High Ticket Coach Certification™

Want to Find Out Why High-Ticket Coaching Attracts Premium Clients and Builds a World-Class Team?

  • course format10 Modules

  • course length 76 hours

  • Live One On One8 Coaching Sessions

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K - $1 Million


Let me be direct…

I know you’ve probably seen the $10,000.00 investment for this training, which already makes it "out of reach" for many who’ll read this page.

I don’t know if this offer is for you or not, but what I do know is that I only want to attract serious people who recognize true value when they see it.

If I asked you to pay me $10,000.00 and I could practically promise I would pay you back $100,000.00 every year for the rest of your life…

Would that be enough value for you to keep on reading?

As the world's most successful investor Warren Buffett often says: "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

And because you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’re someone who appreciates value more than most.

So, before we continue, I think it’s safe to say, this training isn't for everyone. The investment alone makes that obvious…

But it’s also true because we’re only looking for people who want to create BIG movements in their industries and niches.

So, let’s see if you fit into one of these 3 categories.

  • You consider yourself an "Advanced Expert" in your field.

    This means, you're a knowledge expert and phenomenal at what you do, BUT, you haven't figured out how to charge premium fees, enroll high ticket clients, and hone your coaching skills to deliver outstanding client results, yet.

    You know without a shadow of a doubt that figuring this out could immediately add $100,000, $200,000, $500,000, or more to your revenue THIS YEAR.

    And all you need is the right knowledge and guidance to make it happen.
  • OR, perhaps you’re new to the coaching space…

    You dream of becoming a highly paid coach because you know the industry is booming right now…

    And you feel this could be your "golden opportunity" to "scale up" your income and create a better life for you and your family.

    But you feel you can't do it without the "right" skills -- and a world-recognized certification -- available ONLY from Dan Lok.
  • OR, you’re a business owner looking to "clone" yourself and scale your team, so you can get more done.

    This will help you multiply the number of clients your business serves by 10X or more, and in doing so, even add an extra ZERO to your revenue in the next 12 months.

    You know "cloning" yourself means your team handles the bulk of the work, but you lack the specific skillset to make that happen RIGHT NOW

    And you realize this MISSING skillset is stifling your business growth and costing you thousands of dollars each day and week, and you shudder to think what it’s costing you every year that goes by.


If you fit ANY of these 3 categories, then getting accredited as a High Ticket Coach™ could be the most important thing you do for your life, career, and business this year.


Because all those benefits, and many more, are readily available ONLY inside Dan’s "HIGH-TICKET COACH™ Certification Program".

And if what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest, then you could potentially receive training from someone who is arguably one of the best coaches and trainers on the planet.

So, here’s a little information about the High Ticket Coach™ Certification, before we get into WHY High Ticket Coach™ is so relevant, important, and much needed.

High Ticket Coach™ is our premier and elite coaching program.

Over 90 days, Master Trainer and Coach Alex Mandossian will coach you through the High Ticket Coach™ Certification Program.

Alex is a man whose knowledge and expertise have generated nearly $417 million in sales for himself, his clients and students, and his joint venture partners.

He lives and breathes High Ticket Coach™, and I can think of no one better to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

So, no matter if you’re a complete beginner…

Have an already established coaching or consulting business…

Or you’re a business owner looking to gain high-level coaching skills so you can "clone" yourself, and scale your business and team…

It’s in your best interest to continue reading this short but potentially life-changing message.


Did you know that the coaching industry is the second-fastest-growing industry on the planet?

It continues to grow year on year and is currently worth a staggering USD $2.4 billion. www.authentic.com.au.

Simply put, coaching works, but you must have the "right" coaching methods.

So, it doesn’t matter which category above you identify with, coaching WILL work for your situation.

Because included in that USD $2.4 billion are coaches hired by businesses to coach and train their employees.

So, if you’re thinking "I don’t want to be a coach. I already have a successful business…", and you’re looking to scale your team…

Then high-level coaching skills are the holy grail when it comes to team scaling and training.


Because "little hinges swing big doors", and having coaching skills greatly improves your ability to transfer your knowledge to your team members in the most efficient way possible, AND get the best out of them.

