Think Like A Millionaire

8 Ways The Upper-Class Think And Act Differently Than The Poor
And Middle-class.

  • course format11 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.6 Hours

  • topicMindset & Motivation

“Dan Lok is a business GENIUS!”

– Michael Gerber

The World’s #1 Small Business Guru World-Renowned Author of “E-Myth Revisited.

Have you ever wondered how the top 1% reach their status and make it seem so effortless... while others struggle their whole lives? The difference is NOT in their education, intelligence, skills, or even luck.

The sad truth is, many people live quiet lives of desperation. They wish their life held more meaning. They dream of leaving a legacy they can be proud of. But statistics show more than 64% will fail.

In this program, Dan debunks the many myths surrounding high society and reveals the mental shifts needed to ascend up the social status ladder.



A simple exercise to change

your relationship to money (feels a little strange at first. But the more you do it the more comfortable it feels to accept it).


Why working hard with the WRONG mindset will NEVER

lead you up the social class ladder (and the two things Dan did to achieve his goals in his 20s.).


Dan’s “MS + SS + P = $$$” formula for

reaching success goals (if you believe the top 1% just ‘got lucky’ this will change your mind forever).


8 Secret beliefs of the poor and middle-class

that hold them back from achieving their goals.


Why hard work does not pay

and the 8-letter word responsible for almost all the top achiever success (the more they use this 8-letter word the more they make. Anybody can access this.)


The 22-word sentence that explains the real reason

there’s a lower, middle, and upper-class (It has nothing to do with being lucky or being super smart)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Kevin Wu
To Be Rich, Think Like The Rich

Growing up in a poor household, I was never taught anything about money. This program taught me how Rich people think and act differently. We all have 24 hours, but how we use our time is different. If we want better results in life, first we have to improve our mindset. Very valuable and Highly Recommended to aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners.!

Fiona Redden
Great way to build context

This course really helps with thinking and making decisions like high achievers

Think Like A Millionaire is a good self-reflection tool for those who want wealth!

This product help me reflect on where and who I want to be for the rest of my life. It helps you understand the power of PROXIMITY, whether it limits you or, fortunately, can make you more successful in your life. We have so many limiting beliefs and are often unaware of how it prevents us from focusing on changes that bring success in our existence. I will definitely be more mindful of choices I make and how I use 24 hours in my day. Thank you, Dan!!! :)


after smart challeng evente i now what's mean "Think Like A Millionnaire"

Federico Naso
Expand your context, get better results

My biggest AHA moment was realizing the most important asset is your identity! I come from a middle class background, where people think having money is a bad thing, based on luck, and not for us. Studying with Dan Lok and his team has opened my eyes, and now I realize that I first have to change who I am as a person, to then challenge my reality to catch up to what I want. From now on I will keep doing this courses and lever the proximity to people with money, so I can change my identity and become capable of making more money on my own.

Very recommended course!!

Helen Tieu
Really great mindset work

Provided a lot of valuable mindset beliefs and shifts to help me on my journey towards reshaping my identity to that of a more wealthy and abundant person.

Anil Kashi
Magic of Danlok University

Dear Dan,

Thank you for sharing the wonderful lessons, u just bridged the Gap and now I am applying them already.
Here are my take aways.
1) No victim mindset, No complaining, or no Blaming others
2) Proximity is power, proximity is wealth.
3) How to Love Money.It is okay to be wealthy.
4) Abundance Mindset, Prosperity Mindset, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Millionaire Mindset.
5)Money loves speed. Make it fast and often- Velocity of money
6) Knowing it and Doing it
7) Cost of inaction, Speed Transformation.
How much is this problem costing you
8) Embrace Uncertainty and Embrace Discomfort
9) Rich reject Poor thinking
10) Avoid minimum wage activities
11) You act "As If" you are already there
12) Power to Choose, Power to change
13) Save to invest
14) I am willing to go into this extreme Discomfort to get fucking Good
I will figure this out and I have always figured this out.

Sampurna Mandal
It's worth it!

If you're feeling stuck and looking for a way out. "Think Like A Millionnaire" is just what you need to accelerate your Growth!

Danial Alsagaff
Unveiling the Financial Mindset of Millionaires

Continuing from his from previous program "The Wealth Triangle" Dan Lok dives and dissect the thoughts, convictions, and behaviours of the financially elite group’s mindset. His observations challenge the conventional thinking, revealing our own negative thoughts. Definitely an eye-opening discussion.