Unlock It Journal

Unlock Your Productivity, Potential & Power



Do you want to unlock your productivity, potential, & power, and achieve your goals auto-magicically?

Imagine looking back on the last 90 days, having achieved your goals, and feeling like it all happened "auto-magically".

Picture yourself:

  • Leveling up your mindset
  • Setting yourself up for success every morning
  • Beating procrastination
  • And getting the most out of every day

You've achieved more in 90 days than you ever thought possible.

You pinch yourself, thinking you're dreaming... but you realize this is your new reality.

What would you do with your newfound success?

How would you celebrate?

And how was this even possible?

Because of your Unlock it Journal.

The Unlock it Journal combines the best journaling and planning practices I've learned in my 20 years in business.

When you're organized, consistent, and have successful habits, you have strong foundations.

And this simple but highly effective journal makes planning your days and setting your goals easier than ever before.

Unlock It Journal By Dan Lok

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The Unlock it Journal gives you timeless principles used by the most successful people in the world.

Visualize yourself achieving more in 90 days than most people do in 90 weeks.

And empower yourself to do it by grabbing your copy of the Unlock It Journal today.


  • The Best way To Start Your Day

    Imagine knowing how to prime your mind for success every morning.

    Gain access to the guided meditation MP3 | use every morning to prime my mind for the day ahead.

  • The Secret To Growing Every Day

    Everyone wants to increase their income but they believe working harder is the answer.

    I'll show you the one thing you must do daily to explode your monthly income.

  • The Only Real way To Generate Wealth

    Discover how money really works.

    How to generate wealth.

    And what to do if you feel like you don't have the right skills.

  • The Ivy Lee Method

    If you've ever wanted to know the best way to stay focused so you can get to the end of the day and feel like you've achieved a lot...

    I'll show you a simple 5 minute, 5 step hack that has a profound effect on your ability to get the most out of your day.

  • The Secret To Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Have you ever set a goal you never achieved?

    Well, 92% of people that set goals for themselves are in the same boat, so you're not alone.

    Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is the most effective way to set goals and ensure success.

    What Does S.M.AR.T. Mean? S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym you can use to guide your goal setting.

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable meaning ful, motivating
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound time-based, (time limited, time/cost limited, time-sensitive).

The Unlock it Journal will increase your motivation, and makes setting S.M.A.R.T. goals super easy, helping you to achieve them "auto-magically".

Buy the Unlock it Journal 4-Pack (Full Year’s Supply)
Use The Code UNLOCK20 and Get 20% Off!