How To Sell High Ticket Services

"Are you in sales but not making enough? Do you want to get into sales but are worried you cannot close those big deals?"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 3.1 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

“The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

– Charlie Cook

CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

Then sign up for this high ticket closing course from Dan Lok, the master of high ticket sales. This is an advanced consulting and training course for those looking to close the big sales.

This is the sales training you have been waiting for that will help you close more. Learn how to sell any high ticket consulting service and program even if you're just getting started. Dan Lok will be sharing his insider tips with all those attending this high ticket closing training course.



How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Digital Video Recording


How To Get Paid As A Consultant

Dan is going to go in-depth on how to get paid as a consultant. Per hour to a retainer, Dan will guide you.


4 Kinds Of Activities In Business

Are you currently “hunting” prospects? Or are you “Farming”? If you want clients knocking on your door, you need a plan.
These 4 activities will give you more clarity.


The High-Ticket Client Buying Journey

Set up the customer journey without doing ANY prospecting. So once you’re on the phone... The potential client already sees you as an authority.


How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services & Programs Quickstart Guide


The One-Page Priority Planner PDF Created By Dan Lok


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Aleksandar Kuzmanović
Great course!

Amazing content! Overdelivery by Dan again!

Michael Friend
Great Eye Opener

I’m from Season 3 of HTC and this program is a nice addition to learning how to position yourself in the market to become in demand, how to charge higher prices, and how to actually get it. If you’re a coach or consultant struggling, or just want some good nuggets to take your business to the next level I highly recommend this course, we’ll worth the price!

Rafał Sienkiewicz
Worth every penny!

It's quite expensive for people in my country (4-5x price due to exchange rate), but totally worth it.

Now I know how to price and position my high ticket product to make as much money as possible with ease.

Thank You Dan!

Thank you for this course

I appreciated the course, it's simple and easy to underrstand.

hana yussuf

Amazing information, short and to the point I've learned a lot.

It works !

I recommend this course 100%. It is essential for all consultants and service providers who want to sell more often and expensively! I force myself to look at it regularly to properly apply the advice. The conversion mechanism method is just brilliant. By applying these tips I recently sold my first consulting for 500€ for only 1-2 hours!

Brigita Vlaho
I love the way this training makes me think

I love how after watching this training I immediately started to rethink my strategies. I'm already a farmer, because can't stand to hunt, but I for the first time I can imagine myself also charging what my services are worth.

Zachary Zapata
A New Approach To Very Common Challenges

How To Sell High-Ticket Consulting Services helps me gain clarity on how to approach the world of high-ticket sales. It's not just filled with surface level tactics though. Dan gave me the mindset shifts, and essential perspectives needed to operate like a person who deserves to remain in high-ticket status. Without these fundamentals, any tactic employed to succeed in the high-ticket consulting or selling space will not create maximum value. I've taken the authority-frame Dan mentions in this training back into my closing, and it proves to be a breath of fresh air now knowing that I don't have to chase and strive so desperately for a "yes". It's just a different perspective entirely that I am getting used to - and it's, without a doubt, a great one to learn.

david Vanegas
You can sell anything you just need to know how.

When you apply what Dan teaches, you feel comfortable and secure that you are doing the right thing, What he teach is exactly what he does. Great stuff.