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"How To Close More Sales And Sell Faster (And Easier) By Saying Less And Closing More"

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“Dan Lok is an amazing gentleman that can just transform your life. If you have a chance to meet Dan in person or follow up on the internet, please do so. Dan is best in class. He’s a guy that will uplevel your mindset, your skill set and your wallet. If you are looking for a mentor, Dan is amazing!”


World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Philanthropy Investor


The most important advice Dan Lok gives to his sales team is to TALK LESS if you want to sell more.

It may be counterintuitive at first thought, but when you and your Team discover what he reveals on Talk Less Close More, it will, quite possibly, change the way you and your Team sell products and services forever.


The promise of this training course for you (and your Team) to begin closing sales more effectively and in less time. Dan walks you and your Team through his unique and surprisingly simple selling process and gives you a whole new system for closing deals with less resistance.


In Talk Less Close More you'll find out about...

  • How being a great talker can cost you and your Team BIG in sales – yes, cost you big!
  • How much should you talk vs. when not to talk – Dan gives you the definitive answer...and it can help your Team sell more, better and faster
  • How to structure features & benefits are NOT the keys to closing higher-ticket sales ... You'll be shocked when you find out what you need instead
  • How to use the power of "active listening" to help your Team close more than they ever have before
  • How to overcome the single biggest struggle most business owners face with selling ... and what to specifically do to quite possibly close more high-ticket sales in one month than all the previous year's months combined.
  • How to motivate your Team to capitalize on many other closely-guarded selling secrets you'll learn about and more ...


Talk Less Close More brings you and your Team Dan's personal (and secret) selling process.

Why not make this small investment in your business that will pay-off huge dividends in the future? If you're ready to close more deals faster, better, and easier, then this training is for you (and your business).

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In fact, when you use this secret of master closers, you’ll find yourself selling prospecting less, selling less, while closing more sales than ever before! Here’s why...

Today, salespeople work too hard at closing. Especially when they don’t need to.

If you’re like most salespeople we train, you spend a lot of your time prospecting for new clients. You get your prospect on the phone or meet them face-to-face...

And it’s all about selling, selling, selling. You tell them about the product, the great benefits it brings them, and how it can help them do something better, faster, easier, or cheaper.

You make a strong case for the product you’re selling. And you give the prospect a whole litany of positive reasons to buy. But more often than not, you get to the end of your sales pitch and the close falls flat.

"This sounds great, let me get back to you in a few days."


"Can you send me some more information about it?"

As a salesperson, these are the words you dread to hear. You’ve given a solid sales pitch that kicked butt. You answered and overcome all their objections. And you moved powerfully into the close.

But for some reason, your carefully constructed sales message falls on deaf ears.

Sound familiar?

It’s so frustrating, right? You know that the product or service you’re selling is a great one. You know the prospect can benefit from it. But for some reason, the vast majority simply don’t buy.

If you’ve ever experienced these types of problems, you’ve probably been frustrated, too.

That’s why I want to tell you about a "lazy" approach I discovered many years ago. When I discovered this secret, closing became a lot easier for me. I sold more, closed more, and quickly became one of the top salespeople for the company I worked for.

What is this “lazy” secret that helps you close better, faster, easier, and with less rejection? Simply this

Talk LESS, Not More!

That’s right, despite what you may have been told, most salespeople talk too much. It was true for me. And it’s probably true for you, too. But here’s the thing…

It’s not your fault.

All the books, courses, and sales trainers tell you to sell, sell, sell. And we think we need to overwhelm the prospect with benefits and reasons why they’d be crazy not to buy.

Ever had the feeling that you’ve lost sales because you spoke too much? I know I did when I was in sales. And since discovering the secret I’m going to tell you about, not only did I speak lessbut I closed more sales than ever before. And you will, too.

Of all the sales secrets and strategies I teach, the one I’m going to tell you about here may just be the key to unlocking true sales mastery for you. It’s totally unconventional and counter intuitive. And it all comes down to one core distinction…

Your Prospect Only Cares About What They Want!

Yet, most salespeople only care about what they themselves want. And that’s why they’ll never succeed as much as they want in selling and closing.

Want to make closing easier and do it in less time and with greater consistency? Then simply listen to your prospect more. By listening to them, their problems, their frustrations, and their objections, you simply close them on exactly what they truly want.

Unfortunately, most salespeople are only taught how to prospect for new clients, handle objections, how to deliver a powerful sales pitch, how to close prospects, and more.

Yet, the most vital skill of all – the ability to listen effectively – is completely ignored.

But when you know how to listen to your prospects effectively, everything changes when it comes to closing more sales.

You’ll find that you talk less but close more. And it’s all because of your ability to listen to your prospect intently and then close them on exactly what they want.

Think about it. Prospects are desperately trying to tell us what they want. If only we listen effectively and give them what they want, it makes the whole buying process from their point of view so much better...

And it makes the selling process from our side much easier because we are listening to what they want and then closing them on exactly what they’ve asked for.

Makes total sense, right?

Unfortunately, most sales programs, books, courses, etc., only focus on standard selling methods like overcoming objections and creating scripts based on product benefits.


