Magnetic Messages

"How To STOP Chasing Customers And Attract Them Instead Without Lifting A Finger"

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  • topicSocial Media Marketing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“Dan Lok is an impressive entrepreneur. Not only has he personally produced awesome results but he also genuinely wants others to take action and achieve exceptional results for themselves.”

– Brian Scudamore

Founder & CEO, O2E Brands (1-800-GOT-JUNK, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, Shack Shine)


What if you and your Team could simply copy and paste and take all of your sales promotions and radically boost their ability to convert prospects into cash-paying customers?

What if you could draw prospects in and get their attention without having any professional copywriters in your company?

That's exactly what Magnetic Messages training was designed to do.


Here's where Dan Lok has taken his best performing marketing materials and put them all together into one big volume, digital training course. This course makes it EASY to use sales copy with more "pulling-power" and attracts swarms of new customers to dramatically boost your conversions.

Simply take what you need, add and "plug-in" any of your own details and BOOM ... You end up with profit generating messages and proven sales copy for social media content that works like a charm.


Magnetic Messages shows you...

  • How to use Dan's top 10 social media posts for your Team to boost your traffic.
  • How to apply Dan's top 10 social media "comic" posts to boost post engagement.
  • How to implement Dan's prove 10 paid ads that have generated thousands of clicks and conversions – and millions of dollars in sales for your Team to take and use
  • How to "swipe" 30 of the best emails Dan has ever utilized for ultra-high open and click-through rates.
  • How to schedule Dan's top 10 promotional emails that sold a TON of our products.
  • How to infuse Dan's top 10 value-driven emails to create rapport and build a solid relationship with customers and prospects.


Because you've read this far, we would wager that you too want access to EIGHTY of our best-performing social media posts, ads, emails, that you and your Team can use "AS IS" in minutes.

If you want to get an almost instant boost in your social media and advertising results with the least amount of human effort possible, then isn't this the time you finally made Magnetic Messages a Dan Lok Shop product that you ADD TO CART?


Now you can use these same Magnetic Messages to potentially grow your coaching, consulting or course creation business by swiping and deploying as your own. No more agonizing over what to write.

Inside Magnetic Messages™ you'll discover:


My top 10 organic social media posts

and which one you want in your business. If you miss the small detail you can leave a lot of easy money sitting on the table.


My top 10 organic social media comic posts

based on a little-known secret that can increase engagement and follower count.


My top 10 paid ads

use these to scale your coaching or consulting business.


Plus 30 of my best emails

that get opened, clicked, and create consistent cash flow from a small (or big) list, including…


My top 10 promotional emails

to drive applications, registrations and sales.


My top 10 value-driven emails

to create a deep bond of trust with your market.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kevin Wu
How To Attract People With Your Words

As an amateur copywriter, this program has taught me proven frameworks and strategies to attract people with the power of my words. It has expanded my context of crafting ads and business. It's a tool that I frequently review because there's a ton of value to implement. High Recommended to aspiring and established business owners looking that edge over competitors!

Powerful formats to make yours!

I found it super helpful, the content/templates shared on here will save me so much time in the future! Thank you

Teresa Coker-Smith
Magnetic Messages is the Copywriter’s Tool

I’m really happy with this programme as it shows how Sifu Dan composes million dollar paid ads with such ease.

They Are Magnetic!

Follow a format that works and implement these templates in your own way in your business. The templates will stimulate ideas, give you structure & save you huge amounts of time.

Zahiu Adrian

Magnetic Messages


Best PDF I can read! So awesome

Amit Nath
All the templates would save me years - Just spell bound as I just read all of them #amitnath

This is just guidance from another dimension of the world.
This particular program was more of complete disclosure of the secret swipe files.
Truly mesmerized by the content and positioning.
I am happy on the decision to get this diamond.

Stephane Seguin
Do you want to save hours writing your successful posts?

Dan, thank you for sharing this with us.
These posts will make my life so much easier. Instead of sitting there and thinking how I will write engaging posts.
You have provided me with a recipe.

Thank you for this amazing gift.


Dan Lok's training videos are the shortcut for learning. He determines the main points of the human phychology and gives the tips and clues of how you can act in order to be successful. I've gained a lot and improved my mindset with the content he supplies.