and it instantly puts prospect on the defensive and drives down your chances of ever getting a sale.


What to absolutely sellfirst before trying to take their money

Without this, your sales is dead in the water – this is where 90% of sales people get it wrong.


You should try and disguise your call as a sales call, right?

Not always! When honesty really is the best policy…and how to use this approach to close more and sell more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Brandon Hamlin
Top Notch Training

If you have not invested in Dan Lok's training Prospecting Secrets, please do. There is so much value in the training. It is clear, precise and easy to digest and implement. Best investment ever.

Life changing course !

This is the first time ever I have such good training about Cold Calling (First contact call) ! I definitely will apply all those wise and simple advices while keeping on training (role playing) every day because I have to. To all of you who hesitate to take Sifu's courses, please do yourself a favor and offer yourself the best program ever !

chadrick Haralson
Well worth the investment

I've been following Dan for a while an just recently decided to join his courses. MY MIND IS BLOWN!! he breaks things down to real simple steps.

...Oh yea and the role plays are awesome for practice. Thank you!!!

Kathy Oevering
Like Prospecting More

Most don't love to prospect, but with a different mindset and framework on how to prospect better, you can learn to love it more!! How to approach prospecting in a different way to help stay consistent and motivated to keep your pipeline full!!

Great content

Great lessons and ways to break past the initial barriers of prospecting to someone that does not know you yet.

Zachary Zapata
FCC For Qualifying, Not Selling

I'm glad to have this training with me! Very grateful. I've used some parts of this training to have better experiences while I'm on the phone talking to prospects for the first time. Almost everything is done differently here, and it's proving to be effective. My biggest takeaway is the attitude around FCC's - they're professionally performed calls that help me get an insight as to whether or not I should continue the conversation with them. Break the pattern, speak with power and a smooth rhythm - ask questions, no need to push them.

Julian Sa
Lovin' This Class

I love how short and concise this class was. Even though I am not in sales I will find a way to implement this in my daily life say in daily interaction with people. I feel that this course offers nuggets and keeps my interest since Dan Lok uses analogies in life to keep this course relevant. I learned that FCC is a discovery call that is differnt from a "Cold Call." He goes over a technqiue to do this as well. In addition, you can tell with in-depth analysis that it is not just about delivirng lines in a First Contact Call but that this process requires a certain mindset, strategies, and toneality.

Lim 嘉俊

Definitely out of what you know

Johnny Day
Tone and FCC

#1 You can say the right words in the wrong way and you’ll go no where. It’s about how you say it. Like James Bond. They should almost feel like the cops are calling them.

#2 Stop Cold Calling! Start prospecting