But they don’t tell you what NOT to say to close the deal.

That’s why I created a brand-new program that shows you how to sell and close more effectively based on the power of listening. It’s called Talk Less, Close More.

In Talk Less, Close More, you’ll discover why listening to what your prospect wants…and selling them on those the ultimate key to sales success.

When you can do that, your sales pitches – and your ability to close more effectively – take on a whole new power. That’s when you take sales from the realm of the difficult and inconsistent and take into the realm of the inevitable.

And it’s all done by listening effectively to what the prospect wants and how they want it. That’s the difficult part – especially if you don’t know how.

Over the last decade or more, I perfected this approach to selling. I’ve taught this approach to my own team at Dan Lok with incredible success.


Here’s just a few of the things I’m talking about…


Why being a great talker can cost you BIG in sales and closing deals. And no, I’m not talking about the old adage of “whoever talks first loses” during a close. Here’s what you must do instead to dramatically boost your closing ratio.


Features and benefits are the key to great sales pitches and closing deals, right? Wrong. Sure, a great sales pitch can enhance your sales numbers. But being a better listener trumps any benefit when it comes down to consistently closing the best deals. Here’s why.


My personal sales secret that made me more in one month than it did in a whole year when I first discovered it. Never revealed in any other program before, this was the key to becoming the best salesman I ever could be. And anyone can use this.


The amazing selling secret discovered by neuroscientists at Harvard University. When people are given this one simple thing, their brain lights up with excitement and it instantly makes you a trusted advisor in their mind. This makes selling and closing almost effortless.


Famous motivational guru Richard Carlson’s proven advice for anyone who wants to sell more, easier. This simple yet powerful secret instantly taps into the hearts, minds, and true desires of any person or prospect and gives you an almost unfair advantage in any sales encounter.


Listening is easy, right? Wrong. Listening isn’t simply a matter of letting someone speak. If you can listen properly you can discover your prospects innermost fears, apprehensions, and true desires…and sell to them based on that information to generate so many sales it will shock (and delight) you.


How to develop the art of being a great listener. It’s a skill true master salespeople possess that helps them get to the top of their field. And it can help you, too. Here’s what you need to know to develop this powerful skill.


The 9 most common archetypes of listeners. What types are good, which ones are bad, which ones help you sell easier, how tell which type you are…and how to develop the type that’s geared towards having true empathy with prospects and can help you sell and close easier and better.


The type of people who constantly kill creative ideas and lack innovation. How to spot these “bad apples” and avoid them at all costs by listening for these two tell-tale signs. And what to do if you are one of these people to unleash your creative force.


Ever felt like talking to someone is like talking to a brick wall? Here’s the reason why, the subtle eye signals they give, and how to bust through those brick walls to sell to these tough prospects.


How to stop your sales pitch and your ideas going "in one ear and out the other." If you’ve ever come across prospects who just don’t seem like they’re listening, here’s the simple reason why. And the simple tactics t fix the problem and keep prospects riveted to what you’re saying.


Why some prospects interrupt you in mid-sentence and why it’s devastating to your sales. And the simple quick fixes you can put in place to help prevent this every time.


What to do if your prospect won’t let you get a word in edgewise. If you can’t your sales pitch out, you can’t sell, right? Yes. Here’s what to do to disarm these types of people and get the sale.


The absolute worst person to try and close. These types of people never listen, almost always have other things on their minds, and have a hard time making decisions. How to spot this personality archetype and exactly how to sell to them.


5 common listening types among salespeople that hold them back and costing them huge when it comes to sales. If you do even one of these things, it’s costing you a LOT of sales. If you do all five, you can never be in the top 1% of salespeople. Here’s what they are and how to eradicate each one.


How much should you talk vs. how much should you let your prospect speak to maximize your chances of closing? By following the law of the vital few and the trivial many. I explain what it is…and how you can use it in your very next sales presentation for maximum results.


The two deadliest words most salespeople say in a sales pitch that often kills the sale. If you say these words, your sales pitch comes across as self-serving and alienates the prospect. Avoid them at all costs.


Master closers, master salespeople in general, are also the greatest listeners you will ever meet.

Without being a great listener, you can’t use empathy to its fullest extent. Without being a great listener, you can’t sell prospects effectively because you don’t know what they truly want.

This is the exact reason why I have created Talk Less, Sell More. It took me the best part of a decade to discover and put all these simple yet truly powerful sales and closing tactics together into my own career in sales.

Why spend all that time and energy in discovering them own when you can discover them all over a short weekend with the Talk Less, Sell More program?

Even better, because with the Talk Less, Sell More program, you also get TWO GIFTS valued at $599 As bonuses to help you speed the power of the tactics in the main program.

Free Bonus #1: Secrets Of Tonality & Listening In Closing

What if you could sneak in the back door and watch me as I walk my own sales team through the power of selling, Dan Lok style?

Well, now you can with this never-before-released training on how to use the power of tonality and active listening and how that translates into better closing.

You’ll see me give them adjustments in tonality, how to listen effectively, how to use what they hear to create powerful selling points in their presentations.

