Platform Closing Secrets™

Why Sell One-On-One When You Can Multiply Your Earnings Selling One-To-Many?

course format7 Modules

course length 18 hours

topicSales & Closing

Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1 Million

"Dan Lok is a Masterful Entrepreneur."

Legendary Sales Trainer, given more than 5,000 workshops for more than 5,000,000 people in 83 countries.

Turn Your Annual Revenue into Your Monthly Revenue With These 17 BIG MONEY PLATFORM CLOSING SECRETS For Selling One-To-Many From The Stage, At Virtual Events, On Webinars, Or Live-Streaming On Facebook Or Youtube 

Clients paid up to $25K for the privilege of attending this two-day workshop live in person.

On this page only you can discover the secrets to multiplying your income, power and influence by selling one-to-many for just $10K

Applying these secrets to your next speaking engagement, virtual event, or any and all opportunities to present to groups pays back this entire investment 1,000% or more.

Dan closing in the back of the room.

What is it?

Dan Lok’s Never-Before-Revealed Personal Blueprint For Making Big Money Speaking On Stage, At Virtual Events, On Webinars Or Live-Stream That’ll Allow You To Double, Even Triple Your Revenue from Selling/Closing One-To-Many.

Selling one-to-many can grow your business faster and more efficiently than your competitors, lets you target and connect with ideal prospects and clients no one else will reach, and accelerate your income making a year's worth of income from a single event.

Platform Closing Secrets

Inside Platform Closing Secrets™ Dan Lok candidly lays out everything he’s learned from 20+ years of speaking from the stage, to groups large and small.

Discover his much sought-after advice for creating a steady, predictable (virtually recession proof) income stream from speaking.

Filled with practical strategies, answers to the most common questions about speaking from the stage of virtual events, tips and techniques (even hidden tricks and underground persuasion methods) known only to a handful of insiders who have worked the stage online and offline for decades, making almost obscene amounts of money compared to those who choose to stay stuck selling one-to-one.

All finally revealed in 9 hours of recorded video from Dan’s infamous Platform Closing Secrets™ workshop.

If you’ve ever wondered how Dan can close as much as 50% of the room, grossing as much as $5 million from a single speech, wonder no more.

Everything is revealed inside Platform Closing Secrets™.

Nothing is held back.

Why is it relevant?

Whether you speak to promote a local business, to book appointments, or sell products or services at the back of the room to an audience of 10 or 10,000… you can use these secrets to stir up a stampede of instant sales.

These secrets for selling one-to-many will multiply your earnings.

Platform Closing Secrets™ will transform your approach to speaking, and by utilizing the valuable techniques presented within, your authority, celebrity, and most importantly, profits, will skyrocket.

This program lays out exactly what is required when speaking to an audience (live or virtual) of 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 that deliver a purpose driven message that elicits the response you want.

Whether that’s an immediate stampede of wallet-in-hand customers to the back of the room to buy your products….

Or to get registrations for a program, book an appointment to meet with you, sell information products, make donations to an important charity or cause, or more gently embrace ideas that establish you as an authority in your niche.

Whatever your reason for selling one-to-many… if you want to change minds or open wallets, Platform Closing Secrets™ tells you the unvarnished (and sometimes uncomfortable) truth about how to do it..

How can it help?

You get every single minute of the (9 hours of recorded live presentation Dan did for a group of 200+ attendees. Many paid up to $25K for the privilege to participate. Reveals secrets most speakers will NEVER know about boosting income from speaking – and closing! – at live or virtual stages, catapulting your income into the 6 or 7-figure range from speaking alone.

If you can speak to sell you need never go hungry.

Platform Closing Secrets™ covers no less than 324 platform closing secrets, insights and hard-won lessons to maximize your impact, increase audience engagement, and multiply your sales without spending years learning the craft.

People often ask Dan, "What’s the fastest and easiest way to have a 5, 6 or even 7 figure payday?". Platform Closing Secrets is his answer.

If you already use speaking in your business as an “amature” doing an okay job selling from the platform for your own business, this is a quantum leap to a much higher level of effectiveness, ease, and influence.

