Think Like A Millionaire

8 Ways The Upper-Class Think And Act Differently Than The Poor
And Middle-class.

  • course format11 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.6 Hours

  • topicMindset & Motivation

“Dan Lok is a business GENIUS!”

– Michael Gerber

The World’s #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of “E-Myth Revisited.

Have you ever wondered how the top 1% reach their status and make it seem so effortless... while others struggle their whole lives? The difference is NOT in their education, intelligence, skills, or even luck.

The sad truth is, many people live quiet lives of desperation. They wish their life held more meaning. They dream of leaving a legacy they can be proud of. But statistics show more than 64% will fail.

In this program, Dan debunks the many myths surrounding high society and reveals the mental shifts needed to ascend up the social status ladder.



A simple exercise to change

your relationship to money (feels a little strange at first. But the more you do it the more comfortable it feels to accept it).


Why working hard with the WRONG mindset will NEVER

lead you up the social class ladder (and the two things Dan did to achieve his goals in his 20s.).


Dan’s “MS + SS + P = $$$” formula for

reaching success goals (if you believe the top 1% just ‘got lucky’ this will change your mind forever).


8 Secret beliefs of the poor and middle-class

that hold them back from achieving their goals.


Why hard work does not pay

and the 8-letter word responsible for almost all the top achiever success (the more they use this 8-letter word the more they make. Anybody can access this.)


The 22-word sentence that explains the real reason

there’s a lower, middle, and upper-class (It has nothing to do with being lucky or being super smart)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Aha with finances

There were so many realization moments. The one that came as a surprise was "dit worry about little savings but also dont spend too much money when you start earning lots of money. Keep your expenses low"

Proximity & Leverage Brings Abundance

I learned 2 of the most useful and powerful mindset concepts in Think Like A Millionaire - Proximity is Power, Leverage creates Wealth
Looking back to my life journey, I have not realized the power of the environment and the consequence of being affected by it. It is a subconcious realization where you are being forced to accept who you are in that particular circle. So, knowing how to choose associates wisely to hang out with is essential to protect our time and energy during the process of self learning and self growth.
Another realization that strikes me is not the lack of resources, its the lack of resourcefulness. And the concept of leverage rings with this realization quite well. People like me who is just starting out is for sure lack of resources as we are not born with it. However, there are ways to so called "leverage" on your surrounding available tools and connections especially in this era where it is so easty to leverage compared to previous times and generate wealth through it, Because leverage saves time and effort and fast track growth, so only could we grow exponentially in terms of intellectually and financially.

Top of the Top

I learned such important knowledge and I am very excited! I am very glad to become a member of this community with such simple knowledge that it offers. Sir, you are one of the best!

A Millionaire is just the first step!

My biggest takeaway is to implement my learning right away! Sifu has given me even higher level of clarity to go forward with my next action. I can’t wait for the reality to catch up !!! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is still looking to shift the identity. A millionaire is just the very first baby step into the journey of wealth creation. The first million is always the most difficult piece of the puzzles but the rest will flow in nicely. Keep learning and keep growing everyone!

Jose Ceballos
Now im thinking like a millionaire.

Dan did an amazing job teaching me how the wealthy think. I recommend it to all my friends.

Daniel Carver
5 Start

This is a process for me to learn and change my mindset. Before I spend a lot of time learning the easy ways to get money , the real way is to give value to peoples . What I learn is value = Money The most value to give , the most money you make this is the mindset I build and see the world full of opportunity .From now I've done , the only think is to focus to learn more skill and read book to get the skill I need and I would like to say Big Thank You DAN LOK for the service and the mindset you share

the ultimate mindset shfts you need to be succesful

Even though I am in the course for the last 2 years. this is gives me a completely new learnings and understanding every time I re watch the course.
it gets out of my victim mindset and it makes me uncomforatable and make me tap in to the thinking of how sifu think.
thanks a lot for creating this course sifu.

Minyi Chen
Everything is Mindset

I have been following Dan Lok on YouTube and taking some of the Dan Lok University courses. The kind of information he is giving out is absolute liquid gold. I am grateful to have come across someone who can speak to his audience with such simple language and in a firm tone. Whenever I hear him speak, it sounds like it’s from his heart. Thank you again, Dan. I look forward to your S.M.A.R.T challenge and taking many more of your programs.

Alice Paglia
Think like a millionaire

I’m really happy I decided to purchase this program. It’s eyes opening.
When you go through these steps, you realise how deep down you have always been aware of these concepts, but still you decided to put them in the corner and never apply them. Because of fear, because your proximity, lack in confidence and believe. But it is never too late! When there is a will there is a way.
Very well delivered message, effective communication. You can feel the positive energy and by the end of the program you feel almost invincible and unstoppable.
Good Work!