Referral Secrets

"How to Apply Battle-Tested Systems to Accelerate Your Monthly Cash-Flow Without Advertising Costs"

  • course format4 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 4.8 Hours

  • topicSales & closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M → $10M

“Dan Lok is an amazing gentleman that can just transform your life. If you have a chance to meet Dan in person or follow up on the internet, please do so. Dan is best in class. He’s a guy that will uplevel your mindset, your skill set and your wallet. If you are looking for a mentor, Dan is amazing!”


World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Philanthropy Investor


Referrals are the definitive form of marketing to espouse "true growth" for your company. A lost art and science, referral marketing is surprisingly ignored by many business owners.

It's mind boggling because referral marketing literally has zero acquisition cost. It's free!

No advertising. No ad "creatives." No guesswork about "variable" costs.

That's why Dan Lok put together a simple, yet seminal business training course called Referral Secrets filled with dozen of strategies you and your Team can utilize to get more sales – by referral only – courtesy of you existing customers


Referral Secrets reveals simple-to-apply referral principles and strategies that helped Dan build an 8-figure business in less than 5 years.

Maybe you or your Team haven't set your eyes on building an 8-figure business yet, but this course can almost double your profits in the next 12 months if your organization adopts referral marketing as a part of its business culture.

Remember, prospects or high-ticket candidates are already pre-qualified and pre-disposed to buying from your company. And they have in-built social proof. That's why it makes sense to add Referral Secrets to your done-for-you training library.

It's a step-by-step program that gives you and your Team proven systems for getting a stream of referrals day after day.


The tactics offered in Referral Secrets are quick and easy to replicate, apply and they can work like gangbusters to help you and your Team grow your customer list.

Inside, you'll find out:

  • How to ask for (and get) a constant stream of new referrals coming into your business every day
  • How to know when best time (and the worst time) to ask clients for referrals
  • How to turn your website into a referral-generating machine with simple, easy changes to your webpages your Team can implement in minutes
  • How to use Amazon and Starbucks to get a stream of referrals. You and your Team will be surprised at this strategy
  • How you and your Team can use referrals to boost your social media reach and presence.
  • And a lot more ...


In Referral Secrets you and your Team get everything you need to start getting a flood of referrals that will help boost your sales, profits, and can let you scale faster. Isn't that what you and your Team want – more sales and faster growth?

That's what Referral Secrets will give you – in spades.


If you shudder at the thought of asking for referrals from clients, colleagues, friends, or anyone else for a referral, then let me share with you a simple, proven way to bring you a constant stream of qualified referrals that works almost automatically. What if there’s a referral system that…

  • Gives you more referrals than you’ve ever had before without begging and almost never having to ask for them!
  • Works almost automatically, bringing you highly-qualified referrals that are ready to buy what you’re selling.
  • Rewards your best clients and makes them shout your company name from the rooftops…and refer you to their network of contacts who are perfect buyers for your business.
  • Finally puts the power of referrals squarely in your hands and gives you complete control over the whole process.
  • Doesn’t take weeks to set up and start getting results – instead, begin seeing referrals pour in within just days!

All these things are possible with the RIGHT referral system. An all-encompassing SYSTEM that once set up, generates referrals from the get-go…and keeps generating referrals forever.

A SYSTEM that takes a proactive approach to bring in referrals from multiple sources, using multiple tactics, on an on-going basis that doesn’t quit.

Your Own Personal Sales Army That Works
Tirelessly, Twenty-Four-Hours A Day…

Referrals are like having your own personal sales army working around the clock for you for free. And once you put a systematic referral program in place, you create a powerful, unified force that helps to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

If you don’t have an effective referral system that delivers swathes of new customers and clients to your business every day…

Then here’s great news. I’ve created a revolutionary new program to help you do just that. It’s called Referral Secrets.

In Referral Secrets, you’ll see exactly what an effective referral system like this looks like. You’ll see all the moving parts and what makes it all tick to deliver spectacular results. You’ll even see exactly how I have used this same system in my business to generate thousands of referrals and millions of dollars.

And that’s just the beginning. In Referral Secrets, you’ll also hear about…


And that’s just the beginning. In Referral Secrets, you’ll also hear about…


How to get a constant flood of referrals without being pushy, aggressive, or looking needy. Exactly what to do and say to get clients to happily refer new customers to you.


The referral secret that keeps you and your business constantly in your customers minds. And why this strategy makes your current customers naturally refer people to your business.


Giving your clients and customers top-notch products and service can help you get more referrals, right? Wrong! Why great service isn’t enough and what you must do instead.


10 traits of a referrable business. The more you have of these traits in your business, the easier and more effectively you’ll get referrals.


How to use the power of "Peak Satisfaction States" as a powerful referral weapon. What it is…how it works…and how you can start using it today.