Dan has worked with MANY business owners in diverse industries who, in just a few months, have gone from “competent” to “extraordinary” in speaking and closing from the stage or virtual events. If you’re new around here you may not know their names. But if you’ve been watching Dan’s career for any length of time you will have seen many of these rising stars at live events held by Dan or on recorded material available in the Dan Lok Shop.

Of course, there are different levels of skill. And Dan’s not suggesting he can turn you into him. He’s been doing this for over 20 years and has a highly-trained subconscious mind that allows him to step into any communication situation and become instantly persuasive.

But he can certainly equip anybody who's good with a bigger, better bag of tricks... and he can certainly take a relative newbie and bring them up to competence almost instantly.

Here’s the bottom line: once you finish watching Platform Closing Secrets™, you will be one of the very few people with the highly profitable skill of selling one-to-many!

You’ll automatically become a better, more confident, and instantly more persuasive speaker, whether on stage, over the phone, in groups small or large.

Whatever your reason for speaking, Platform Closing Secrets™ reveals Dan Lok’s techniques and strategies such as:

  • The hidden psychology behind all speeches that make money. Once you understand it – and use it in every speech – wealth, fame, and fortune can be yours
  • The number one idea you need to plant in the minds of your audience to get them to buy
  • The real reason to tell stories in your speech - ignore everything else you’ve been told
  • The first thing to do when you get off the stage to close more sales
  • Why most public speakers don’t make any money
  • The ONE THING the top 10% of all professional speakers share in common that attracts wealth, power, and influence
  • A simple structure you can use in every presentation (your audience will never know everything is scripted. Cuts your prep time in HALF.)
  • How to NEVER be nervous on stage again
  • 4 types of presentations every speaker needs for maximum influence and sales
  • 8 Questions to ask before you create your presentation to make sure your message connects with your audience's emotions
  • How to guarantee your message gains acceptance with your audience and creates an immediate desire to buy whatever you sell, before you even pitch a product
  • How to get attention for ANY topic - even if your product or service is not on the top of your audiences’ mind (makes them red-hot to listen and buy from you)
  • The right mindset to take into EVERY presentation - regardless of whether you’re speaking to an audience of one or one thousand
  • The one word that determines the success of every presentation you give - get this in the core of your being and not only will you never fail at a presentation but… you’ll actually look forward to speaking as often as possible
  • How to actually get people to ask YOU to speak to their audiences, podcasts, interviews and so on
  • The 1/60 rule that will transform your confidence and the impact you have on your audience
  • A simple change you can make today to never get stage fright again. (Stage fright completely disappears when you do this, proven by hundreds of students I’ve trained.)
  • A counterintuitive way to think about powerpoint, lighting, and audience participation that can increase your closing percentage without changing your content
  • The one question you can ask to determine what to speak about
  • Why being a good speaker doesn’t automatically make you a good platform closer
  • The main difference between speaking for applause and speaking to make sales
  • 3 Ways to profit from presentations you never give
  • A secret way to use "speed of presentation" to close more sales - especially helpful when you want to sell consulting, coaching, or personal or business services
  • What to do if you’re nervous about pitching your product from the stage
  • A secret way to get people to buy days or weeks AFTER the event without actually asking them to buy
  • What you should do the night before your presentation to maximize your closing rate
  • A secret ritual I learned from my vocal coach that you should do 3 hours before you go on stage to put your voice in perfect pitch
  • A simple visualization “trick” that fills you with energy and confidence prior to speaking. (Takes just 130 seconds) Has the power to clear your mind and put you in the right mental state to impact your audience
  • The real “legal” reason singers and celebrities use the green room before going on stage
  • The simple move you can make to prepare your nervous system for peak performance - activates your mind to remember everything you want to say
  • When to stick to your script and when to “freestyle” your presentation
  • How to handle interruptions, hecklers and other distractions that inevitably arise when you’re speaking to close
  • Why platform closing makes you a better person and stronger leader
