Offer Secrets

"How to Discover Time-Proven Offers that Your Prospects Are Silently Begging For..."

  • course format32 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 13.3 Hours

  • topicCopywriting

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M → $10M

“The one thing that has helped me grow my businesses over the last 8 years has been one person – Dan Lok... he has single handedly guided me as a coach.”

- Charlie Cook

CEO of MedPB Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies


Change just one thing in any OFFER and you and your Team can instantly crank up the power of your marketing and get more sales simply because it becomes "IRRESISTIBLE."

That's right ...

Just ONE change in what you offer can do that. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at the sheer Offer Secrets can have on your business and your Teams’ marketing effectiveness!


When you and your Team give your prospects an enticing (“irresistible”) offer no sane person can refuse, it makes a massive difference to your sales, conversions, and often accelerates the growth of your entire business.

The truth is, weak or unappealing offers that turn your prospects off result in lower conversions, less sales and higher customer acquisition costs.

Offer Secrets gives you, in one powerful program, time-tested secrets you and your Team can use to quickly construct irresistible offers that almost hypnotize your prospects to buy what you’re selling.


You’ll also lean on ...

  • How to inspire your Team to apply the 5 pillars of every irresistible offer that most companies get wrong
  • How to avoid common, unspoken objections that kill your offers – make sure your Team avoid these like the measles
  • How to combine powerful offers and guarantees together for better results from your Team
  • How to construct powerful offers that vaporize price resistance
  • How to craft surprisingly powerful offers for websites, ads, webinars, and more
  • How to apply case studies of irresistible offers and have Team can follow along with priceless education so that you can leverage your time working on other aspects of your business


When you and your Team make irresistible offers, your prospects and customers can’t help but buy everything you’re selling.

Fortunately, Offer Secrets is the simplest and least costly solution to allow you and your Team to consistently make offers that sell.

So are you ready to give it go?


You can have a killer headline that captures your readers attention.

Your copy can be sizzling hot and packed with benefit after benefit. You can write bullets that get your readers greed glands pumping. You can give them a powerful guarantee.

And you can fill your copy with all the persuasion principles you can think of.

But they still won’t buy what you’re selling.

Why? The offer.

You can have everything absolutely perfect. But if your offer sucks, even the best copy in the world won’t save it.

That’s why crafting your offer is so important. Without a killer offer to go with your killer copy, your copy will only ever pull mediocre or poor results.

That’s why we asked top marketing and copywriting expert Alex Mandossian to put together a program on how to construct powerful offers that your prospects can’t resist. And what Alex produced exceeded even our expectations.

It’s called Offer Secrets. And Alex gives you his proprietary process for putting together and constructing irresistible offers.

Offer Secrets is perfect for anyone who uses webinars to sell their courses, coaching, consulting and copywriting services. Similarly, Alex’s simple step-by-step process allows you to put together powerful offers for ANY type of product or service.



We truly believe this to be the best program of its kind. Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover in Offer Secrets…


The 5 principles for constructing irresistible webinar offers.

Simply fill in the blanks on your checklist and you’ll have an offer no sane person would resist.


How to know what your webinar prospects REALLY want from your webinar.

Alex gives you a live case study of how to uncover your perfect prospect AND how to sell to them through your webinar.


The 5 unique pillars of every irresistible offer.

If you’re missing just one of these, your offer won’t convert like it really can. Alex runs you deeply through all five and how to use them in every offer.


How to discover the questions and objections deep in your prospects minds.

And how to weave the answers into your copy to blow away price and buying resistance.


Case study examples of Alex’s methods in action.

How to take Alex’s methods and tailor them to any offer.


How to write guarantee copy that beats price resistance and boosts sales.

Alex’s proven guarantee copy works like clockwork to boost sales and reduce returns.

And there’s more. A LOT more.

For anyone who uses webinars to sell, Offer Secrets is a must-have program. Alex Mandossian is one of the foremost experts in the world today on marketing, sales, copywriting, and selling via webinars.

If you want to give your ability to sell through webinars a shot in the arm, to make your offers irresistible, and to make your webinar presentations sizzle and sell like crazy…

Offer Secrets can help you do all of that and much more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kevin Wu
An Offer That Sells Itself?!

This program taught me how to put together an offer that can basically brings in money without me having to push people to buy. A ton of valuable lessons in this program! And Highly Recommended to aspiring copywriters and business owners wanting increase their sales.

Learn to sell!

Really amazing to learn what giving value is all about - and getting clear examples is what this program offers. 100% recommended!

Life changing experience for your business!

If you're struggling figuring out what you sell and how, this program is absolutely the best! Gives clarity in developing a real - desired offer!

5 Stars

All the tools to create very irresistible offer

Alexander Ivaylov Stamenov
Now I realize how important is to have something to OFFER

Thank you Dan Lok Team for introducing me to Alex Mandossian because without his "webinar offer" the course would be left uncomplete. I understand that there must be a specialization in a certain copywriting field like web copy, email copy, funnel, paid ads ,,,etc. But if you have 2 or three of them at once would be incredible.

I like him from his YouTube Content!

Bought my first Course, looks promising👍

Alex Mandossian's Webinar Tactics Are Really Useful

Alex Mandossian's webinar tactics are really useful for copywriters and teach how to create irresistible offers in a way I haven't seen before.

5 stars

It's simple practical and educating for such info the price just feels is more than fair other people would charge higher than this

Peter Š.
If you are looking to create an irresistible offer this is one class you need

It's exactly to the point step by step proven system to create an offer. I have enjoyed it a lot as it helped me to structure my website and emails in a way that my clients saw the value and took action.