The most effective time to ask clients for referrals. You’ll get many more referrals at this time over any other.


Should you ask your clients for referrals as soon as they buy – or should you wait a few days? Here’s how to tell which one is best.


10 tested and proven referral scripts that work like gangbusters. How to quickly adapt them for your business to get a daily stream of new referral customers.


3 common barriers to referral success. So subtle, you’ll never even know you’re doing them and damaging your chances of getting referrals.


Little tweaks that can turn your website into a referral-generating machine. Just add these magic words to your website, blog, and other pages.


Why friends, family, business colleagues, and happy buyers never give you referrals – even if they LOVE your product or service. And how one simple strategy almost forces them to help build your referral business overnight.


How to “piggyback” off the credibility of other websites to generate a stream of referrals for your business! This sneaky (yet completely ethical) tactic works every time.


How to use referrals to multiply your social media reach and presence. You get more clients, more referrals, more social reach all with one simple tactic.


How simple pre-recorded videos can help you get a ton of new referrals. And no, I’m not talking about YouTube videos. This tactic is much better.


The "Referral Mechanism" secret for becoming an authority in your niche. So you not only get more referrals, but you become the dominant expert in your market at the same time.


Walt Disney’s 18-word referral secret that still brings in millions of visitors every year. This one secret brings in swarms of new customers who love to buy what you’re selling.


The “KPI strategy” for getting to the most influential people in any market. This one strategy alone can get you referrals to the most well-known clients in your target market.


19 fail-proof ways to create powerful relationships that can explode your referral-getting power. Yes, 19 ways.


The two-word secret that makes clients happy to keep sending you referrals. You’d be amazed by how many people completely ignore this one thing. Yet, it’s the simple key to on-going referrals.


How Amazon and Starbucks can get you more referrals! Sounds crazy I know, but it’s 100% true…no matter what business you run or service you offer.

Imagine if you could just get 10, or 20, or 30, or even 50 referrals coming into your business every week. How much of a difference could that make to your sales, your business growth, and your profits?

That’s what Referral Secrets can do for you and your business. Once set up, this proven referral process just keeps bringing the referrals in like clockwork.

The power of an effective, proven referral system is now within your grasp when you get your hands on my powerful new program, Referral Secrets. Simply click the link below to get started today. You could see results in days!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kevin Wu
How To Gain Their Trust Before They Even Meet You

Referrals are one the highest converting leads, so I wanted to learn how maximize this opportunity. This program taught me a skill I can leverage to build a stable and profitable business. (I could also use it to enhance my social life as well.) Highly Recommended to small business owners that are currently relying on word-of-mouth to acquire new clients.

Excellent course

My partner and I found this course a very excellent way to get more sales. When we talk to clients, it's unexpected to discover they don't have a refferal system, which is kind of free and also very effective. We used to just teach clients to give some a commission for the refferal now after this course we are implementing another ways to take real advantage of every client and its refferal for our business and the business of our clients. Thanks guys

Wow - finally how to attract referrals the right way

I am in a service business which depends on referrals to run my business. After I attend the course, I have more clarity of what to do to generate more referrals.

Mario Diaz Vega
To get more referrals I need to be more referable

I really appreciate this course. Dan goes deep into this program explaining why we shouldn't disregard referrals as a source of clients, the best opportunities to ask for referrals, some scripts, and different secrets. The main lesson for me is this: to get more referrals I need to be more referable. That's something I need to improve if I want to have more referrals.
The scripts and referral secrets give clarity on the right way to get more referrals.

Reviewer avatar
Ilmi Dissanayake
The best way to create a system that brings you clients without ads

Did you know that your relationship with your current clients is precious? It's because you have built the most difficult thing to build in a business, TRUST. They already trust you. Imagine creating a system that puts them in a position to refer you for their friends and family. Those prospects are easier to close because they have already borrowed the trust from your current clients. You can literally build your business upon that alone. Referral Secrets show you the clear cut system on how to do that and I highly recommend this if you are looking for referrals.

Kathy Oevering
Referrals is not what you think

How can it not be?? Learn many ways to generate referrals and what it takes to get them. How to look at referrals differently to general cost effective leads!!


You will have a brand new perspective when it comes to getting more referrals and you will know how to invest your money wisely to expand your circle and business.

Akhilesh singh
Referral secrets

Referral secrets provides best strategies to get referrals. One of the best modules of sifu dan lok i believe.

Reviewer avatar
Jean Paul
Referral Secrets

When you purchase "Referral Secrets", you'll discover proven strategies and scripts that bring you a constant flood of new customers and clients, easily and automatically! So don't wait anymore and go for it!
I did and I really appreciate and enjoy all the benefits of it.