As you can see, the coaching industry is a phenomenal industry to be in IF you have the right skills AND you’re attracting high-value prospects, willing to pay you high-ticket fees for your expertise.

You’ll know this to be true, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been coaching or consulting for a while.

The High Ticket Coach™ 90-day coaching certification is the brainchild of Dan Lok, and Alex Mandossian, and includes state-of-the-art and cutting-edge coaching techniques and strategies that will really move the needle in your business and life.

It has the power to fast-track your career and business success from:

  1. Being a relative newbie to a highly paid coach…
  2. Being an established coach or consultant to being a coach who attracts high-ticket clients and continues to hone their skills month on month…
  3. Being a business owner wanting to scale their team to a business owner who knows how to transfer their skills and scale their team into a highly-effective powerhouse of A-players.

So, if you like what you’ve read so far, then I encourage you to continue to find out exactly how this groundbreaking training program can swing big doors for you in your career and business.


In the coaching and business world, you’ve got two choices.

Either you set your value OR your marketplace sets it for you.

It just comes down to which “self” you listen to…

Your “lower-self” (which is low self-esteem and self-worth), or your “higher-self”, (which is high self-esteem, and self-worth.)

The choice is yours and you’re right either way.

But, it’s for this reason that there are so many underpaid and unsuccessful coaches.

This is why, as a coach, it pays you to know your worth and set your own value.

That way, as your expertise grows, so do your fees and the success of your business.

And the same applies if you’re a business owner.

As a business owner, at every level of growth, the success of your business relies heavily on your ability to hire and train your team.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring your 1st or your 50th employee…

It’s the skills you possess that you pass on to your team members, that they pass on to your future employees, with minimal supervision from you…

That creates the biggest difference between running a well-oiled machine or a tractor in desperate need of new tires and an engine.

Now, before you make your final decision by hitting the ADD TO CART > button let’s take a peek at some of what will help you transform your coaching skills and business as a whole:


"Alex's marketing strategies work, We filled all the seats at our Breakthrough to Success Seminar and had a huge waiting list!"

jack canfield

"If you don't know Alex Mandossian is, you're missing out on one of the secrets to growing your profits online and offline"

john assarof

"In my 40+ years in personal development, I've never ever been with anyone who interviews as well as Alex. I know why he's got such phenonmenal reputation as a master Virtual Presenter"

bob proctor

"I acknowledge Alex in my presentatioons and talk about how proud I am to have worked with him. He is the consummate pro and someine I've admired as a seminal marketer for many years!"

mari smith

"Alex is one of my first mentors and we ofter shared the stage in the very early days of Internet Marketing Seminars"

ryan deiss

"I have never been more impressed by a marketing consultant in knowing what needs to be done to reach precisely the right clients...Our clients now really are clients for the through Alex's principles"

joel bauer

"Alex Mandossian is legendary. He taught my team a virtual marketing model that double our profits in less than a month!"

vishen lakhiani

"Alex can nail a target like no one else I've even seen. He helps your dollars increase, your revenues go up, and your genius expand"

lisa nichols

"Alex is one of the best online networkers I know. He really does his research and fives before he askes to receive."

dr. ivan misner


Alex’s 3 High Ticket Coaching Communication Secrets. These secrets give you the power of highly effective communication skills, which is something everyone in any business must have…


The 4 Gem Theory Personality types. Discover the secrets to connecting with each personality type so you can become a far more effective and persuasive coach…


How to use the environment around you to understand the world better and maximize your coaching experience to become a world-class coach…


The 5 ‘Dysfunctions’ and their remedies. Master these, and you’ll become a better coach and highly effective leader…


How to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. Plus Alex’s powerful objection lessons that will help you become a great entrepreneur.


How to use persuasive story selling sentences so hearing the word “NO” becomes a thing of the past. This will help you increase your closing rate to make you more sales OR persuade your prospects or your team to do your bidding. (Must be used with the highest of ethics.)


The tools, secrets, and valuable lessons to help you better manage your actions and make better decisions.


Decades of knowledge compressed into just 61 minutes. Alex’s famous one-minute memos will open your mind to a world of possibility and quick action.