As I go through the process with them, you’ll see it all in action. What they are doing right. What needs adjusting in their closing. Even things like small gestures they make that can help or hurt their effectiveness.

You’ll see how subtle changes in tonality make a big difference. All the way, from beginning to end, you’ll see how I take their good points and make them better. And how I take their not-so-good points in their sales pitch and how they can strengthen them with small but very effective tweaks.

You’ll see how information is given and exactly what to do with that information in the sales pitch. Listening and tonality are huge weapons in closing.

Outside of the internal training with my own sales team, no one has ever seen this before. This is not a product. It’s the raw, unedited training that’s only ever been divulged to my internal sales team.

But it’s the perfect complement to what I reveal in Talk Less, Close. In the program, I reveal everything about listening effectively to close more sales and just in general, sell much better using the power of listening.

But in this exclusive in-house training, it brings all of those methods and secrets revealed in Talk Less, Close More into much more clarity. When you see the techniques at work, it can’t fail to help you "get" all those ideas and strategies faster, and get a much greater understanding.

In this 68-minute walk-through, you’ll hear about:

  • Pre-selling and framing.
  • Tonality and how to use it.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Using the answers to create an irresistible sales pitch.
  • Closing like a pro.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • And more.

Free Bonus #2: Live Dan Lok Roleplay Recording

In my Dan Lok Inner Circle, I help create better salespeople and better closers not by talking about it…but by DOING it. The major difference between a good closer and a GREAT closer is how often they roleplay.

And by seeing it in real time, you get to see first-hand exactly how to apply them to your own unique situation.

That’s why I’m also gifting you this valuable recording between Chris (the closer) and Adam (the prospect). You’ll see how Chris uses all the listening techniques I reveal in Talk Less, Close More – and how they are applied to discover Adam’s frustrations, problems, and his objections.

The core of effective listening is drilling down to what pains your prospect. Chris does this extremely well, and you’ll see as I walk him through the whole process from listening, to questions, to coming up with solutions, and more.

Again, this is an exclusive training that’s reserved for members of my Inner Circle program. But what you’ll see on the recording is exactly the kind of techniques you’ll find inTalk Less, Close.

And this training builds upon the secrets of tonality and listening bonus I’m also gifting you.

It’s different. You see it in a faster-paced sales process where problems can arise, where objections are given, where there is no safety net.

And you’ll see me walking Chris through the entire closing process. What Chris could be doing better, how to adjust his sales pitch as the call progresses, and ultimately, how to take prospects on a journey from pain and frustration to confidence and motivation.

As a bonus, this recording helps bring all the concepts and secrets from Talk Less, Close alive in your own mind. So you know how to take what you see and quickly apply it to your own unique situation.


It All Adds Up To This…

For anyone who wants to take their sales career to a whole new level – to sell more, close more, and in general become a much better salesperson – Talk Less, Close More and the bonus videos is the ultimate sales package of materials for achieving greater levels of success in your career.

Just one of the bonus videos alone could help anyone instantly boost their ability to close better and close more. But when you invest in the whole package, you get Talk Less, Close…and FOUR powerful sales training videos along with it.

After going through all the training the first time, you’ll instantly understand why becoming a world-class closer that LESS MEANS MORE.

If you’re ready to take your sales career on a rapid upwards trajectory, click the link below to get your hands on Talk Less, Close More and the exciting bonuses that accompany this new program.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaveri Rangappa
Fantastic Course

Sifu Dan at his best in this course where he navigates the most important aspects of HTC - Secrets that each one of us have to know. Highly recommended for people who wish to pursue a career as High Ticket Closer

Emmanuel Okimela

This course has opened my eyes and made me see a power within me that I had long kept hidden. Thank you, Sifu Dan, for the amazing education.

Rohan Shrestha
Talk less close more

It is indeed which everyone must follow.

Sandra Nolan
The BEST Selling/closing framework EVERY Salesperon needs!

I have been a student of Dan Lok for 4 years and his content, advice, framework, and guidelines are my north star. EVERY single recommendation he has made has worked for me - especially the importance of note taking, tonality and the kind of questions to ask to reduce buyers resistance and increase buyers acceptance.
Love Dan Lok! I am very thankful and appreciative for his work. It has helped me immensely.

Lots of value to learn from

I've already bought a second program and I learn so much in every video, I always need to go back to them to remember because it's a lot of valuable teachings in each video full of Wisdom. It has helped me a lot to better my skills every time I learn something new to implement. Lots of thanks to Dan Lok and his team.

Jana Kuricová
Great training!

This was a great training, where I learned very important closing techniques and especially how important it is to be silent with the customer and only ask him questions and be interested in him. That's exactly what brought me good earnings in my business. Thank you for the great training.

Lean a lot from 3 programs

I Learn a lot of the 3 programs and was definitely worth my money

Jafet Skow

The program its amazing, I thing that Will help you a lot, not Just in bussiness, I think that improves every aspects of your life. That's exactlly what do with my life.

Hannah Kim
Amazing content at amazing value

So inspired by Dan and his teachings. I love his approach of closing sales and how you don't have to be pushy and make people squirm on sales calls. Very encouraging and inspiring. Love him!