Think Like A Millionaire

8 Ways The Upper-Class Think And Act Differently Than The Poor
And Middle-class.

  • course format11 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.6 Hours

  • topicMindset & Motivation

“Dan Lok is a business GENIUS!”

– Michael Gerber

The World’s #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of “E-Myth Revisited.

Have you ever wondered how the top 1% reach their status and make it seem so effortless... while others struggle their whole lives? The difference is NOT in their education, intelligence, skills, or even luck.

The sad truth is, many people live quiet lives of desperation. They wish their life held more meaning. They dream of leaving a legacy they can be proud of. But statistics show more than 64% will fail.

In this program, Dan debunks the many myths surrounding high society and reveals the mental shifts needed to ascend up the social status ladder.



A simple exercise to change

your relationship to money (feels a little strange at first. But the more you do it the more comfortable it feels to accept it).


Why working hard with the WRONG mindset will NEVER

lead you up the social class ladder (and the two things Dan did to achieve his goals in his 20s.).


Dan’s “MS + SS + P = $$$” formula for

reaching success goals (if you believe the top 1% just ‘got lucky’ this will change your mind forever).


8 Secret beliefs of the poor and middle-class

that hold them back from achieving their goals.


Why hard work does not pay

and the 8-letter word responsible for almost all the top achiever success (the more they use this 8-letter word the more they make. Anybody can access this.)


The 22-word sentence that explains the real reason

there’s a lower, middle, and upper-class (It has nothing to do with being lucky or being super smart)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
The Power Of Self-Education AND The Downfall Of Formal Education

Taking this course has blown my mind more times than I can count 😂 but one big takeaway from taking this course was teaching me the mentality and perspectives millionaires have that made people like Dan Lok millions up millions of dollars. The course goes in great detail of the importance of shifting your identity, mindset and highlighting the importance of proximity. From the various lessons Dan Lok shared in this course, I found many flaws in my current identity and actions that have been keeping me poor and keeping away from achieving my goals. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to adapt the mentality of a millionaire and wants to “manifest” the reality they wish to have. Overall, I don’t regret making this purchase, it was worth more than the amount of money I have in my bank account. Definitely worth investing on!!

Jorge Cruz
Rather be Educated than Entertained: Self Education

The average entertainment costs about $90 service/ticket and lasts one hour. The average online course costs $300 and last 90 days. They cost about the same, but self-education will entertain you longer because you're learning skills that will last you a lifetime, and once you've gained mastery, you can teach it (providing you with more entertainment). :)

Bolanle Titilola
Think Like a Millionaire

I have heard about the importance of proximity hundreds of times before but when Dan explained it in Secret #8, that was the WAO moment for me. the clarity I got was awesome. It also hit me why for many decades i had sacrificed my aspirations and purpose just to make some other people comfortable.
Again Secret #2 (poverty is the root of all evil).that hit home for me living in a developing country where most social evils are been committed by the poor. Again talking about our subconscious beliefs one of which is "if i make more money than my friends they wont like me anymore". I had this thought before and I always wonder why i should think such stupid thing. Now I understand why. And I am relieved. Thank you Dan.

mahmoud fennan
Great insights

mindset is the most important aspect that the student needs to focus on to see any success..Dan goes thru very important points that the person has to adopt in his personality in order to see success
i will be re watching this course many times to make sure that it soaks in deeply in my mind

Cesare ANNA
So valuable information!

The more than I know, the more that I don't know...
Incredible and so valuable information. Step by step knowing what you can do and improve in your life to think like a millionaire.

Dragan Spasojević
AHA moments like a light bulbs in cartoons

As stated in the title of this review, if you're watching this program it is just inevitable that you get a lot of those AHA moments that turn your light bulbs on. So many wisdom shared inside. You cannot escape from finding your true reasons why you still haven't reached your true potential and why you stand here where are you now. You already made your first step, otherwise you wouldn't be interested in this program and you wouldn't be reading this review, but you have to know that everything starts with the right mindset.

Bianca Brasil
A wild mind and a peaceful heart

I am a very rational person and Dan Lok is as rational as one can be when it comes to wealth and success. The secrets he shares can be used for everything in our lives. My mind has gone wild and my heart is at peace. Truths bring peace. I will make sure all the people I care about go through this program.

Hemant Gupta
Awesome Nice techniques

Really appreciate the way course is portrait , really enjoyed going through it.

Kevin Wu
To Be Rich, Think Like The Rich

Growing up in a poor household, I was never taught anything about money. This program taught me how Rich people think and act differently. We all have 24 hours, but how we use our time is different. If we want better results in life, first we have to improve our mindset. Very valuable and Highly Recommended to aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners.!