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“Dan Lok is a Masterful Entrepreneur.”


Legendary Sales Trainer, given more than 5,000 workshops for more than 5,000,000 people in 83 countries.


If you and your Team aren’t getting everything you can out of your autoresponder marketing, you’re leaving money on the table – and limiting the amount of new customers you and your Team are bringing in.

Now, with Email Autoresponder Secrets, it’s time to turn your autoresponders into the cash-cow it can be.


Utilized properly, autoresponders are an incredibly effective way for you and your Team to boost sales, add a ton of new customers to your business, and help you and your Team scale your business faster.

Are you ready to stop leaving so much money on the table by taking advantage of the cash-generating secrets in Email Autoresponder Secrets?


Okay ... I know you think you know how to persuade your prospects into customers, but please consider a new way of looking at your email autoresponder conversions with this training, okay?

  • How identify 4 critical parts about autoresponders your Team must be aware of to get maximum results
  • How to use 6 proven autoresponder templates to light a fire under your sales today
  • How your Team can craft powerful autoresponder sales copy in just minutes
  • How to know in advance what your prospects really want (and need) from your company with the help of email autoresponders
  • How to unearth case studies and truckloads of examples of what winning autoresponders read like, and how to adapt them for your business.


Email Autoresponder Secrets can help you and your Team pull in more sales from every email follow-up automatically sent for you!

Once autoresponders get prewritten, they are like legions of sales professionals working on your company’s behalf 24/7 and never asking for pay raises. It’s through the miracle of automation that Email Autoresponder Secrets adds profits for you.

So .. are you and your Team ready to get started?


One of the most valuable tools for selling, marketing, and communicating with your customers and clients is email.

They’ve a great way to establish your name and expertise.

They great for building trust and credibility.

They’re great for building relationships with your list.

And of course, they’re one of the most effective selling tools in our arsenal.

This especially true when it comes to writing effective email autoresponders.

When a potential customer or client signs up for information from you, it’s at this point that they’re hot for information about you, your product, your service, or anything else you have to offer.

And very often, many people don’t fully capitalize on the power of email autoresponders.

Are you fully leveraging the power of autoresponders?

Here at Team Dan Lok, email autoresponders have always been one of our most important tools. For all the reasons listed above. And over the years, the team at Dan Lok have tested thousands of variables…

Everything from subject lines to opening copy to different ways to structure emails for maximum readership, open rate, and sales.

All this testing has been worth every penny. Because the marketing folks at Team Dan Lok now know the core strategies and secrets for getting almost unheard of results from every email autoresponder that goes out to our list.

Years of testing. Millions of dollars in marketing expenditure. And now the results are in, we’ve decided to share the most valuable lessons we’ve discovered about how to write email autoresponders that get opened, get read, and set up the perfect buying environment in your prospects.

Where are we sharing these valuable lessons? Through a brand-new program by Team Dan Lok specialist Candice Lazar. It’s called Email Autoresponder Secrets .

Candice has been writing super-effective email autoresponders for Team Dan Lok and her own clients for years. And she writes some of the best autoresponders we’ve ever used.

Our goal at Team Dan Lok is to bring your all the best experts and all the best information and secrets for mastering your online business and achieving your career goals.



Here’s some of what you’ll discover in Email Autoresponder Secrets…


Crucial steps to take before writing a single word of autoresponder copy.

With this information at hand, writing autoresponders that get clicks and sales becomes simple and automatic.


Who is your customer and why did they respond to your email?

How to tell who they are, what they want, what they don’t want, and how to craft autoresponder copy that answers all these questions.


The 4 critical parts of every email autoresponder.

Get this right and you’ll never write a poor autoresponder again.


Winning examples of proven email autoresponders.

And how to quickly and easily adapt them for your product or service.


Most effective ways to start and finish your email copy.

To quickly capture attention and get better click throughs, just follow Candice’s simple steps.


6 proven templates you can use for writing effective email copy.

Just copy and paste your information into the relevant parts and your autoresponder is good to go.


Email autoresponder must-have’s.

Leave any of these out and your results will suffer.


Simple tips, tricks, and strategies that can make every email more effective.

Add as many as these to your emails and watch your response rates climb.

These are just some of the secrets you’ll hear about from Candice in Email Autoresponder Secrets.

There’s more – a LOT more. You also get the accompanying study guides that go along with the information presented in the program.

If your business relies on getting leads, clicks, and sales from email, you can’t fail to discover a host of valuable tricks and secrets for getting more and more out of your email marketing and autoresponders.

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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Madhumita Panda

Email Autoresponder Secrets

Kevin Wu
Make Money On Autopilot

How can you do the work just ONE time and continue to get paid again and again? This program provided me a ton of value on how to set up email sequences that I can use time and time again. Highly recommended for copywriters and business owners looking to scale!

Tiffany Parks
This course will teach you secrets some 7figure business don't even know

This course will teach you how to both entertain your customers as well as remain relevant to your customers. I was surprised to learnt that some Email Copywriters will write materials that are not relevant to their customers. In Email autoresponder secrets you will learn how to identify who your "Ideal customer" is so when you are writing you know who you are writing to. This course will show you what "Average" Email copywriters do when writing Email Sequences and then it will teach you how to create effective Email Sequences designed to present your audience only the things they are interested in and get the right offers in front of the right clients without showing them content that is not of interest to them. If you are an Email Copywriter and you want to learn more tactics as how to grab your customers attention and keep them reading I also recommend pairing this course with the course "Email Secrets". The Email Secrets course will teach you different "Stages" you want to take your customers through and you can take that information and use it in your Email Sequences that you learn how to write in this course "Email auto responder secrets". The two courses really go hand in hand and if you want to create compelling Email Copy and create effective Email Sequences that both entertain and get the right offers in front of the right people I recommend you get both courses.

A-Z of Emails

A very concise and complete training session on how to write emails and email sequences effectively.

Very usefull for affiliate marketing

I highly recommend this to whoever wants to have long-term relationship with his list.
This training is Very usefull for me as I lately started in affiliation marketing.

I'm still growing my list but now I no longer get stuck when it comes to nurturing my subscribers 👌.

Useful insights - Highly recommended

Email Auto-responder masterclass which helps in generating continuous sales. Useful insights to generate sales by harnessing the power of autoresponder e-mails

Justin Tan
Now I know the secrets !

Very thanks for educate for these A lot !!!

Jerry Ogunrinu
Don't write your next autoresponder until you buy this course

So glad I purchase Email Autoresponder Secrets

I will never recover from the mindset shift and email marketing strategies I learnt from email autoresponder secrets

So...writing email autoresponder is not just about writing emails

It's a journey you take your audience through

Will recommend to anyone willing to skyrocket their Email Copywriting Skills

Arya Yang
Amazing Email Autoresponder Secrets

I will use this program every day for my business.
Through this education, I learned the most important in email marketing for my online work.
I would 100% recommend this course to my friends and family.
Sifu's teaching is different, understandable, and a lot of fun.
Thank you!