Public Speaking Secrets

"How to Make BIG MONEY in Public Speaking...Even if You’ve Never Made a Speech to a Mass Audience Before"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 2.5 Hours

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  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“Dan Lok is a dynamic speaker and an amazing coach. If you are looking for a way to accelerate your business, take it to a higher level, Dan is your guy.”

– Andrew Barber-Starkey

Canada’s #1 Success Coach, Founder and President of ProCoach International Inc.


If you or any of your Executive Team have to stand-up and give speeches at internal meetings, annual events, industry gathiners, or even virtual seminars, isn't it time that all of you discovered the finer points of professional delivery?

Imagine your audience or Team members hanging on practically every word you utter with bated breath ... Well, that may be a bit "over-the-top," but you get the picture.

Seriously, though you are a single click away from learning how to "polish" your presentation with the help and guidance of Public Speaking Secrets.


Dan Lok has put together the finer points of delivering powerful presentations in almost any public speaking setting imaginable. As many business owners of your size know, "It’s not your message that persuades your audiences, but it’s your ‘presentation’ of your message."

If you believe that statement is true, then a small investment in Public Speaking Secrets gives you and your Team an edge to express clearer, more concise communications from the stage.

Make certain after you pick up this training from Dan Lok Shop that you give your Executive Team access immediately so all of you are "on-the-same-page."


Fewer experiences in business are more captivating than a speech that holds an audience spellbound, that’s why Public Speaking Secrets could be your organization's passport to great reach, exposure and visibility for your business.

Here are a few skills you’ll get to polish:

  • How to give a captivating speech every time...even if you or your Team never gave one before
  • How to tell powerful stories that hold your audience spellbound – and help your Team persuade as if the audience has known about your company for years
  • How to organize your speaking environment for maximum impact
  • How even shy introverts in your Team can walk on stage with unshakable confidence every time they speak
  • How you and your Team can craft a powerful speech in 5 easy steps
  • How to hook your audience and keep their attention and concentration


Public Speaking Secrets gives you and your Team Dan Lok’s best-kept secrets for speaking – and persuading audiences about your organization – even if you are not in the habit of delivering presentations to "cold" audiences.

Please report your results to us after you apply what you learn ... you’ll be surprised that you not only will draw bigger crowds that give you standing ovations, but you’ll also become a better "physical" and "virtual" platform seller.

C’mon ... let’s do this!


Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert... a young teenager or CEO... experienced or inexperienced, Sifu Dan’s public speaking secrets will reduce your fear, skyrocket your confidence, and elevate your life and career success.

You’re about to discover not only how to confidently speak in front of a group of people, but how to influence and persuade them. This is the public speaking course delivered by the man who has gone through it all, Dan Lok. Never have that fear of speaking in front of others again after signing up to this public speaking skills training course.



Public Speaking Secrets Digital Video Recording


How To Have Unshakeable Confidence On The Stage

All speaking is public speaking. In this video, you will learn that good speakers are made and not born. You should also eliminate stage freight.
Dan Lok explains these lessons in detail here.


How To Set The Proper Environment For Your Audience

The environment is a key factor when delivering your speech. Everything needs to be counted for. Such as where you sit, stand and where you audience sits. Learn more in this video.


Be A Good Story Teller And Over Practice

The most powerful and at the same time the most challenging skill to learn to improve your public speaking. Telling good stories.
You will never go wrong over practicing your presentation. You wanna be good like someone you admire? Then put the same amount of hours in your practice.


3 Public Speaking Confidence Hacks PDF Guide


Dan Lok’s 5 Secrets For Delivering Successful Presentations PDF Guide


3 Ways To Magnetically Hook Your Audience And Keep Them Listening PDF Guide


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Secrets

Powerful tips for public speaking to anyone who want to learn and practice. Danlok courses are very helpful and this course is one of the best for any professional or business person to improve the skill.

Useful Tips

I find Dan Lok courses are always interesting and very engaging. This is no different for the course on 7 secrets for public speaking tips which i completed. Thank you for the wonderful course and providing the guidance.

Here are the numbers of my last Event

Upon the 250 people, we have sold 24 coaching programs at 35 000$US, a total of 840 000$US in a half a day event.

Kevin Wu
Overcome The World's Number 1 Fear

Why do I tremble in fear when I'm talking in front of people? Is it because I don't want to be rejected? (....It's okay. Calm Down. Relax. And Breathe.) This program taught me how to never feel afraid of people ever again. And by overcoming this fear, I can leverage this skill to impact others and live a more prosperous life as well. Highly Recommended if you also have some degree of social anxiety or if you are already good with talking to people then you can monetize your already strong capability!

In this post, I'd like to share my first-place

I won in the Toastmasters table topics competition in KUWAIT I encourage my family to attend that environment and see me how I perform on the stage.. Eventually, it is a milestone for me and a role model for my kids.

ROAR! Sharing here another powerful result of PMP.

I was invited to be a keynote speaker for the 5th year anniversary of a direct selling / ecom company.

First paid speaking booked!

$1000 for 90-minute Zoom presentation.

Richard Hainsworth
Improved Confidence

The Public Speaking course has allowed me to improve my confidence while public speaking. The Q&A session was also invaluable in providing practical advise on techniques to use.

Public Speaking Course

Thank You Dan for your Public Speaking course. It was great!