And much, much more!


The best coaches will have an opportunity to work with Dan’s clients.

This means two things:

  1. He’ll potentially send you clients to close and coach.
  2. You won’t have to create the coaching curriculums or experience, or even complicated marketing funnels.

So, here’s everything you’ll get when you invest in High Ticket Coach™

High Ticket Coach™ Certification

  • The 90-day High-Ticket Coach™ Certification Program (Value: $10,000.00)
  • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions with a Certified High Ticket Coach™
  • 8 High Ticket Coaching Classes with Master Coach Alex Mandossian.
  • High Ticket Coach™ Playbook (Value: $3,000.00)
  • Professional Coaching Certification and Digital Badge (Upon Graduation) (Value: Priceless)
  • 120 Days access to the High Ticket Coach™ Private Member’s Group. (Value: Priceless)
  • The all-new Accountability Partner Program (Value: $2,000.00)
  • Your First Proven Coaching Funnel (Upon Graduation) (Value: $5,000.00)
  • Follow Up Coaching Email Sequences (Upon Graduation) (Value: $5,000.00)
  • Potential opportunities to start practicing your coaching skills by taking on clients in our community and begin making money immediately. (Value: Priceless)

Now, can I promise you'll make hundreds of thousands of dollars more as a coach or business owner?

Of course not, anyone that says they can promise anything in the business world is lying to you, because ultimately, your results come down to you and the actions you take.

But here's what I can promise…

With the techniques inside the High Ticket Coach™ Certification, you'll be armed to the teeth with coaching strategies that my team and I have used to provide our clients and team members with transformations they didn't even know were possible.

These transformations could translate into getting higher ticket clients, fewer "clients from hell", and enjoying the time freedom you’ve always deserved.


Running an infinitely more productive team, servicing a higher volume of high-ticket clients, (bringing you increased revenue month on month), and scaling your business to new heights (which means, your business grows without you having to micromanage everything), and that’s just the beginning.

So, if you like all you’ve read till now, then continue reading on to the very short section below to know what to do next.

"Alex Mandossian is a trainer's trainer and a coach's coach. If you have the opportunity to work or learn from him, just do it without giving it a second thought, My work with him earned me over $2.4 million dollars in just 23 months!"

harvey mackay

"Alex's marketing guidance is so valuable to my team and my launch. He is a Master Virtual Presenter who cares enough to exceed your expectations!"

blair singer

"I consider Alex Mandossian to be the king of Electronic Marketing because he not only has "street smarts" with heart. but he backs up every strategy he teaches with hard-tested Case Studies"

t. harv eker

"Alex marketing techniques simply make you money. I've never seen so many strategies that are so drop-dead powerful. he converts the most complicated ideas into practical action plans!"

joe vitale

"Alex Mandossian is one of the most brilliant marketers I've even met, follow what he says."

rusell brunson

"Alex is the 'Godfather of Internet Marketing' and knows the most successful people on the plannet"

bill baren

"Master Coach Alex has distilled the complexities of coaching into a simple, easy-to-follow process he delivers in a fun and eangaging manner. Starting from scratch, In three short months I've been able to become a certified coach generating a regular income with repeat clients, something I was struggling to do for the last three years"

coach razmig malkhassianCertified High-Ticket Coach

"From no coaching experience to coaching clients I soared in less than 3 months with Master Coach Alex's permission to make a lot of mistakes...

The more mistakes I made the smarter I got ... and I'm going strong ever since!"

coach sauda filipovicCertified High-Ticket Coach

"I've always charged modest coaching fees for my professional services until Master Coach Alex Mandossian taugh me that charging more as a coach is the surest way to make more money while doing the same amount of work. His training style was a game-changer for me!"

coach dr. gerald amanduCertified High-Ticket Coach



If you’ve made it this far, and you didn’t see it before, you’ve now seen the $10,000.00 high-ticket investment required and the potential impact the High Ticket Coach™ Certification Program could have on your business, profits, and lifestyle.

