Your First Million

"How To Build Your Own 7-Figure-A-Year Business With This Jealously-Guarded, 7-Figure Blueprint"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 2.8 Hours

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  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“$2.2 Million Dollars thanks to Dan Lok…”

– Danny Lin

"CEO and Owner of Multiple Businesses in the Real estate, Food & Beverages Industry "


Do you and your Team have the goal of growing 7-figure a year business from a standing start? How about growing your existing company into a seven-figure earner?

Your First Million can help you do it in the shortest amount of time humanly possible...and reward yourself and your Team ...


The fastest, surest way to do that is to see how other companies did it...and then just do what they did. It's really that simple. But how to find out what seven-figure businesses do to get that way is the real trick?

And that's precisely what Dan Lok teaches in the Your First Million training program. It gives you and your dedicated Team the raw, unvarnished truth about exactly what it takes to start and grow a company to a seven-figure annual income. Case closed.


Most importantly, you'll find out how to Make Your First Million without taking big risks or working any harder than you do now – just smarter.

In less than 3 hours, this condensed training shows you:

  • How to develop your 7-Figure Business Blueprint: The exact plan Dan has used to build multiple 7-figure businesses and how you and your Team can implement this plan TODAY
  • How to rely on the Millionaire Success Cycle : This is Dan's personal 3-step plan influenced making his First Million
  • How to apply Dan's Millionaire Foundation Secrets : This is about setting a solid foundation for a 7-figure business – and exactly what you and your team need to set it up
  • How to use the 3 rules every millionaire lives by that almost guarantees success.


Your First Million will require less than 3 hours of your week, but the ROI it produces for your business is mind-boggling! But, dear reader, your first $1M will not happen through osmosis. That means you will do best if you get your entire Team to review it, not just once, but 3 times within the next 30 days.

Are you up for it?

This is a "done-for-you" no-nonsense training you can immediately put to work within days to start building your dream of a 7-figure business. It's also fun to have "debrief" meetings with your Team members, every time they review the secrets found inside.

It's one click away at a ridiculously low investment for what you get. Ready to ADD TO CART?


Then attend this LIVE online 2-hour setting up in business training, you’ll discover the ‘one shot, one kill’ 7 step method to building a 7 figure business on your first try. it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about running your own company, if you already have one or even if you have been working in business for 30 plus years. These are the secrets Sifu Dan used to create an 8-figure empire and build more than a dozen profitable companies. Learn from one of the most famous entrepreneurs.

After attending Your First Million training, you will never see business the same way again. Dan’s private students who learned what you’re about to discover said, “this is like an entire MBA in just 2 hours!”



Your First Million™ Digital Video Recording


The Foundation To Your Success

Dan is first going to provide you with a solid foundation. So that you’re crystal clear on what you need in order to hit that $1 million mark.


3 Rules To Live By

Successful people don’t make excuses. Successful people don’t act like they are the victims and when it comes to learning from a mentor who has been there and done it... then there is no place for opinion. Learn why this is the case in this video.


Millionaire Success Cycle

Knowing The Steps To Your First Million - Learn the 3 steps that you need to achieve your first $1 million dollars. Following these 3 steps will get you to your goal.


7-Figure Business Blueprint


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christian Driver
Another great product

So this is my second course I purchased soon after completing the Unlock Your Confidence program which is truly awesome

This one does give a lot of great information and certainly focussed my mind on what i need to do to attract and maximise more customers

The only thing i would say is that step 2 of the 3 steps is only 1.5 minutes long so doesn't deliver much however the other steps are really really good!

Have listened to it all 3 times so far and will be listening again tomorrow

Ugo V
Thank you Sifu!

Thank you Sifu - this course allowed me to expand my context and start understanding the key points to master when it comes to making money and business.

Juan Pacheco
Your First Million.

This is a program I must watch several times, so many great nuggets. I really loved it. The millionaire cycle brought so much clarity, And The importance of having a high income skill. I recommend this program if you want to get the mindset and map for getting great results. I have bought several programs from Dan. looking forward to keep learning and being mentored, every time i learn something that brings so much clarity and accelerate my progress. Thank You Dan!

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