Unlock Your Confidence

"How To Build And Grow Unshakable Confidence To Achieve Your Biggest Goals...And Have Fun Doing It"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.3 Hours

  • topicMindset and Motivation

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

I wanted to share with you how the recent class on Unlock Your Confidence really impacted me. Recently we had our midpoint reviews at work, where our managers gave us a raise and hourly rate based on a certain grade... I'm proud to say that I got "Exceeds Expectations" with all the work and all the growth that I've been doing internally personally with the program - which reflected in my job, 100%! I will continue to implement what I have learned in terms of celebrating my wins and acknowledging what I feel good within myself. The class was absolutely golden! I loved it so much!

– Zachary Zapata


When growing any company, or achieving any goal, wouldn't you agree that "confidence" in yourself, your Team, your decision making, and ability to pull-it-off is a key ingredient to winning the game of business?

When your confidence is solid, everything just works better, doesn't it? Think about it, you're better focused, more determined, and you go after goals with power and gusto.


Building unshakable confidence is a learnable skill with Dan Lok's Unlock Your Confidence training program. It is a very fair-priced program specifically designed for you and your Team to unleash your creative genius within.

As by-products of the training, you'll also develop the mindset of a champion, foster unlimited drive, and achieve your Intentions (and goals) without the hard discipline you may be used to.


In less than 4 hours of training, you'll uncover:

  • How spot what "confidence" really is all about and the exact steps to achieve it for you and your Team
  • How to eliminate "imposter syndrome" that kills your dreams before you even try
  • How to flip on your brain's "confidence switch" for rapid success.
  • How to unleash your inner "goal achieving machine" with the 6 simple steps you and your Team can use weekly
  • How to KILL old beliefs that keep you stuck and make you question yourself and your goals.
  • How to apply what you learn faster here at Dan Lok Shop!
  • And much, much more...


Let's face it – without supreme confidence, it's almost impossible to achieve everything you and your Team are truly capable of. With Unlock Your Confidence you and your Team can finally say good-bye to thoughts of lack, disempowerment, and poor mental strength.

If you decide to click on ADD TO CART after reading this and give Unlock Your Confidence a fair try, you will arm yourself with the proven tools you need to think, act, and achieve like a true champion. So, are you ready yet to give this a go?


If you’ve ever dreamed of a better life, a better business, a better career and better relationships then, Unlock Your Confidence will show you exactly how to achieve all this and more.

For example, did you know that confidence, like playing tennis or riding a bike, is a learnable skill? Most people don’t realize this. So they remain trapped.

That’s because a lack of confidence is like an invisible prison, restricting your enjoyment of life and blocking your success. When you lack confidence you put your dreams on hold, and you avoid the actions that lead to the outstanding quality of life you know you deserve and are capable of achieving.

The good news is, with the 7 keys to Unlock Your Confidence found in Dan Lok’s exhilarating new program you can now open the prison doors of self-doubt and fear and safely achieve any goal you truly desire.

In fact, when you unlock your confidence you automatically awaken the hidden genie of potential that’s lying dormant within you.

And when you do... your life will never be the same again.





The #1 cause of low self-esteem

(and the unconscious decision that could be sabotaging your self-confidence)


What self-confidence is and the exact steps to increase it

(contrary to what many people think, self-confidence is a learned skill. And like any learned skill, there are specific steps you can take to master it)


The simple “posture change” anyone can make that immediately changes the way you feel

(discovered by a Harvard Business School Researcher. Her research confirms this simple change can have a dramatic effect on how you see yourself)


Something you can do with your face that instantly changes your mood, makes you appear more attractive to other, relieves stress and even lowers your blood pressure

(sounds crazy but this is fully backed by scientific research)


Why “acting as if” is not enough to create confidence and the two things you must do in addition to “acting as if” to become unstoppable

(without these other two components your acting as if will leave you looking like an idiot)


The “wonder-woman” technique used by both men and women to dramatically increase your feelings of strength and confidence in any situation

(you can do this any time, requires no equipment, and it instantly puts you in a powerful mood - perfect to do before speaking with prospects, or going live on a webinar to wipe away fear)


Why feeling good about yourself is not enough

(and the critical “leap” you must make to overcome fear and doubt once and for all)


How to eliminate “imposter syndrome” and use small wins in your everyday life to build a fortress of confidence and personal power

(imposter syndrome has nothing to do with your skills and everything to do with your self-image. This simple exercise expands your self-image and allows you to see yourself as a winner worthy of having the life you want)