No matter whether you’re looking to get into coaching for the first time, or you’re already a coach/consultant…

Or you’re a business owner looking to take your leadership skills to new heights, and "clone" yourself to transfer your knowledge, skills, and expertise to your team…

This certification can help you do all that and more.

The bottom line is this, no matter what training you’ve been through to get you to where you are now, it ran its course.

It’s now time for new strategies, techniques, and insights from a master trainer to help you get to the next level, whatever you envision that to be.

Isn’t it time you began to use the resources available to you, and maximize your and your business’ potential?

Whether you fall into categories 1, 2, or 3, there are people everywhere who could benefit from your knowledge and expertise, and who deserve a transformation of their own.

So, the only thing left to do is to click the ADD TO CART > button below to begin your High-Ticket Coaching journey and experience everything the world of business has to offer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
BOOM !!!! I finished HTC Coach certification today

Gratitude to Master Coach Alex for excellent training and transcript canvas. Thanks to
Dan Lok
for HTC Creed and your talk that inspires me day after day. Thanks a lot to my coach
Razmig Malkhassian
for your unconditional guidance , support and keep motivating me in this course. I am looking forward to Kaisen coach . I feel more confident and power. Thanks all for your presence , postings and keeping me in this group.

Stanley Dietrich
Hello HTC Community channel Razmig Malkhassian I just had my 7th call with my coach Razmig Malk...

Our focus was on the distinctions of the FCC vs a closing call. The encoding of the HTC way is as different as night and day when it comes to effectivity at the highest level, it actually speeds the process up by slowing down, itÕs counterintuitive, yet it controls the higher outcome and the anticipation from the prospect to want to get started. It is the sampler that makes the craving even more of a desire to get the results with confirmation. Setting the expectations for the closing call after the FCC, (and keeping the interval short) ÒfeelsÓ like you have given the prospect the control, and this is why HTC is different than anything I have ever seen. It also gives the prospect a guide to establish feedback and preparing their clarifying thoughts for the closing call and what has been thought through in between these two calls. DONÕT solve their problem, instead, Create the space that defines their desire to have this solved and that difference separates you from 95% of the market Upward HTC community!

Flora Calbayar-Kim
Thank you so much Master Coach Alex for everything.

I closed(leverage) yesterday while I'm sleeping because you teach me how to coach my team.Thank you thank you! You are my forever Master Coach Alex.

Narissa Claude
I felt understood

So happy to share with you that I've passed the exam !!! Thank you coach for your help and feedback this morning. Especially because I was able share my vulnerability and felt understood

Fabiola Leon
Thank you Coach!

I want to share a BOOM
Today I used the SIGN CANVAS with my morning client. It was amazing to see how something she believed was her strength turned in to a Skill.
She thought she could build up a biz based on this ÒstrengthÓ now we are looking to uncover her real passion.
Thanks Coach for guiding me. Thanks for your wisdom, our sessions are a blessing for me.
Our fifth session yesterday help me apply this CANVAS with finesse. GB

Niko Permana
Passed my Exam!

Officially High Ticket Coach, in 2 and 2/3 months
Thank you my wonder coach , for always pushing me forward.
Let's continue guiding my path to the Dragon100.
Big appreciation to sifu Dan Lok and MCA for creating this wonderful transformation.

Regis Haegler
I passed my Exam

A boom to start the day... and celebrate the start of my Certified High Ticket Coach journey. Thank you Sifu, Master Coach Alex, , and HT Coach Brothers & Sisters!

Rajiv Ramkrishnan
Boom! I did it finally!

I finally shot a video in the presence of my coach - Coach Razmig Malkhassian (thank you so much for enabling me) a few mins back.
Today was high ticket coaching session #3 with Coach Razmig. This was an emotional session as well for me because I had the breakthrough of posting a video after a very long time! Enough of low esteem on how I present myself in self videos though surprisingly I am very candid and donÕt care much when I am interacting otherwise, with people over video or in person!

Amy Thomson
Welcome to the family

CONGRATULATIONS Jacob Sklenica for taking the next step in your High Ticket Closing Journey!
It is a huge pleasure to coach you and see your growth and successes. I'm looking forward to many more as you journey through the Kaizen coaching program!