  • How to speak to a multilingual audience (and close a high percentage of them)
  • Why your age, accent, and skin color does NOT matter - and what to do if YOU have the belief that your age, accent, or skin color is holding you back
  • Right and wrong way to start your presentation with a BANG!
  • How to never be nervous in front of an audience of 10 or 10,000 again
  • What to do in the first 3 minutes of EVERY presentation to get your audiences complete and undivided attention (easy when you know how)
  • The exact question to ask in your opening sentence to get all your audience on the same page (with lots of examples from the audience to help you master these critical opening minutes of your presentation)
  • A simple technique used by Hollywood movie directors that makes your audience hang on every word you say (do it right and you’ll never lose their attention - ever). Works when talking with family, friends, and team members too!
  • A mental “trick” you can do on stage to command attention and close more sales
  • Freezing up on stage? Do this. Takes no time to implement. Just watch and do what I say
  • How to create a powerful stage presence
  • The "black box" theory that makes you instantly charismatic (even if you’re an introvert and avoid speaking to people eat all costs)
  • Persuasive gestures that influence your audience to do whatever you say
  • 4 ways to use your energy to win over the audience and get them to do what you want
  • How to warm up a cold audience
  • How I went from closing 5% of the room to 25% in 6 months (more than quadrupled my income without changing my message)
  • More "tricks" to get the audience on your side
  • How to dress on stage or virtual event to gain maximum respect (it’s different for every audience and speaker)
  • When vulnerability can help you close more sales (and when it can work against you)
  • 7 strategies you absolutely MUST use in every presentation to make sure your audience never gets bored (script at least one of these into your presentation every 7 minutes or you’ll lose your audience).
  • The exact moments in your presentation people are most likely to get bored (and how to “step” around them all)
  • The best tonality to close on stage, virtual events, or even on the phone (let’s you control the conversation and build instant rapport)
  • The real reason you want to share your back story
  • What to do if your backstory is weak
  • The most important part of your backstory (most speakers leave it out)
  • The biggest mistake you can make as a speaker (almost all speakers make it and it costs them sales)
  • The easiest way to name your presentation to increase audience size
  • Why you should never try to impress your audience with your knowledge
  • The only two things your presentation is about if you want to close more sales
  • Why you should take your current pitch and cut it back by at least half
  • How to make closing effortless
  • How to overcome objections before you get to the close (so people rush to the back of the room and buy or instantly enroll in your program without resistance)
  • Exact instruction to give your event organizer to maximize sales
  • Power words that close more sales (plus words that COST you sales)
  • Specific language patterns and body language to use at the end of your talk that guarantees (yes, there are very few guarantees in life, but this I GUARANTEE) a stampede to the back of the room to buy whatever you are selling
  • How to close even if your powerpoint stops working, computer crashes, fire alarm goes off, and there’s a party going on in the back of the room…
  • And much, MUCH more

Applying these secrets will at least DOUBLE your sales when selling one-to-many and can turn a failed presentation into a winner.

This is not theory. In fact, you get dozens of exercises to improve your ability to sell and persuade from the stage, webinar or virtual event.

What now?

If you speak from the stage, to groups, or a team… at Virtual Events… or on video via webinar, Facebook live or YouTube streaming…

And want to multiply the number of customers, clients, or donors your presentations produce by selling one-to-many instead of one-to-one…

For goodness sake get Platform Closing Secrets™!

Many of the concepts shared in Platform Closing Secrets™ have never been shared before.

Most of the secrets completely blew the audience’s mind because Dan pulled back the curtain and revealed (for the first time) secrets that had been hiding in plain sight.

The audience – and now YOU – will never view a presentation the same way again, and more importantly: your income, power to influence, and life will change forever.

Applying these secrets to just ONE speaking engagement, Webinar (live or recorded) or any and all opportunities to present to groups pays back this entire investment 1,000% or more – where else can you get an ROI like THAT?

If you are serious about the speaking business, about increasing your ability to persuade when selling one-to-many… I can’t understand how you could justify NOT getting this system.

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