The S.M.A.R.T Challenge 4.0

How To Turn Your Business Into The Self-Sustaining Asset That Builds Your Wealth And Stops The 'Entrepreneurial Hustle'

You can turn your business into a machine that builds your wealth and legacy - even while you sleep...

  • Without investing a single dollar outside your business.
  • Without hiring a bunch of managers and giving them the keys to the kingdom.
  • Without some secret tech that runs things for you.

ATTENTION: Business Owners making at least 100K/year, who want to change their business into a valuable asset that builds their long term wealth and gives them back their time.

Congratulations, if you are reading this it means you are running a business and have experienced success in doing so.

You have managed to keep your business alive and make a living for yourself.

That’s no small feat…

91% of businesses NEVER make it past a million dollars.

But why do some businesses succeed and so many fail?

That is the question that always fascinated me.

Even when I didn’t have 2 bucks in my bank account, living with my mom and daydreaming about making it big.

Fast forward 18 years later, after selling over 100 Million dollars in products and services and mentoring thousands of business owners, I still had a hard time coming up with a strong, elegant answer to this question.

Why do so many businesses fail and so few succeed?

So I had to keep thinking, researching, talking to people until it hit me…

The business owners that make it pass the ‘valley of death’ and come up alive on the other side are those who build assets in their businesses.

No, I’m not talking about real estate, intellectual property, bonds, stocks or any traditional asset classes that you can’t control.

Nor am I talking about hustling more, that’s complete B.S.

There is a way of turning YOUR business into an arrangement of assets that ensures you survive tough times, but also builds your wealth and legacy, even when you are not around. - Especially when you are not around.

And the only thing you need to invest in is in your business itself.

Unfortunately, It’s just not possible to tell you here how to build these assets in your business in just a few lines.

But I can show you how I do it…

That’s why after 13 transformative live sessions, for the first time ever, I'm making the recorded training available to everyone.

Welcome to SMART 4.0.

What is The SMART Challenge™ 4.0?

After 13 iterations helping businesses accelerate their growth, we are relaunching the SMART challenge with a single focus…

Show you step by step how I turn businesses into self-sustaining wealth builders by creating 5 fundamental asset groups:






Entrepreneurs who attended the SMART Challenge™ winning the Black Dragon award to celebrate them generating $1 million dollars in record time.

5 Assets Every Business Must Have If You Want To Build Wealth


  • A Deal Pipeline that ensures no leads get wasted and you get maximum client value from each prospect. No more having to see your precious marketing dollars evaporate in front of you.
  • A CRM that keeps your data fresh and accurate, so you can have a pulse of your revenue at any time - without having to sell the farm to pay for expensive enterprise solutions.
  • A Script that accelerates new hires to profitable levels, so they pay for themselves. Reduce the incredible long ramp up process and eliminate the uncertainty of whether the problem is the sales person or the script.
  • Sales collateral that increases your team’s conversion rate by using proven content that has converted in the past. Build it once and start reaping the rewards with every interaction.
  • A Follow up process that takes the 80-90% of people that don’t say ‘yes’ immediately but could potentially hold up to 30% of a company’s revenue. No more leaving money on the table or having to personally harass your sales team for each deal.


  • A Funnel that systematically converts leads into buyers, ensuring that you get the maximum client value you can. No more watching leads slip through the cracks or missing out on revenue opportunities.
  • Lead Magnets that talk to your audience's core desires, generating a consistent lead flow for your sales team. Say goodbye to expensive lead gen companies, buying lists or cold calling.
  • Self Liquidating Offers (SLOs) that capture attention and cover your ad spend, allowing for profitable customer acquisition. No longer fear sinking costs into advertising without seeing a return on investment
  • A Multichannel Strategy that integrates both paid advertising and organic methods, ensuring a comprehensive reach to your target audience. No more missing out on valuable leads due to neglecting one avenue in favor of the other.
  • A Social Media Presence that positions you before any interaction. Eliminate the risk of being overshadowed by competitors or losing touch with your audience's evolving preferences.
  • A Lead Pipeline that keeps your sales team fed with qualified leads. Stop losing top talent because you did not have enough deal flow for them.


  • A Data Warehouse for all your data sources that ensures accuracy at every touchpoint. Avoid the frustration of mismatched records and the repercussions of decisions made from inaccurate data.
  • Integrations that syncs different apps and tools, making them work in tandem. Say goodbye to information silos and the chaos of scattered workflows.
  • A Business Intelligence that provides crucial insights and analytics. No more groping in the dark or making uninformed decisions.
  • A Payment Gateway that streamlined the collection process. No more chasing clients for payments, wasting time in manual collections and the dread of potential lost sales.
  • An Attribution System that tells you exactly where clients are coming from. No more guesswork on where to bet your next marketing dollars to grow your business.


  • Suppliers that provide consistent quality and reliability, ensuring your product standards are never compromised. Avoid the headaches of supply chain disruptions and the risk of damaging your brand's reputation.
  • Advocates that champion your brand's values and benefits, amplifying your reach and credibility. No more struggling to break through market noise or convince skeptics.
  • Distributors that ensure widespread availability and accessibility of your products or services, extending your market footprint. Escape the limitations of geographic constraints or limited shelf space. And experience true market penetration.
  • Affiliate Partners that drive traffic and conversions to your offerings, enhancing sales through trusted recommendations. Sidestep the pitfalls of high-cost ad campaigns or the unpredictability of organic reach


  • Core Values that instills a shared purpose and direction, ensuring every team member aligns with your company’s core values. Avoid the challenges of disengagement or conflicting priorities and experience harmony and dedication in your team
  • A Hiring Process that brings on board talent that fits both in skills and values. Say goodbye to high turnover rates and the disruptions of frequent rehiring. Build a team that resonates with your company's vision.
  • A Psychological Evaluation that puts the right people on the right seats. No more trying to fit round pegs in square holes
  • A Vivid Vision that sets expectations and metrics for success, ensuring everyone knows their roles and goals. Avoid ambiguity, underperformance, or misunderstandings. Cultivate a team that's aligned, driven, and accountable.
  • A Compensation Structure that rewards performance, ensuring that talent feels valued and motivated. Stop losing your top performers and create a team that actually completes work at a high standard.

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