The important role your memory plays in self-confidence and what high-performers do to get their memory to work for them

(it’s the exact opposite to what people suffering with depression do and can easily turn the cause of a negative outlook into your greatest asset)


How to turn on your brain’s “confidence switch”

(takes just 2-5 minutes… and… when done every morning quickly becomes a habit that rewards you with unbreakable confidence)


Something you can put on your wall to boost your confidence

(put this on your office wall or in a hallway at home and watch self-doubt melt away)


A simple journaling technique not taught anywhere else that can make you unstoppable

(do this everyday and you’ll build the confidence to take on bigger projects, expand your network, and do whatever it takes to achieve bigger goals and dreams)


6 Questions to unlock the power of your unconscious mind to achieve any goal you want

(Questions are powerful. For example, one way to motivate yourself to take action is to ask: “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Here are 6 more question to unlock your true potential)


How your beliefs control your ability and how to “upgrade” your beliefs to accomplish miracles for yourself and others

(most people think you need confidence before you take action on your dreams. Here’s why taking action -- not confidence -- is the key to the life you want and how to alter your beliefs so you take the consistent actions that turn you into a new and better version of yourself)


Small actions you can take to build confidence and release positive endorphins

(doesn’t matter how confident you are right now. With these small steps you can go from where you are to where you want to be. The more you do it the faster you get the results you want)


A simple process to rewire the subconscious picture you hold of yourself

(plus how to use this process to implement all 7 keys to unlocking your confidence for greater power and results)

Bonus Gift - Unlock It Journal (Digital Download)

If you and your Team could get more done in 90 days than some people do in 90 weeks, imagine how much more you could get done, how faster your company would grow, and how much more revenue you could generate.

There is a way to do this. It’s all about having S.M.A.R.T Goals. A unique method for organizing and structuring your goals for the company, your Team for more productivity, more success – everything.

It’s the goal achievement system Dan has used for over 20 years. Now you and your Team can use it too.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Thomson
Noticed Instant Improvements

The methods & techniques in this program were so easy to learn and implement. I used them for myself and started teaching them to my kids too. Instant results. :) Great program!!

Very practical and very valuable

I loved this course because is very practical.

I’ve attended many trainings about self confidence and self esteem, but it was always about theory and ideas from books that can be implemented in real life.

Dan Loki’s course is different because is very practical and easy to understand.

The examples are from real life and they actually make sense.

Glad to see that some of the tactics about how to be confident, I already apply them and can’t wait to apply what I just learned and go to the next level.

Thanks Dan Lok.

Gladys Wong
Goog customer experience

clear guidelines
free bonus help a lot, that's my favourite!


Really good, practical course. No nonsense or fluff, great structure, concise and to the point. Also engaging, and I love that Dan Lok drops F-bombs when he gets fired up! haha! I've taken a few courses on confidence and self-esteem thus far, it's a serious issue for me, and this one was the best of them all. 10/10 Highly recommend it.

A real life look at self-confidence

I found myself as I went through the training, the past shyness showing up. I thought it had disappeared over 50 years ago. But no, it was lurking below the depths of my conscious mind. What a shock to see that I haven't gotten rid of it whenever I learn something new. I have done countless self-confidence courses and read many books on the subject since I have been 10 years old. Confidence has gone up and down over the years.
Now!, with this self-confidence set of videos I have finally risen level with new tools to make sure I will be confident in business and all facets of it. That is a bold statement and I believe in it. It is true.

Joseph Thomas


Roberto Lozano Salgueroo
Love it

You´ll save money from therapy and increase your sales at the same time

Daniel Mendiola
Unlock your confidence class

I really love this teach from Dan because it honestly felt like a type of therapy. I took down notes and he really made me realize why I feel shy and why I felt I’m less than others, but I’m going to do better because Dan’s words of encouragement are a booster and I’m ready to do better. Highly recommend this class if your an introvert. It helps you realize so much about yourself. Thank you Dan.

Katia Jaber
Amazing, Powerful and Life Changing Programs

OMG, what amazing training! Honestly, I have never had such effective training as this one. It's only my first day and I can already feel the positive effect this program is having on me, it's going to change my life! Simple things, such as changing my posture and smiling more. Gold nuggets every step of the way, I will recommend your training to everyone I care about who wants to achieve great things in life! I will come back and do another review 6 months from now because I can't wait to mention the many achievements I will have because of this course!
Thank you so much!