Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Thinking

"You may think that entrepreneurial thinking is some mysterious, rare gift that only a few possess..."

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  • COURSE LENGTH 1.2 Hours

  • topicMindset and Motivation

"Dan Lok is an exceptional leader, teacher, mentor and friend. When you read his words or listen to him speak, you know you are in the presence of greatness. Dan lives and teaches a simple approach to building success and business and enjoying life every day."

– Joe Vitale

Law of Attraction Expert, Star of "The Secret" Movie, Bestselling Author of "The Attractor Factor, "The Key" and "Zero Limits"

After deciding that he couldn’t leave entrepreneurial thinking to chance and “wait for the muse to whisper...” Dan developed a 9-point idea generation system that turned what felt like weeks of struggling in just mere hours. The 9-point system transformed idea generation from a frustrating bottleneck to a business advantage as Dan and his team were able to effortlessly and quickly produce and implement profitable ideas.

For the first time ever, Dan is releasing this game-changing insider idea-generating system to the public. These are the same techniques Dan uses to train his teams. When you use this turnkey system, your competition will wonder in utter dismay how you crank out amazing innovative content so FAST! They will assume that you must secretly have 50-people on staff writing all of your content.



The Idea Multiplier Matrix

Use this 9-step checklist to begin leveraging your existing assets and increase your productivity


My 10X Mindset Technique

For reaching all your business goals and helping you fulfill your creative and entrepreneurial potential


The Magnified Message Principle

used by international brands such as McDonalds to create larger-than-life products... PLUS: How to start using it in your business today with no extra effort or expense!


The strange origin and techniques of infomercials

and why heavyweights like Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are using the same techniques to fill their speaking engagements, sell their products, and book their calendars solid at will


The entrepreneurial principle

that banks, fast food chains, and Apple all employ that work for all and you can add to your business strategy today


One simple but powerful thing

you can do right now that will make your customers and clients come up with your best ideas for you instead of running into the creative wall time and time again


How to use the Moonshot Mindmap

and why your business must apply this technique if you want to out-think, out-maneuver, and out-innovate your competition on every level


Learn the Creativity Mastery Matrix

exercise hundreds of Dan Lok’s students have used to leave mental constraints behind and automatically start thinking-outside-the-box. The best part...all you need is a pen and paper!


Use the Blue Ocean Strategy

to let your competition eat each other while you sail into open markets and effortlessly establish yourself as the dominant player


The "Real Way"

To Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frank Lin Lin
Great program

It gives me some new concept and direction of thinking that I have not heard before, at least not taught in school, university, or any of my work related training.
Contents is a good starting point for learning about what I need to think like a businessman

Change the way you think and change your life via this course

You can upgrade the way think far better unlike other courses you have learnt, guaranteed!
Recommended if you really want to improve!

I have learnt a lot form this program and can apply for my own business.

Thank you Sifu Dan for this great course!

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